May 29, 2004 at 12:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve developed a knack for giving friends complexes over my complexes. Something as simple as going down on my beaufriend can give me a complex. I’m one of those women who enjoys being between a man’s legs, anyway I can. Since the yoni was out of commission for her monthly, I decided I really wanted to spend some “quality” time with my man.

Problem (?) is, he’s all into pleasuring me, which is really a good thing when the yoni is in full swing and you won’t hear me complain. But, I do like to reciprocate and not because I feel like I have to but because I really just enjoy it.

But I think it gives him a complex, like he’s so not deserving a woman who loves giving a blowjob and ask for nothing in return. I’m sure if any men are reading this you’re scratching your head in wonder. Me too guys, me too!! How often does that come down the pike? Not nearly enough is my understanding. I’ve had two men in my past tell me they have never gotten off on a blowjob until I got a hold of them….??? Now that makes me wonder, however, I do take pride in my skills and quite frankly, it turns me on.

So, beaufriend is now acting wierded out, and I think he has a complex about it. Then again, I may just have a complex about thinking that he has a complex about it. Now my friends are complaining that I’m giving them a complex.

All this over a damn blowjob. Hee hee, but it was worth it.

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  1. Seeker said,

    This happened like a month ago so hopefully you all have worked this problem out. I can see where your boy toy is coming from though. Someone will get righteously fucking pissed if you bust a nut in their mouth without all these rules, and some of them are telling you before hand, ” I’ll go down on you but you better warn me first if you are gonna cum! I dont want that in my mouth.”

    Now to me thats kinda fucked up because yes, we love a good sucking but at the same time we got to be careful and follow the god damned rules or we may not get any more of the punanny for a few! It makes us a little leery after a few of those times and you sort of get this inward mindset that youre gonna get sucked but you got to then get fucked or there is hell to pay.

    Something to think upon.

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