April 17, 2006 at 9:59 pm (Uncategorized)

More beads … purple/perwinkle

I think this is onyx or obsidian with Swarovskis
Jade with size 15s – the smaller the bead, the happier I am.
More beads, more colors, more Swarovskis. I did have them all separated by color and which ones would be used with what but then just mixed them all up to take the picture, except the 15s and 11s. I’ll separate them again when I begin beading.

The jade and 15s are going to be two things: difficult and incredible. I really want a design that kicks ass. I’m thinking of a lily-like flower made from the four colors with the jade as the hanging centerpiece. But, if anyone has any other ideas, for any of the beads you see, please, pass them my way.

These, of course, are not the only beads I have but these are the newest and frankly the lightest and brightest as I was going for spring and summer. I also purchased the light blue turquoise (not to be confused with the blue with the purples, two different colors), red, orange, and silver (actually rhodium) to make a necklace with a “Southwest” feel to go with that incredible turquoise top I bought with the Wonderbra.

I also bought the beads to make Regan’s wedding necklace but she hasn’t approved the colors yet and besides, a bride should see her own beads and necklace before everyone else. So sayeth Nanner.

As you know, I name all of my pieces, or did you know that? Well, I do. And, after some thought, I have decided to name my new purple piece for my good blogger buddy, Tsarina. After all, Tsarinas are Russian royalty and purple is the color of royalty. Plus, she just found out she’s pregnant. Go tell her congratulations.

I have worked more on “Tsarina” and will update with photos tomorrow.

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