I’m Sooooo Tired!

March 14, 2008 at 6:24 am (Beading, My Travels, Work)

I got off work at 2 p.m. yesterday. First time in a long time. I came home and sat on my ass. I wanted to take a nap but I had talked to AZ and he talked me out of it. Instead, I sat on my porch in the beautiful weather, leafing through the stack of bead books I have, gathering inspiration, wishing I was taking a nap.

Work is going. I think we finally hired a bartender to replace Whiny and it couldn’t come a day sooner. Unfortunately, the GM came down with this flu yuck and she’s out for a while. Big catering on Monday.  I think I’m staying behind and guarding the henhouse.

I realized while making plans for our trip to AZ that Nate and I have no luggage. Yeah, it all burned. I’ve made do with duffel bags and such but T-Bird is going to loan us a suitcase for the trip.

I have beads everywhere in this house. In every room. Everywhere. My house looks like a disaster area again. Actually, it looks better than the disaster area last week because I’ve been working on it. The new litter box sure has helped! Speaking of, I need to empty the box again because today is trash day. But after working 10 hour days, and Nate, and my body aches… I’m pooped. Worn. Out.

My elbows hurt, my hips hurt, my ass hurts. I haven’t had much energy for beading, really, despite what I’ve accomplished lately, I should have a lot more done. The house should be neater and this Sunday will be close to the last opportunity I have to make a huge dent in it, at least to get all of the beads put up and get the kitchen in some kind of order. I have to ask Nate’s sister to come down and check on the cats and T-Bird and her old man will come down as well.

Did I mention I have no idea what to pack since there is a 20-30* temperature difference between Flagstaff-Sedona-Phoenix? Should I take my laptop? Then I would need a laptop case. Grrrrrrrrrr….  and I need some new tennis shoes!!!!

So many things to do, so little time…


  1. Vince said,

    Dear, you should have taken a nap. Sleep makes everything better.

  2. Seamus said,

    Think layers for a trip there. You’ll want no clothes in Phoenix and then freeze your ass off at the GC. Remember that Phoenix is near sea level and the south rim of the GC is at 7000ft. Also you can go from chilly at the rim and then bake your brains as you hike down into the canyon (assuming you are of course). Rain gear – there can be some significant thunderstorms there! The header pic I’m using I shot from the south rim.

  3. Trashman said,

    Around my house, everyday is “trash” day. HA. I crack me up.

  4. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Borrow some more luggage and take everything you’ve got. That way you’re covered.

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