A Tale of Two Men

June 22, 2006 at 7:37 am (Uncategorized)

Last night I was thinking about how much I write about Jeff and AZ. AZ and Jeff. Back-stories have been alluded to, old hurts, years of memories. I was just wondering if it would be worth it, at least for myself, to start at the very beginning and work my way through the last 14 and a half years (AZ) and 12 and a half years (Jeff).

I have thought of doing it before. Could be a nice summer project. The good news is that Jeff gave me back a lot the letters and things I gave him during our relationship and I kept that for Nate so that when he is older, he will have something tangible from when Mom and Dad were together.

I believe AZ has squirreled away every letter, card, photograph, note, and bar napkin I’ve ever given him. About five years ago, hell, maybe longer, I said it was a shame I hadn’t kept copies of the photos I gave him and as I now keep copies of letters I send him in electronic form, all the handwritten letters were lost forever. He said, “What makes you think I threw them away?” He’s mysterious that way.

Wrestling those from his control is probably not possible. However, I do have my memories and I have a journal around here somewhere with some documentation of what happened when. Plus, if I get stuck, it’s not like I don’t have both men at my disposal to root through their brains. I think I should do it now before anymore time passes and the memories fade even more.

So, who do I start with?

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