I Survived!

February 8, 2009 at 3:19 pm (Alice in Chains, Beading, Cats, Nate, Relationships, Work)

I survived without Internet service!  So did Nate. Wow, amazing what you can do when you have to.

Too bad my life is so boring or I would have more to update with. I guess that’s the beauty of boring, nothing MAJOR to report, but a lot of little things.

NateDawg – did really crappy in school the last nine weeks. He’s doing much better now. You can imagine what kind of shite hit the fan around here. Actually, I sat on his ass really hard when I saw his grades going down, otherwise, he may have failed. Otherwise, he’s pure Nate.

Jirachi – is still sneezing and this is unlikely to change. His sinuses are damaged and the viral shit up there isn’t really responding to much. It is what it is. The good news is, since his abcess surgery, he’s able to eat more and his coat looks beautiful. He’s also able to purr more and when he’s really content, he gets a double purr going on. On the out-purr, he sounds like a regular kitty purr, on the in-purr he coos like a pigeon. Its the cutest thing EVAH! If you like pigeon coos. Lune has the pigeon coo purr too, she just doesn’t purr very often.

Jeff – is taking college classes to become a chemical operator. In addition to helping him maintain his sobriety, it also gives him something different to bitch out. Hurray for variety! He’s also been talking to and spending time with Nate’s sister.

Le Restaurant – a lot of changes! Our Executive Chef announced he was leaving and his last day would be Feb. 13th. Wellll, he called yesterday and announced that the day before had been his last day. Guess he’s not one for long, drawn out goodbyes, or any goodbye for that matter. Piss ant. I dreamt of him last night.

That is one thing I’ve missed about having the Internet, my dream dictionary. My dream recall has significantly increased since finding my necklace, but, alas I have not had the resources to figure out what they mean. I’ve dreamt of the restaurant a lot, but, we’ve had a lot of changes going on. The dream last night featured a lot of purple, which means personal transformation and spiritual growth for me, the dreamer. Boo-yah!

Also, one of our servers and former Assistant Manager, has rheumatoid arthritis, and she’ll be moving to full-time day shift hostess and lead. Oh yeah, I was the lead. However, I’ll be doing two bar shifts a week, be the floating night shift server, and doing some caterings, plus my regular day shift. I’m not complaining. I unerringly worked my way into middle management and I’ve been fighting my way out ever since.

I don’t mind hard work.  I worked at the t-shirt shop, which is hell on Earth, but, I have a lot of responsibilities with Nate and my home and I was beginning to stress out. I just want to serve and bartend and not worry. That means actually doing what I’m good at and what I enjoy instead of the other stuff.

The changes in the kitchen also means something else, that’s right, who’s going to run the kitchen now? We have a sous chef who didn’t want to be Executive Chef so they had to look elsewhere and at other avenues to manage the kitchen, so, my boy Jace was tapped to be co-captain of the kitchen, as kitchen manager, along with the sous chef.

So, my boyfriend got promoted and I took a demotion, all in the same week. If you can’t handle change, don’t work in food service. His official last day at his other job is the 13th. Jay, the sous chef, asked me yesterday how Jace was taking it now, as opposed to earlier, and I told him that Jace had moved from ecstatic and psyched to half worried but still psyched and Jay said he was in the same boat. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, which are almost polar opposites so I know they’ll work well together and learn a lot from each other.

Jace brought up to Owner Chef the fact that he and I were dating and blah, blah, blah. Owner Chef looked at General Manager and said, “Did you know about this?” and she said, “Oh, yeah.”  Noah Balboa, our Assistant Manager Intern, asked me on Friday why Jace and I weren’t sitting together at family meal. Ummmm, I guess it didn’t dawn on me. When I’m at work, I’m focused on work, not my personal relationship with Jace.

Not to say we don’t sneak a kiss during a break, but, our relationship takes a backseat to the pressing issues at hand, like food. Not that we haven’t worked together before, but, we’ll be working together more now since he’ll be working day shifts instead of only evenings. I love him and he loves me, but our livelihoods are entertwined and Owner Chef talked to me about it. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be really hard to face him everyday across the line if something happened between us, but, one must go on and I’ll still have a mortgage and I’m going to need a new car, probably by the end of this year, hopefully not, but maybe, and Nate needs braces, and I still have to work and so does he. So.

Beading – I took a lot of jewelry up to the Welcome Center in the bustling town of Addison aka Webster Springs, West Virginia. That’s an hour up Interstate 79 from the Capitol City and then another hour or so on a two lane country road to the town east of Bumfucked Egypt.  If you click that linky-link, you can read all out Addison aka Webster Springs. It has a quite interesting history. Holly River State Park is nearby and I love hiking there. Plus, Webster Springs hosted the Annual Woodchopping Festival! Lumberjacks come from ALL OVER THE WORLD TO COMPETE! 

Its also one of the routes to Snowshoe Ski Resort… so, you get a lot of traffic. If you read down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of notable people, one of them is Owner Boss’s Wife’s dad.

I also want to enter the Tamarack Juried Competition for the Best of West Virginia show on WV Day. I can submit up to three pieces and I really want to win Best in Show – $2,000!

I’ve also made some headway on my Alice in Chains jacket piece. I design a lot in my head until I get ready to put it in beads. I’ve been scheming over the design for over a year now and I’m working on the rays of the sun, and figure that by the time I get that finished they may at least announce the name of the new CD. I’ve also been assembling the beads for the design for over a year now. I made a real find at the bead shop close to me, 75% off all sead beads… I bought, get this, 3 kilos of sky blue size 15s. This is what one might call a shit-ton of beads.

The Weather – today is GORGEOUS! And yes, I’m inside writing. Its been downright depressing. Nate said he can’t even remember having this much snow. I said, “Yeah, the last night we had this much snow you were in-utero!” Cold, bleak, grey days, temps below freezing for days on end, wind chills below zero, BLECH!  I know some people live like this for months on end but lemme tell ya, if I wanted to live like this, I’d live in a less temperate climate.

So, that’s about it for the update. Missed you all and once Nate has had his turn on the Web, I’ll be stopping by to see all of you.


  1. Tina said,

    Welcome back, dude!

  2. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    You’ve been on my mind lately, but I didn’t want to bother you. I figured you were pretty busy at work. I’m glad you’re back. 🙂

  3. Vince said,

    Sounds like things are busy! I’m not one for blogging much lately what with school and all. I’m buried in the middle of a 15 page paper due next week and its all I can think about right now. If you ever want to know anything about Boeing and Airbus in the commercial aircraft market, just ask! I’m totally heavy now!

  4. SagaciousHillbilly said,

    Vince, would a Boeing 37 have had the same outcome as the AirB 20 a couple weeks ago in the Hudson R.?

  5. Zelda said,

    Glad to see you back! It goes in spurts with Gwennie like that. Her grades will slip and then go back up when I get on her case. I guess it will probably always be like that until she’s doing something she’s really interested in.

  6. kenju said,

    Welcome back! I hope all the changes at the restaurant prove to be good ones for you. Hang in there, Inanna, and tell Nate to shape up!!

  7. Marie said,

    Welcome back..there are some major changes I see. But all sounds good for you at the moment. Good thoughts for the future.

  8. Beth said,

    Missed you too!

    I see dream dictionaries in bookstores all the time. I don’t know how good they are, but you may want to consider that an option the next time (hopefully, though, there won’t be a next time) you don’t have access to the interwebs.

    And you’re doing a great job of helping Nate with his motivation. I know I wouldn’t have gotten the grades I got in school if my parents didn’t put the fear of God in me.

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