Wilbur and Other Schtuff

August 3, 2009 at 12:16 am (AZ, Beading, Cats, Chico, Friends, Music, Work)

Many of you have wondered about the adorable Wilbur. Does he really have horse teeth? Does he really resemble a pink pig with an arachnid girlfriend? Actually, he looks more like a baby Ewok.


Wilbur 006

Ewok baby…


Stunning, isn’t it?

I named him Wilbur because its just a ridiculous name and… well… he’s fat as a pig. Here he is with Chico.

Wilbur 007

It would appear that Wilbur is half Chico’s body size and you would be right.  Something is just wrong with the fact that my 2 1/2 week old kitten is half the size of my 5 1/2 month old dog.

Wilbur is still smaller than me.

Wilbur 003

Went to see a local production of “Rent” this afternoon. Rosie has one of the lead roles (he’s Mark) and we’re all ganging up and going to see him in spurts. It was excellent. With the talent we have around here, you don’t need to go to New York, plus you get to go backstage and hang with the actors and their families.

Wilbur 013 That’s Rosie’s sister with us. She rocks.

Oh yes, and there’s my new bling-bling.

Wilbur 009 This is the new necklace I made. I bought a book by Laura McCabe and took some projects she had and used it to make myself something. The stone is a vintage copper Swarovski triangle. I did have it in a ring, but it was crude so I popped it out and decided to make something to match the outfit I had on today.

I’m supposed to write AZ a letter and let him know how I feel. Funny, after all of those years of writing to him, I can’t find a thing to say other than, “YOU’RE A MORON!”  I think my counselor wants something a bit more than just, “You’re a moron!” 

Listening to “Rent” really helped give me a better perspective on things and I really just need to get a better attitude and look at the bright side, while dealing with the dark side. And give AZ a piece of my mind.

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Wheels In Motion

March 13, 2009 at 7:30 am (Alice in Chains, Beading, Music, My Travels)

I just purchased my ticket for Rock on the Range. Driving to Columbus is not nearly the hassle as driving to Pittsburgh and flying somewhere, plus, they have a great bead shop!

Of course this would mean I need to stop staring at my design for Alice in Chains and actually start beading it. I’ve been patiently waiting for Alice to throw us a bone and tell us the name of the new CD so I could integrate that into the design. No such luck and I’m running out of time.

However, I also didn’t want to do the same ole basic Alice in Chains sun symbol, but also did want to deviate too drastically from the same ole basic Alice in Chains sun symbol. I like the sun symbol, I’m a sun lover!

So, I’m keeping the rays of the sun, the center part of the sun has been in flux for some time, yet, I do believe I have reached a final verdict on what the design will be.  This is what the design is loosely based upon:


The color scheme rocks, so I’ll be keeping that, but just in a different way. I may or may not include the hot pink “Alice in Chains” around the center. However, the center where the green “AIC” is, nope, it won’t look like that.  It may resemble that but in a different way because I like different.

Its hard to find time but soon the sun will be out full-force and I won’t want to be inside. But, wheels are in motion…

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More Change… GAH!

February 18, 2009 at 11:03 pm (Alice in Chains, Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Music, My Travels, Nate, Work)

So, Assistant Manager Intern did leave, as in, walked out yesterday afternoon. There were many reasons for his departure.  I had a passionate, tearful discussion with GM about it, among other things. She stated that he wasn’t doing his job.

I told her that perhaps he wasn’t fulfilling his duties on a paperwork/administrative level, but he certainly was fulfilling them on the floor and that, after a rather rough start in which we all wanted to string him up by his gonads, 3-4 weeks ago we had all turned a corner with him. She stated he had joined the “cliques.”  I told her that there was only one clique on dayshift and that was the entire staff of dayshift.

She also took it personal when I stated that we depended on him. She took that as that we don’t depend on her. We depend on whoever comes upstairs to help and we depend on her for different things. I told her it wasn’t personal nor a reflection of what she does or doesn’t do for us. She said I was taking it personal that AMI left and I said, yeah, because I liked him, not because I didn’t think she’s supportive of us.

It was a clusterfuck. If you’ve read my blog then you know I can be just downright damned direct and I’m not afraid to tell someone what I think or how I feel. My emotions were high, my blood was hot, and I was focused. Writing that sentence actually scared me.

When I get like that, its almost like I step outside myself and all the thoughts and feelings that have been swirling around align and concentrate, kind of like the laser from the Death Star, into a beam of articulate tell it like it is, take no prisoners, put my foot down brilliance, or bullshit. Guess that would depend on what side of the laser beam you’re standing.

I’m not angry at anyone. I just don’t like how it ended. My GM may have issues, but one of mine is abandonment, so, nah. Jace even said, “Wow, I didn’t think you would take this so personal.”  Well, we had to fire a server about a week ago. I didn’t feel one way or another about it. She was either late or called in or just didn’t show up. I had no investment with her whatsoever.

With AMI, we were all looking forward to Spring so we, dayshift servers collectively, could go hiking and show him some of the more rural parts of WV. We started learning more about him, coaxing the goofy grinning, head swiveling side out of him. GM missed all of that because he was doing such a good job on the floor that she didn’t need to be there. Which, I believe, is the whole point of having an Assistant Manager or Restaurant Manager.

The hell if I know, I just work there.

Restaurant Manager seems to be attempting to fly under the radar. He’s unfamiliar with our POS system, but a quick study, not very good on the computers, but he’s trying, and I told him today that I used to do payroll, so if he has any issues to let me know. It seemed his shoulders lifted a little and he laughed and said, “Everyone is better on these computers than I am!”  He seems to be an okay guy.  I wonder when he’s going to start asserting himself.

Then again, I’ve heard when you do your job, he pretty much leaves you alone, so I should pretty much fly under his radar.

In other news, I went an estate sale on Sunday and bought $225.00 worth of vintage jewelry that I’m estimating is worth 3-6 times that much, depending on the piece. I’ll post some pictures when I get the chance since I need to catalog it anyway. One piece in particular I believe is worth about $225.00, but, it will stay in my private collection.

I’ve been very tired, sore, achy and stiff since Valentine’s Day. Busy as hell double shifts just don’t agree with me!

Oh yeah, and I’m training a new dude on dayshift. He really got on my nerves yesterday because he’s much larger than I am and kept stepping on my heels. I was telling Nate about it and he said, “Mamma, you just need to put your foot down.”

I said, “I would have, but I was afraid he was going to step on it.” Nate just hee-hawed and laughed. I think he’ll be a good fit. He’s flaming gay, a bit of a drama queen, talks far too fucking much but he knows his serving shit. I just need him to tone down the talk and I think he’ll be fine.  He really is very sweet and enthusiastic but I’m going to have to tell him tomorrow that he needs to tone down the talk because he’s wearing me out.

I hope it works better than when we tell our  new line cook to shut up. He just keeps talking and fucks our food up. He swears he’s gay but does nothing but talk about girls. We all get very irritated with him. Nice guy, just won’t shut the fuck up.

Things with Jace are meh. Eh.

I’ve requested three days off in May for Rock on the Range. My boys from Black Stone Cherry are going to be there, as are Alice in Chains! And a crap ton of other bands that I really like. Woot! Now, I just need to get the tickets and a place to stay and I’m SO THERE!!! Its just in Columbus, which is 3 1/2 hours from here, so there will be no concerns about plane tickets and such.

Just need a ticket. A ticket. And a room, somewhere. I’ll make it this time!

Peace out ya’ll. As Mahala would say, “Hump it like you just don’t care!”

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I Survived!

February 8, 2009 at 3:19 pm (Alice in Chains, Beading, Cats, Nate, Relationships, Work)

I survived without Internet service!  So did Nate. Wow, amazing what you can do when you have to.

Too bad my life is so boring or I would have more to update with. I guess that’s the beauty of boring, nothing MAJOR to report, but a lot of little things.

NateDawg – did really crappy in school the last nine weeks. He’s doing much better now. You can imagine what kind of shite hit the fan around here. Actually, I sat on his ass really hard when I saw his grades going down, otherwise, he may have failed. Otherwise, he’s pure Nate.

Jirachi – is still sneezing and this is unlikely to change. His sinuses are damaged and the viral shit up there isn’t really responding to much. It is what it is. The good news is, since his abcess surgery, he’s able to eat more and his coat looks beautiful. He’s also able to purr more and when he’s really content, he gets a double purr going on. On the out-purr, he sounds like a regular kitty purr, on the in-purr he coos like a pigeon. Its the cutest thing EVAH! If you like pigeon coos. Lune has the pigeon coo purr too, she just doesn’t purr very often.

Jeff – is taking college classes to become a chemical operator. In addition to helping him maintain his sobriety, it also gives him something different to bitch out. Hurray for variety! He’s also been talking to and spending time with Nate’s sister.

Le Restaurant – a lot of changes! Our Executive Chef announced he was leaving and his last day would be Feb. 13th. Wellll, he called yesterday and announced that the day before had been his last day. Guess he’s not one for long, drawn out goodbyes, or any goodbye for that matter. Piss ant. I dreamt of him last night.

That is one thing I’ve missed about having the Internet, my dream dictionary. My dream recall has significantly increased since finding my necklace, but, alas I have not had the resources to figure out what they mean. I’ve dreamt of the restaurant a lot, but, we’ve had a lot of changes going on. The dream last night featured a lot of purple, which means personal transformation and spiritual growth for me, the dreamer. Boo-yah!

Also, one of our servers and former Assistant Manager, has rheumatoid arthritis, and she’ll be moving to full-time day shift hostess and lead. Oh yeah, I was the lead. However, I’ll be doing two bar shifts a week, be the floating night shift server, and doing some caterings, plus my regular day shift. I’m not complaining. I unerringly worked my way into middle management and I’ve been fighting my way out ever since.

I don’t mind hard work.  I worked at the t-shirt shop, which is hell on Earth, but, I have a lot of responsibilities with Nate and my home and I was beginning to stress out. I just want to serve and bartend and not worry. That means actually doing what I’m good at and what I enjoy instead of the other stuff.

The changes in the kitchen also means something else, that’s right, who’s going to run the kitchen now? We have a sous chef who didn’t want to be Executive Chef so they had to look elsewhere and at other avenues to manage the kitchen, so, my boy Jace was tapped to be co-captain of the kitchen, as kitchen manager, along with the sous chef.

So, my boyfriend got promoted and I took a demotion, all in the same week. If you can’t handle change, don’t work in food service. His official last day at his other job is the 13th. Jay, the sous chef, asked me yesterday how Jace was taking it now, as opposed to earlier, and I told him that Jace had moved from ecstatic and psyched to half worried but still psyched and Jay said he was in the same boat. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, which are almost polar opposites so I know they’ll work well together and learn a lot from each other.

Jace brought up to Owner Chef the fact that he and I were dating and blah, blah, blah. Owner Chef looked at General Manager and said, “Did you know about this?” and she said, “Oh, yeah.”  Noah Balboa, our Assistant Manager Intern, asked me on Friday why Jace and I weren’t sitting together at family meal. Ummmm, I guess it didn’t dawn on me. When I’m at work, I’m focused on work, not my personal relationship with Jace.

Not to say we don’t sneak a kiss during a break, but, our relationship takes a backseat to the pressing issues at hand, like food. Not that we haven’t worked together before, but, we’ll be working together more now since he’ll be working day shifts instead of only evenings. I love him and he loves me, but our livelihoods are entertwined and Owner Chef talked to me about it. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be really hard to face him everyday across the line if something happened between us, but, one must go on and I’ll still have a mortgage and I’m going to need a new car, probably by the end of this year, hopefully not, but maybe, and Nate needs braces, and I still have to work and so does he. So.

Beading – I took a lot of jewelry up to the Welcome Center in the bustling town of Addison aka Webster Springs, West Virginia. That’s an hour up Interstate 79 from the Capitol City and then another hour or so on a two lane country road to the town east of Bumfucked Egypt.  If you click that linky-link, you can read all out Addison aka Webster Springs. It has a quite interesting history. Holly River State Park is nearby and I love hiking there. Plus, Webster Springs hosted the Annual Woodchopping Festival! Lumberjacks come from ALL OVER THE WORLD TO COMPETE! 

Its also one of the routes to Snowshoe Ski Resort… so, you get a lot of traffic. If you read down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of notable people, one of them is Owner Boss’s Wife’s dad.

I also want to enter the Tamarack Juried Competition for the Best of West Virginia show on WV Day. I can submit up to three pieces and I really want to win Best in Show – $2,000!

I’ve also made some headway on my Alice in Chains jacket piece. I design a lot in my head until I get ready to put it in beads. I’ve been scheming over the design for over a year now and I’m working on the rays of the sun, and figure that by the time I get that finished they may at least announce the name of the new CD. I’ve also been assembling the beads for the design for over a year now. I made a real find at the bead shop close to me, 75% off all sead beads… I bought, get this, 3 kilos of sky blue size 15s. This is what one might call a shit-ton of beads.

The Weather – today is GORGEOUS! And yes, I’m inside writing. Its been downright depressing. Nate said he can’t even remember having this much snow. I said, “Yeah, the last night we had this much snow you were in-utero!” Cold, bleak, grey days, temps below freezing for days on end, wind chills below zero, BLECH!  I know some people live like this for months on end but lemme tell ya, if I wanted to live like this, I’d live in a less temperate climate.

So, that’s about it for the update. Missed you all and once Nate has had his turn on the Web, I’ll be stopping by to see all of you.

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September 8, 2008 at 9:52 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, AZ, Beading, Crazy Shit, Friends, Music, My Travels, Nate, T-Bird, The House, Work, Writing)

Does anyone remember my good ole days of writing? I used to write funny shit, light-hearted stuff, stuff about work and Nate, and even when I wrote about Jeff it was more out of a funny pity than cold, hard hate. When I wrote about religion with fervor and belief?  When I still loved AZ and had stars in my eyes?  Remember when I used to really write? Like poems and short stories and novellas? When I researched and put a hell of a lot of work into my writing instead of mere stream of conscious stuff?  When I would spend multiple posts, sometimes a months worth, explaining the who, what, when, where, and whys of Jeff, AZ, and T-Bird?  When I made up my own spells at the ends of posts and spoke of magick?

I just went back and deleted all of the doubled posts from when I transferred over from Blogger, so I took a peak into my former life. I can say its a lot of the same angst, but in there somewhere was a lot of snarkiness and passion for the written word. A reminder that I used to write fiction, long ago, and enjoyed it. That I used to post pictures of my beadwork, that I used to bead a lot more than I do now. I wrote about my experiences with my friends and my travels to see those friends. Well, I guess some things haven’t changed.

I still quote lyrics in my writing. I can still be snarky. I still use writing as therapy. I can still put together a mean blog post.

I can’t help but remember though, that it seems my life lost a lot of its light when Kevin died, when AZ got engaged and married, after the house fire. 

And, I still haven’t spoken to T-Bird about her e-mail. Frankly, I haven’t found a way around the pain yet. I don’t know if I ever will. I have supported T-Bird almost unconditionally, keeping my opinions and criticisms to myself for the most part. And when I did speak up, it was gently, without malice. Keeping silent, when I could have said so much because, “one should be kind in their words, as they do not know the battles that someone else is facing.”  To attack me, my son, and my parenting skills in one fell swoop, well, she may as well walked up and stabbed me in the heart.

To respond in the fashion I wish, would make me no better. We all have failings as parents, as humans, and as humanity. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a HUGE SOFT SPOT where my only child is concerned, but I’m not oblivious nor blind to his failings either. However, something has to be right, or wrong, if the only people who find fault with him are his father, who is the most negative, dreary, look for the worst in every person on Earth kind of guy, and T-Bird, who is so fucking anal about her kids, especially the one she gave birth to, that you can’t breath wrong around them that she isn’t up in arms.  It almost cost us our friendship once, I’m afraid it has cost us our friendship this time.

Like I told her when she e-mailed me about responding to her first e-mail, “There’s very little I can say to make this situation better, but a whole lot I can say to make it worse.” And I mean it. You may say, “But, Nanner, if you respond honestly, she may learn something.” Since when is it my job for people to learn something? I’ve learned that my best friend could ball up 12 years of friendship and knock me in the gut with it. That’s what I’ve learned.  I really don’t give a fuck what she learns.

Unfortunately, its the kids who are the losers in all this, and I don’t mean mine. I mean her’s, who call me Aunt Nanner. Especially the little ones, who saw me more than they see their own biological mother. I miss the kids. But, T-Bird was big enough to invite me to her son’s birthday party, and I will be big enough to go because I wouldn’t disappoint him and selfishly, I want to see the little ones.

So, no, I’m not the person I used to be. I wish I could find her again.

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When It Rains, It Hails *Updated With Photo*

June 22, 2008 at 10:04 pm (Beading, Cats, My Travels, T-Bird, Work)

Yeah, we had a massive hailstorm today. First one I’ve actually experienced in person. It was… scary, but cool. I was just glad the hail was not big enough to do a lot of actual damage to homes and cars, it just damaged the vegetation.  We got about an inch of hail in 10 minutes.  North of here they got 2-3 inches, looked like winter time.

Friday, T-Bird and I left for Washington, D.C… and we all know how much I love D.C. traffic. I hauled ass up there, knowing we would get stuck in rush hour traffic since T-Bird couldn’t leave until noon. We had to be at the DAR Hall at 7:00 for our evening with medium, John Edward. No, we didn’t get read, but it was totally worth it. The folks in front of us were read and that was exciting enough. John was talking about carrying around grief with us and how its like 500 lbs. of negative energy. When he talked about that, I knew I was done and I had heard what I needed to hear and I could enjoy the rest of the show.

We stayed with Troy and his wife afterwards. It was Troy who actually got us to the DAR Hall in time, well, with two minutes to walk a block and a half. We went out to a local bistro afterwards and it was good but not any better and probably not as good as where I work.  We hauled ass back to WV on Saturday morning.

I woke at 6 a.m., not by choice, but fell back asleep and had a dream about Napoleon. Not the little guy from France, but my cat. I woke up with a very good feeling although the dream was kind of skewed and now Tango has decided to take on the Napoleonic traits of purring loudly and licking! I HATE LICKING! Ever try to sleep with a cat licking you??? Yeah.

I took a nap when I got home and then went to eat at my restaurant, as I’ve never eaten dinner there. It was so freakin’ good! Oh my hell! I wish I could afford to eat such good food all the time!

This morning, Nate was determined that I rise and go to watch the implosion of some old smoke stacks at the Dow plant… at 8 a.m.  One of the towers fell as expected and the other stubbornly refused to budge. It was anti-climatic.

I joined Eharmony. I did meet someone and I have gotten quite a few matches. The problem is… so many of them don’t put enough information in their profiles. I keep wondering if these guys are as boring in person as they are on paper… I just close the match and move on. Chuck wasn’t boring. His profile made me laugh and we talked on the phone yesterday. He lives in South Carolina and he’s a bartender.

My former Assistant Manager had this to say:  Well, you know how bartenders are, they can get laid any time they want.  I wouldn’t say that’s a good move to make.

I told her, Ms. I-attend-three-churches, exactly how judgemental I thought she was being, especially not knowing him. Not that I do, but if I start making judgement calls like that, I’m in for a hell of a rough road. I pointed out that, I, indeed, am a bartender and I’M NOT GETTING LAID! At least not regularly. Hell, at this point, I’m lucky to get laid AT ALL! I recently broke my dry spell… however, I want something more.

It really pissed me off, especially considering she’s still a “newlywed,” which she pointed out at family meal the other morning and then grossed us all out by referencing her husband and nookie, which I didn’t find palatable family meal conversation… considering her husband has a serious case of Dick-Do, meaning his belly hang out far more than his dick probably do.

She’s seriously gotten a complex since she stepped down from management. I’m working my first “Manager on Duty” shift on Friday. Because she was previously the Assistant Manager, if both the GM and Exec. Chef were gone, she took the MOD shift, but they decided that I should, since I’m the one who is actually Quasi-Management.  Trust me, I had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, she said, “Oh, I’ve been demoted.” I said, “No you weren’t, you chose to step down from management because you wanted to spend more time at home and with your horses.”   She’s driving me a bit crazy.

I made an awesome find at the local antique mall!!! I found a French steel cut beaded purse, hand-loomed, about 100 years old, in fantastic shape. I took it apart to access the damage.. a few rips where it was attached to the frame (which is brass), and some rusting, which I worked on today with a soft nail file. I also got some Naval Jelly, which is used to dissolve rust on antiques. I’ll try it out tomorrow on what is left of the fringe. I’ll have to invest in some matching antique beads so I can remake some kind of fringe on it.  It is very beautiful, heavy as hell, but beautiful. Once I restore it, I’ll probably be able to sell it for triple what I bought it for.

Life is good.

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Home Again…

June 4, 2008 at 10:13 pm (Beading, My Travels)

From the land of cheese beads beer. I love Milwaukee. Lots of beer. Lots and lots of beer, which I drank a lot of while I was there. Well, more than I normally drink. Met lots and lots of interesting people, including my bead heroine, Sherry Serafini. I learned a lot, but I had a horrible cold the entire time and didn’t sleep well. I spent a lot of money and learned a couple of new bead stitches and was greatly inspired by the ladies in my class and my teachers were the bomb.

I met so many interesting people, can’t wait to tell you about them. All is well on the home front. I’m really tired and I’ll be back later with stories of The Land of Beer.

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Peachy Keen

May 23, 2008 at 9:33 pm (Alice in Chains, Beading, Crazy Shit, Nate, Work)

At the restaurant, our evening dishwasher is a crusty ole guy named Joe. When I see him I ask, “How are ya, Joe?” and he always answers, “Oh, I’m just super fine.” And then he’ll ask how I am, and I’ll answer, “Just peachy keen.”  It would help to know that Joe is a former United States Marine and, of course, the “super fine,” is a play on, “Semper Fi.” Not knowing Joe to be a former Marine, you probably would think the man is super fine all the time, and not knowing that I’m THE Peach, you’d probably think I’m peachy keen all the time.

I’m doing okay and Nate is okay, although given to numerous eye rolls these days, especially over the subject of his father, which he has tired of and simply wants to be left alone by all parties. It took Jeff a little longer to get the picture. He called me on Wednesday and asked why I was picking Nate up from school.

Your eyes rolled, didn’t they?  Don’t lie, I saw it from here.

When Nate got into the car I told him that his dad called and had asked why I was picking him up from school. Nate gave me the, “DUH! You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me, Mom!” look, which is priceless. Nate then rolled his eyes and said, “Like he has to ask.”

For the most part, though, we don’t discuss it past what we have to and I keep Nate blissfully unaware of my plans, which are still incomplete, but brewing yet. The less he knows the better off he is. Although, since Friday, and the overheard phone conversation on Saturday, Nate has been quite different. Nate is well aware of the depths of my temper, as he treads around on it quite frequently.

He knows if I raise my voice, I’m only about half-way there, and not really angry but perturbed and frustrated. However, he is also aware of a quiet, calm Momma, the one who cuddles with him on the couch, sings silly songs to him in the mornings to wake him up, gooses him on the knees, and smells his hair after a bath to ensure that he actually washed something instead of cavorting around like a dolphin.

He is also aware of the other calm Momma, the kind of calm that says, “Don’t fuck with me.” Its not an angry, quiet, sullen calm, its just a very, “I’m not taking any shit,” calm. And that also means his shit. Nate hasn’t pushed any of my buttons since Saturday. This is rare.

When Nate heard me stand up to his dad, it changed him and it changed our relationship. I’ve been standing up to his dad a lot more in the past months and it has made a difference, but the big difference was on Saturday. Nate heard something in my voice that his dad is too stupid to hear. Finality.

Its like something clicked in his head, like, “Ya know, maybe I ought not to mess with my Mom.” A new respect was born.

Of course, the management at the restaurant is aware of my situation and have been very understanding of me leaving early, especially since I’ll bring Nate back or come in a little early or drop Nate off and then come back and work longer to get everything done. Owner’s Wife, who I just adore, asked if I had somewhere I could go if I had to. I thought of all of my friends and family, spread all over the US and part of the globe and said, “Oh, I could stay hidden for quite some time. He has no idea.”

Now, Owner’s Wife, she’s ALL woman, hell, I won’t even mess with her.  Besides T-Bird, she’s one woman I want on my side and watching my back. She’s a helluva lady and she fucking cracks me UP!  She does the bookkeeping so we work together every morning and she has similar problems with her youngest child who is a year younger than Nate, so we have a lot in common. Sometimes, I’ll ask her a management question before the GM gets there and she’ll laugh and say, “Hell, Nanner Mae, I don’t know, I just work here.” LOL!

Don’t let her fool ya, though. She was a pastry chef at The Greenbrier Hotel. The woman knows her shit.

So, for the time being, things have calmed. Nate will be spending his summer at the YMCA T.O.G.A. Camp (I’m signing him up on Wednesday). He usually spends summers with his dad, but, I didn’t think that was a good idea before Friday and definitely not an option now. Plus, I think that seeing me is all a part of it, so, this cuts down on the time that I actually see Jeff as well.

Things still on the “iffy” line are the Court ordered visitations and my trip to Milwaukee. I got the grant! Now, not sure I’m going. But, we’ll see. I have to talk to my mom and see if she can come down and stay here a few days to take care of Nate and I’ll just cut the trip short, essentially missing the “show” portion of the Bead & Button Show but I could still take my classes and only be gone three to four days, only two of which Nate will be in school. Damn snow days!

Well, that’s it from here and since I haven’t quoted Alice in Chains nor Jerry Cantrell yet,

Yeah, its fine
We’ll walk down the line
Leave our rain, a cold
Trade for warm sunshine – NO EXCUSES (Jar of Flies – AiC)

Say good-bye, don’t follow – DON’T FOLLOW (Jar of Flies – AiC)

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Getting Excited…

March 18, 2008 at 7:31 am (Beading, My Travels, Nate)

Nate and I are starting to get excited about our trip. I’m working on finishing several unfinished pieces of jewelry for the trip. I totally forgot a couple pieces I had finished and a couple of pieces that I’m still working on. I’ve been doing a lot of bead stringing lately, which is unusual for me. Last night I made a shell piece, which is probably the longest and biggest piece I’ve made. Its different.

I also splurged this weekend and bought some new clothes. I broke a cardinal rule of fashion and didn’t realize it until I had made the purchases. Yeah, I bought from the Junior’s section. I’m 37 years old, but all the clothes in the Grown-Up Girls section made me feel… old.

I also bought some new beads from Fire Mountain Gems, and I’m hopeful they will get here before I leave. They should… *crosses fingers.” I’ll post more pics by the end of the week. Ya’ll have a fine day.

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I’m Sooooo Tired!

March 14, 2008 at 6:24 am (Beading, My Travels, Work)

I got off work at 2 p.m. yesterday. First time in a long time. I came home and sat on my ass. I wanted to take a nap but I had talked to AZ and he talked me out of it. Instead, I sat on my porch in the beautiful weather, leafing through the stack of bead books I have, gathering inspiration, wishing I was taking a nap.

Work is going. I think we finally hired a bartender to replace Whiny and it couldn’t come a day sooner. Unfortunately, the GM came down with this flu yuck and she’s out for a while. Big catering on Monday.  I think I’m staying behind and guarding the henhouse.

I realized while making plans for our trip to AZ that Nate and I have no luggage. Yeah, it all burned. I’ve made do with duffel bags and such but T-Bird is going to loan us a suitcase for the trip.

I have beads everywhere in this house. In every room. Everywhere. My house looks like a disaster area again. Actually, it looks better than the disaster area last week because I’ve been working on it. The new litter box sure has helped! Speaking of, I need to empty the box again because today is trash day. But after working 10 hour days, and Nate, and my body aches… I’m pooped. Worn. Out.

My elbows hurt, my hips hurt, my ass hurts. I haven’t had much energy for beading, really, despite what I’ve accomplished lately, I should have a lot more done. The house should be neater and this Sunday will be close to the last opportunity I have to make a huge dent in it, at least to get all of the beads put up and get the kitchen in some kind of order. I have to ask Nate’s sister to come down and check on the cats and T-Bird and her old man will come down as well.

Did I mention I have no idea what to pack since there is a 20-30* temperature difference between Flagstaff-Sedona-Phoenix? Should I take my laptop? Then I would need a laptop case. Grrrrrrrrrr….  and I need some new tennis shoes!!!!

So many things to do, so little time…

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