The Necklace

January 22, 2009 at 10:23 am (Cats, Crazy Shit, Relationships)

Blogging from work, folks.  I should have my Internet back within the next two weeks. I know, I keep saying that, but it will happen.

Anywho, a long while back, like, last summer, I put my necklace in a bag because it was irritating my neck due to excessive sweating while at work. I was certain I had put it in the bag and was also certain that bag was in my laundry area, but, when I went to look for it, it had disappeared. Not the bag, the necklace.

This necklace was featured on an old post because of the charms that I have on it.  The diamond solitaire from my maternal grandmother, the blue Sarah Coventry piece from my paternal grandmother,  the pentacle my cousin gifted me, my Inanna star from my aunt, Bast, and the red Swarovski crystal heart symbolizing Nate’s birth that I got in Kansas City at my first BlogCon.

Naturally, it was disconcerting to have “lost” said necklace. I searched high and low for it, thinking I had put it this place or that place and with deep sighs realized that it may have made its way to the trash in a cleaning fit.

However, the gods had other plans and I found it in the most unusual place. I had placed a box inside a box of feminine hygiene products and was rummaging through the bottom box, which was almost empty and found the necklace.  Nope, I have no idea how it got there. None.

Regardless, I was thrilled. I cleaned it up and have worn it ever since. Although I had been quite depressed with the dreary weather, cold, and snow, I perked up. My dreams have been numerous and vivid, and it seems a spirit decided to visit me. My world is in bloom. I feel more at peace and more connected to the Other Side than I have in a very long time.

Perhaps it is not just the necklace, and what it symbolizes, but also my relationship with Jace, which continues onward and upward. I’ve been slow to come around, but the spirits whisper, and a sagacious hillbilly reminds me to live in the moment, not yesterday, or tomorrow, but today.  Live today.


Jirachi is doing okay. He’s still sneezing and it appears this will be a chronic condition. Tango got his manhood sliced from his body on Tuesday and is just as ornery as before.

We are well, hope you are too.

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Little Unicorn Man

January 5, 2009 at 10:14 am (Cats)

No, I don’t have I-net yet, I’m blogging quickly from work. Wanted to let you know about our little Jirachi. If you’ve followed his saga, he has had a continous sinus/upper respiratory problem since birth. Three rounds of antibiotics and a round of anti-virals and the little man was still snotting and sneezing and not growing. He’s 8 months old and weighs 4.9 lbs. That’s a little kitty!

This all came to a head right before the New Year when it appeared Jirachi was attempting to grow a horn from his forehead. Abscess city baby! Off to the vet we go and he had his little forehead shaved, his little abscess drained, and now he’s sporting a shaved head and a drain that appears to be an oversized twist-tie that I have to flush every morning and evening with an iodine solution.

Luckily, Jirachi is a spoiled little thing and takes his little pills without fuss and only gives me a bit of trouble over flushing the drain. The good thing is, he no longer sounds like Darth Vader and the vet sent a culture off to see if it may be a fungal problem given that Jirachi was born in a barn and exposed to all kinds of different fungi, bacterias, and viruses.

So, Happy New Year to you all.  I had saved all kinds of money to get my I-net turned back on, but, I had to get Jirachi’s horn removed and that pretty well took care of that. I’ll post pictures whenever I can.

See ya soon!

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