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October 27, 2005 at 8:03 am (Uncategorized)

As you can tell, things have been a little slow around “Anything Goes.” That’s because I’ve been so damn busy with other things. Plus, my jaw is still hurting and the accompanying fever makes me very tired, irritable, and distracted. You’ll notice I haven’t been around your blogs as much, and when I did get around to it, Haloscan sucked yak balls and I was unable to comment anyway.

The long and short of it is, I’ve been tied up at work. First, with work itself, a new medical malpractice case which is pretty interesting. I’ve learned more about the human nose than I care to. Be good to your nose. No drug snorting, get those sinus infections and other nastiness cleaned up real good. Plus, I’ve also been going on interviews. Well, two interviews with the same company.

I spent in inordinate amount of time yesterday night actually writing out answers to interview questions. If you’re going to have an interview, the best list of questions that I’ve ever read is at the University of Indiana website. I’ve run into quite a few of these in other interviews. So, I thought in order to be well prepared, I needed to answer these suckers. Go on, read a few of them, I’ll wait.

Done? Great. Even though I knew at least three or four of the lawyers that I might be interviewing with (just one firm), I still wanted to be totally prepared for the ONE QUESTION they asked me. ONE.

I guess that says something about my reputation that when Mr. Barbera walked in and said, “Well, I only have one concern, really just one concern, and that is, how do you feel about keeping a time sheet?” *Blink*

Not exactly the question I had been expecting. However, I recovered well from that tricky introduction. (I’m being sarcastic, okay?) Really, Mr. Barbera and Mr. Bashful (shut up, he’s very sweet and a little bashful, I in no way mean to insinuate that he’s a dwarf) did their best to answer all of my questions and then we spent time just getting to know each other better and then Mr. Barbera stopped the interview and then asked me a few personal questions, which of course we know is a no-no in the true interviewing process.

He asked about my pentacle, the one my cousin got for me on my trip to Louisiana. (His second question after asking about the time sheet was whether I was a Wiccan and I reminded him he can’t ask me about that :)) Yes, I discussed religion not in an interview, but in an interview and I also talked about Nate. Luckily, Mr. Barbera has three children and Mr. Bashful has five, and the head of the department has, I think, six.

Anyway, I’d like to say I have a lot of respect for my current boss and the other attorneys here, most of my co-workers as well, however, there has been a break down in communication between my boss and I for about the past 10 months. I can’t also say that I’ve been on my game. I’ve never said I was totally on my game. There’s a lot more things that I don’t really feel I can discuss now. I may never talk about them here, I may wake up one morning and puke it all out. I don’t know.

Truth hurts, even when leveled at myself. I know that peeps in my office have the URL to this blog. So, you can see my predicament. Too bad they never thought it was necessary to come and talk to me about whatever I had written.

Further, thanks to the incredible Lois Lane, I applied for a Blog Master job with a metaphysical website/company. That interview is this evening over the phone. Basically, I would be writing a blog about metaphysical stuff. Not sure what all that entails right now, but I’m extremely psyched about the opportunity. I have a TON of ideas although I’m not sure what direction this will be taking. I’m not sure if its part-time or would turn into a full-time responsibility. Still, I’m extremely, extremely excited about it.

Its probably the first job I’ve ever seen, other than legal, where I read the ad and said, THAT IS 100% ME!!! I’m a writer, I write a blog, I luuuuv metaphysical stuff, I’m part of a larger blogging community, and I know how to infect that community… oh, what I meant was, I know about viral marketing.

And for Half-Nekkid Thursday… my favorite witch…

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