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March 19, 2009 at 12:53 am (Attitude in Overdrive, Cats, Fitness, Relationships, T-Bird, Work)

Hooo-eee! A lot going on in this neck of the woods:

First, T-Bird’s eldest, J1, was admitted to the hospital yesterday for an emergency appendectomy. I went to sit with him today when T-Bird had to go pick up the little ones and drop them off with her sister (their egg donor). She told me J. had to walk from the bed to the door in order to get to go home tonight. Well, after much cajoling and little moves, J. made it into the hallway and was sitting up in the chair when she got back.

She called me later and asked, “Just how the hell did you get my son to do anything?” Obviously he was feeling less than cooperative once I left. I told her I probably just nagged him so much that he finally just did it to get me off his back. He’ll be spending another night. Send some healing vibes his way, and send T-Bird a little patience please.


Its March Madness mah pups. I’ve got my bracket filled out and await the insanity. I’ve picked North Carolina to take it all.


Jirachi is healing nicely. I think that he’s healed wrong though. Like, his scrotum is going to be permanently attached to his backside. It just sort of granulated that way and that was about it and … I’m not fucking with it. If the doc don’t like it she can cut it when she neuters him.

All I know is he’s happy as hell that we’re loving on him again, he doesn’t reek of the stench of a 1000 rotting carcasses, and he’s gaining weight again. Woot!


My boyfriend is really irritating me. Last night, he decided to text someone in front of me, and when I looked over, turned the phone so I couldn’t see what or who he was texting. I’m sorry, but if that doesn’t make anyone suspicious, male or female, I don’t know what does. If someone calls, I don’t care who or what gender, I’ll take that call in front of him. Whether its Jeff or Troy or Jimmy or Kevyn, I take the call in front of him because I have nothing to hide.

Men, remember, you have to sleep sometime and I’m a mother. I’m USED to not sleeping. And let us not forget that I have estrogen and a pulse, therefore I am evil.

Plus, day before yesterday when I was leaving work, he kissed me on the cheek. I gave him a, you gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me look. Granted, one of the kitchen guys was outside when I was leaving, but, please, its not like everyone at Le Restaurant doesn’t know I’ve been balling him for four months and its not like we haven’t given each other a quick kiss goodbye in front of other employees before (at the smoke hole, not inside.)

Cut bait, young Padewan.


I’ve really got the dance itch. Its because of Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Many moons ago, Kenny Wayne and his band put out a CD called “Live On.” You may remember a song from that CD called, “In Too Deep.” However, its the second song on that CD called, “Was” that I’ve wanted to do a tap routine to forever!

“She was a crazy thought, a madman’s walk, she was. Oh no, she was.”

I would add the song but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Anywho, before I shell out for tap shoes (again, my first were smoke logged), and tap lessons (again), I’d better find out how much its going to cost to get Nate’s braces. Ugh.


I am continuing with attempting to consume more vegetables and fruits in my diet and less red meat. I loves me some red meat. I limit myself to  consuming only three types of liquid:  coffee, water, and red wine. However, I have been limiting myself to two cups of coffee, down from three, and I only drink red wine when I’m going to be off the following day. I’m off tomorrow… why am I not drinking wine? I haven’t had any since … Sunday. Be right back.

No need to let that Black Swan Merlot go to waste. Ahhhh.

Anyway, I guess no one thought to tell me that if you consume more fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to drink AS MUCH WATER. So, if you continue eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, even just a serving more, you will go to the bathroom more because, duh, fruits and vegetables have MORE WATER.

I drink a lot of water. On a typical shift, I drink anywhere from 2-4 16 oz. cups of water. I put it in my little styrofoam cup (so good for the environment!) and as I walk by I take a pull from the straw. Last night I had a huge salad from Mickey D’s (after scraping off the chips and dressing), and their fruit and walnut snack.

Then this morning, I went to work and drank 2 cups of coffee and then had the beginnings of a 16 oz. cup of water. I was ran to the bathroom a lot. This can be quite uncomforable when you’re busy and don’t go when you should.

I was reasonably good today. I had the worst chicken noodle soup of my life, mainly picking out the chicken, a Mediterranean panini, with eggplant, squash, and zucchini with feta and chevre cheese, fruit, and a salad with onion, cheese, tomatoes, peaches, and cottage cheese. 

In my quest to lessen the red meat in my diet, I had pecan fried catfish. Okay, so fried is bad but that’s not the point. Half a baked potato, and a big fat ugly hot fudge cake and ice cream, because I know how to eat healthy. ICE CREAM IS A FOOD GROUP!!!! The point is, there was a cherry on top, and we all know how I’m trying to put more fruits and vegetables in my diet. This is why a glass of wine two days a week is a good thing. Wine is a vegetable, I mean, a fruit. How much have I had?

I also had five Tagalongs, because you all know Girl Scout cookies, along with ice cream, red wine, and chocolate, IS a food group. Plus Tagalongs have peanut butter in them, which ups the iron and protein content of said cookies. Hey, I read labels mah peeps!


Jirachi really does coo like a pigeon when he purrs. I know this because he’s eating my earlobe as he purrs. For him, earlobes are a food group.


Sometimes I give my co-worker, Emile, a ride to work. I have her hooked on the new Nickelback CD, especially “S.E.X.” I mean, who’s not hooked on it. It was playing when she got in the car this morning and she said, “Oh man, I was hoping you would have this in and I would get to hear this. It pumps me up.”

Guess what the song is about? Yeah, imagine that. My favorite line from the song is:  I love to try to set you free, I love you all over me, love to hear the sound you make the second you’re done.

Emile just likes hearing Chad Kroeger scream: YEEEESSSSS!

Okay, maybe I am a little hooked on that as well.

We also listened to “Burn it to the Ground” and then heard “Something in Your Mouth” while listening to XM at Le Restaurant. I may have to make up the first rock ‘n’ roll work out video. I’m so tired of canned music. “Burn it to the Ground” would be a great song to include in a kickass fitness video because we got no class, no taste, no shirt and shit-faced.

The warm-up section includes a shot of Crown. As a matter of fact, all workout videos should include shots of various types of alcohol as part of the routine. If you’re still standing at the end of the video, well, you’re fit.

Alcohol is a food group, along with red wine, which is fruit.


Speaking of alcohol, once you get people lit, you can tell them anything and they’ll believe you. Such as, a guest asked me what the difference between Cuervo 1800 and Patron tequila was. Instead of saying, “A shit-ton of money,” I said, “Well, Patron is a higher quality, meaning it has less impurities, is better filtered, aged, and stored.”  Which means, I don’t fucking know! Maybe they keep the desert rats from pissing on the agave.

Next, we had a dude ask, on St. Paddy’s day, if we had any Irish Scotch. Dude, Scotch is whiskey made is Scotland. No, we do not have any Irish Scotch. That’s like asking if I have any Arkansas Bourbon. NO! Bourbon is whiskey made in Bourbon County, Kentucky and they are the only ones allowed to call it Bourbon, everyone else has to call it Whiskey, except for the Scottish who call it, SCOTCH.

Its like calling a yam a sweet potato. A yam is not a sweet potato. A yam is a yam and a sweet potato is a sweet potato. They come from different plant families, different plant groups, have different flowering characteristics, the sweet potato is over 50,000 years older than the yam, and the sweet potato is healthier for you as it is high in beta carotene, just like a carrot.

All of these are the vegetable food group.

Well, I’ve sucked the last of my fermented fruit from the glass and its almost one in the morning so I shall bid you adios. Drink more agave!

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And So It Goes

March 11, 2009 at 12:19 am (Cats, Friends, Memories, Nate, Work)

After the death of his wife Betty, Hoss wrote:  “Many times in the past when some of you were having a particularly bad time, Old Hoss has offered “counsel,” which consisted largely of this: When you can’t do something about something, let it go. Say to yourself, “So it goes,” and get on with your life. So, so it goes. Thank you, all.”

Yes, Hoss, so it goes. There isn’t a damn thing I can do about you moving on up to Big Ernie and I hope you at least got to say hi before you reincarnated as a dung beetle. I will always be kind to dung beetles.

And, as it goes, I also wanted to post a picture of a rabbit, even though it isn’t the first of the month.

big-bunnyHoo boy, Hoss would have loved this BIG OLE BUNNY!

I’m also posting a picture of a frog:

spring-peeperBut not just any frog, but a Spring Peeper. Someone had claimed to hear one the other day when it was 16* and I though they were shitting me, but, on the way home Sunday, before finding out about Hoss, I too heard the Spring Peepers. However, it was 70*, not 16*. I have been looking forward to Spring a great deal and was so pleased to hear their peeping and croaking. They say that in Alzheimer’s patients, the last part of the brain to die is the part that recognizes music and the emotions they are attached to.

Hoss may have passed on March 7th, but I know each year when I hear the Spring Peepers and their music, I will know this is the day he moved on to Big Ernie.

And so it goes.


Nate has sinusitis. I took him to the doctor yesterday, my day off, and they gave him ginormous horse pills for his nose. He is also coughing and feverish.

Jirachi went to the vet yesterday afternoon, my day off, and his ass is healing very well. They clipped some more hair off so it doesn’t get stuck in the antibiotic ointment. The vet says we have to wait until his balls and scrotum heal so he can get them cut out. Thinking about that statement makes my eyeballs wrinkle.

Tango escaped from the house, right after Macy did. When I wasn’t at some kind of doctor’s office I was walking the neighborhood, on my day off, trying to find Tango, as I knew Macy was on a short hunger strike, for whatever reason, under my house.

This morning I filled out an online missing pet form with our local humane society. It read something like: Lost in —- block —– Ave., Small WV Town, black cat, green/yellow eyes, answers to Tango. Loves feet, please call ###-####.

He does love feet, loves to rub on them, then loves to chew and bite on them.

I pressed “send,” walked outside onto the porch, hollered his name, heard his little Tango “barrupp” and there he was. He couldn’t decide whether to eat breakfast or love on my feet. I went back to the computer and penned a note to the Humane Society.

“Hi, this is Nanner. I just sent a missing pet form regarding a black cat named Tango in Small WV Town. He obviously knew this because he came home. Thanks anyway. ”


I have felt like a new woman since the sun has been out and we have changed the clocks. I feel – rejuvenated.


I’m not sure if I remember telling anyone but I stepped down from my lead position at the restaurant so I could work more bar shifts and evening shifts. This is a good exchange. However, I was supposed to work just two bar shifts a week and that lasted about two weeks, and now its three or four. Which is, hey, fine with me!

However, I went to buy some new work pants, which I never do unless I have to because I hate shopping. However, a lady who had come into the restaurant had a really cool pair of pants on and was kind enough to tell me where they were on sale at the local mall. Anamoly No. 1: So, even without needing them, I went to get a new pair of those pants.

Since I hate shopping, I just generally guess at what size I need and then deal with it.  I haven’t tried on clothes since Christmas of 2007 when I bought my last pair of jeans. Anamoly No. 2:  I actually tried the pants on before buying them. Naturally, I got the size I thought I wore and when I could put both hands down the front of them thought… hmmmm… maybe I need a smaller size.

Yes, I had the joy of going shopping and finding I had dropped a pants size. I think this is due to the extra bar shifts and I will admit, I have been trying to eat healthier. I took one of those online test thingies about nutrition and found… well, I don’t eat so healthy. I love fruit and veggies but they are seriously lacking in my diet. I eat may too much red meat, which is likely to continue, and not enough fish or chicken.

I’ve just been making some small changes and being more conscious about what I’m eating. But make no mistake, I still eat what I want. For instance, I decided to eat at Wendy’s this evening because Nate had already eaten with his dad and in line with my new nutrition outlook, I ordered the side salad (which isn’t THAT healthy since it has iceberg lettuce versus the darker, more healthy lettuce/spinach) with a side of mandarin oranges, plus a baked potato with butter and sour cream and one of their strawberry shakes.

So, I got my starch and dairy, my fruits and veggies, and ice cream, which you all should know IS a food group. I had 1/2 a steak burger at the restaurant so I’d had enough meat for the day.

I made a crap-ton of money today, even I was shocked. Now I can buy more fruits and vegetables.

I’m so happy it is Springtime!

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I Wish My Vet Sold Stock

March 8, 2009 at 12:34 am (Cats, Crazy Shit)

Yes, my friends, another chapter in the saga of Jirachi, our beloved but oft sick kitty.  Since having his abscess drained, little Jirachi was thriving, gaining weight, beautiful coat, and although still sneezing copious amounts of snot, Little Man was definitely on the mend and on his way to getting neutered and living a long, happy life.

Then Jirachi developed diarrhea. Jack and Tango made themselves at home in the garbage can and of course, Jirachi was the only one who got sick from eating our cast-offs. Now, long hair and diarrhea don’t mix. So, instead of just following him around wiping his nose, I had also resorted to wiping his ass. “Dingleberries” doesn’t even come close to what Jirachi was experiencing.

He developed a “Poopcake” or “Poop pancake” on his butt. This was not pleasant for any of us involved. A) He didn’t like it because, really, who wants to carry around a poopcake and B) I didn’t like it because it STUNK WITH THE INTENSITY OF A THOUSAND ROTTING CARCASSES. So, I snipped and manipulated and eventually said poopcake was removed during the regular course of litterbox business.

I had also started Jirachi on some food which was supposed to help the poop situation. A mixture of pumpkin, chicken, and rice, which all of my cats love and is supposed to be very good for their bowels and poop. Well, it started working, but not before Jirachi developed another poopcake.

This one was a different beast than the previous one. It wasn’t a poopcake, it was a poopROCK! He also began fussing with me, scratching, biting and generally trying to kill me when I would mess with it so I knew something was going on there. On top of that, the pumpkin/rice/chicken diet was really working. His stool firmed up quite nicely, except now he couldn’t get it out because of the pooprock.

I had planned on taking him to the vet on Monday, but this evening when I came home and felt the base of his tail, I knew he had poo in there that wasn’t coming out and knew we had reached critical mass (no pun intended), as well as my concerns about what was going on UNDERNEATH the pooprock because of the change in Jirachi’s demeanor and distress with any clipping of hair and fussing with the pooprock.

I took him to the Emergency Clinic and they took him back and within a minute came out to tell me they were going to have to sedate him. I figured as much as Jirachi is my love bug – takes his medicine without a fight, wants love all the time – and when I couldn’t get him to lay still, I pretty much figured they weren’t going to either.

Well, it was pretty bad. Not as bad as it could have been, said the vet, but bad enough. Poop is acidic and what Jirachi had underneath the pooprock is probably the worst case of extreme diaper rash I’ve ever seen, but worse. Much worse.

Before the pooprock, Jirachi still had a nice set of balls, now he barely has a scrotum left. When they neuter him, they will probably have to remove what is left of the scrotum. Literally, his skin was eaten away by the acids in the poop. This happened in three to four days. His ass is raw but the scrotum just looks fucking painful. He’s pititful. Just fucking pitiful.

I walked in and was just sickened by my poor pitiful Little Man as they were cleaning him up. The vet said he still had an anus, which is good, because she said she has seen it where the acids eat all the way to the actual opening of the bowels. He’ll probably have some poop problems until he heals completely but if we keep him good and clean he should be okay.

The good news is, he had a normal bowel movement after the removal, duh, he was full of shit, and I’m hopeful that if I continue him on his chicken/rice/pumpkin diet, that it will act like a stool softener and keep the pain at a minimum.  To his credit, he’s sitting beside of me, after getting lots of love, licking his ass. He’s still a little groggy from the sedation but has only fallen off of the chair twice so far and is purring and loving like nothing ever happened.

We’ll see what happens when I have to bathe him and put Neosporin on his scrotum, yeah, then we’ll see. At least he doesn’t stink with the intensity of a thousand rotting carcasses anymore AND… believe it not, whatever bug he got that gave him diahrrea, it killed the other virus that made him snot and sneeze all the time. I shit you not.

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I Survived!

February 8, 2009 at 3:19 pm (Alice in Chains, Beading, Cats, Nate, Relationships, Work)

I survived without Internet service!  So did Nate. Wow, amazing what you can do when you have to.

Too bad my life is so boring or I would have more to update with. I guess that’s the beauty of boring, nothing MAJOR to report, but a lot of little things.

NateDawg – did really crappy in school the last nine weeks. He’s doing much better now. You can imagine what kind of shite hit the fan around here. Actually, I sat on his ass really hard when I saw his grades going down, otherwise, he may have failed. Otherwise, he’s pure Nate.

Jirachi – is still sneezing and this is unlikely to change. His sinuses are damaged and the viral shit up there isn’t really responding to much. It is what it is. The good news is, since his abcess surgery, he’s able to eat more and his coat looks beautiful. He’s also able to purr more and when he’s really content, he gets a double purr going on. On the out-purr, he sounds like a regular kitty purr, on the in-purr he coos like a pigeon. Its the cutest thing EVAH! If you like pigeon coos. Lune has the pigeon coo purr too, she just doesn’t purr very often.

Jeff – is taking college classes to become a chemical operator. In addition to helping him maintain his sobriety, it also gives him something different to bitch out. Hurray for variety! He’s also been talking to and spending time with Nate’s sister.

Le Restaurant – a lot of changes! Our Executive Chef announced he was leaving and his last day would be Feb. 13th. Wellll, he called yesterday and announced that the day before had been his last day. Guess he’s not one for long, drawn out goodbyes, or any goodbye for that matter. Piss ant. I dreamt of him last night.

That is one thing I’ve missed about having the Internet, my dream dictionary. My dream recall has significantly increased since finding my necklace, but, alas I have not had the resources to figure out what they mean. I’ve dreamt of the restaurant a lot, but, we’ve had a lot of changes going on. The dream last night featured a lot of purple, which means personal transformation and spiritual growth for me, the dreamer. Boo-yah!

Also, one of our servers and former Assistant Manager, has rheumatoid arthritis, and she’ll be moving to full-time day shift hostess and lead. Oh yeah, I was the lead. However, I’ll be doing two bar shifts a week, be the floating night shift server, and doing some caterings, plus my regular day shift. I’m not complaining. I unerringly worked my way into middle management and I’ve been fighting my way out ever since.

I don’t mind hard work.  I worked at the t-shirt shop, which is hell on Earth, but, I have a lot of responsibilities with Nate and my home and I was beginning to stress out. I just want to serve and bartend and not worry. That means actually doing what I’m good at and what I enjoy instead of the other stuff.

The changes in the kitchen also means something else, that’s right, who’s going to run the kitchen now? We have a sous chef who didn’t want to be Executive Chef so they had to look elsewhere and at other avenues to manage the kitchen, so, my boy Jace was tapped to be co-captain of the kitchen, as kitchen manager, along with the sous chef.

So, my boyfriend got promoted and I took a demotion, all in the same week. If you can’t handle change, don’t work in food service. His official last day at his other job is the 13th. Jay, the sous chef, asked me yesterday how Jace was taking it now, as opposed to earlier, and I told him that Jace had moved from ecstatic and psyched to half worried but still psyched and Jay said he was in the same boat. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, which are almost polar opposites so I know they’ll work well together and learn a lot from each other.

Jace brought up to Owner Chef the fact that he and I were dating and blah, blah, blah. Owner Chef looked at General Manager and said, “Did you know about this?” and she said, “Oh, yeah.”  Noah Balboa, our Assistant Manager Intern, asked me on Friday why Jace and I weren’t sitting together at family meal. Ummmm, I guess it didn’t dawn on me. When I’m at work, I’m focused on work, not my personal relationship with Jace.

Not to say we don’t sneak a kiss during a break, but, our relationship takes a backseat to the pressing issues at hand, like food. Not that we haven’t worked together before, but, we’ll be working together more now since he’ll be working day shifts instead of only evenings. I love him and he loves me, but our livelihoods are entertwined and Owner Chef talked to me about it. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be really hard to face him everyday across the line if something happened between us, but, one must go on and I’ll still have a mortgage and I’m going to need a new car, probably by the end of this year, hopefully not, but maybe, and Nate needs braces, and I still have to work and so does he. So.

Beading – I took a lot of jewelry up to the Welcome Center in the bustling town of Addison aka Webster Springs, West Virginia. That’s an hour up Interstate 79 from the Capitol City and then another hour or so on a two lane country road to the town east of Bumfucked Egypt.  If you click that linky-link, you can read all out Addison aka Webster Springs. It has a quite interesting history. Holly River State Park is nearby and I love hiking there. Plus, Webster Springs hosted the Annual Woodchopping Festival! Lumberjacks come from ALL OVER THE WORLD TO COMPETE! 

Its also one of the routes to Snowshoe Ski Resort… so, you get a lot of traffic. If you read down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of notable people, one of them is Owner Boss’s Wife’s dad.

I also want to enter the Tamarack Juried Competition for the Best of West Virginia show on WV Day. I can submit up to three pieces and I really want to win Best in Show – $2,000!

I’ve also made some headway on my Alice in Chains jacket piece. I design a lot in my head until I get ready to put it in beads. I’ve been scheming over the design for over a year now and I’m working on the rays of the sun, and figure that by the time I get that finished they may at least announce the name of the new CD. I’ve also been assembling the beads for the design for over a year now. I made a real find at the bead shop close to me, 75% off all sead beads… I bought, get this, 3 kilos of sky blue size 15s. This is what one might call a shit-ton of beads.

The Weather – today is GORGEOUS! And yes, I’m inside writing. Its been downright depressing. Nate said he can’t even remember having this much snow. I said, “Yeah, the last night we had this much snow you were in-utero!” Cold, bleak, grey days, temps below freezing for days on end, wind chills below zero, BLECH!  I know some people live like this for months on end but lemme tell ya, if I wanted to live like this, I’d live in a less temperate climate.

So, that’s about it for the update. Missed you all and once Nate has had his turn on the Web, I’ll be stopping by to see all of you.

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The Necklace

January 22, 2009 at 10:23 am (Cats, Crazy Shit, Relationships)

Blogging from work, folks.  I should have my Internet back within the next two weeks. I know, I keep saying that, but it will happen.

Anywho, a long while back, like, last summer, I put my necklace in a bag because it was irritating my neck due to excessive sweating while at work. I was certain I had put it in the bag and was also certain that bag was in my laundry area, but, when I went to look for it, it had disappeared. Not the bag, the necklace.

This necklace was featured on an old post because of the charms that I have on it.  The diamond solitaire from my maternal grandmother, the blue Sarah Coventry piece from my paternal grandmother,  the pentacle my cousin gifted me, my Inanna star from my aunt, Bast, and the red Swarovski crystal heart symbolizing Nate’s birth that I got in Kansas City at my first BlogCon.

Naturally, it was disconcerting to have “lost” said necklace. I searched high and low for it, thinking I had put it this place or that place and with deep sighs realized that it may have made its way to the trash in a cleaning fit.

However, the gods had other plans and I found it in the most unusual place. I had placed a box inside a box of feminine hygiene products and was rummaging through the bottom box, which was almost empty and found the necklace.  Nope, I have no idea how it got there. None.

Regardless, I was thrilled. I cleaned it up and have worn it ever since. Although I had been quite depressed with the dreary weather, cold, and snow, I perked up. My dreams have been numerous and vivid, and it seems a spirit decided to visit me. My world is in bloom. I feel more at peace and more connected to the Other Side than I have in a very long time.

Perhaps it is not just the necklace, and what it symbolizes, but also my relationship with Jace, which continues onward and upward. I’ve been slow to come around, but the spirits whisper, and a sagacious hillbilly reminds me to live in the moment, not yesterday, or tomorrow, but today.  Live today.


Jirachi is doing okay. He’s still sneezing and it appears this will be a chronic condition. Tango got his manhood sliced from his body on Tuesday and is just as ornery as before.

We are well, hope you are too.

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Little Unicorn Man

January 5, 2009 at 10:14 am (Cats)

No, I don’t have I-net yet, I’m blogging quickly from work. Wanted to let you know about our little Jirachi. If you’ve followed his saga, he has had a continous sinus/upper respiratory problem since birth. Three rounds of antibiotics and a round of anti-virals and the little man was still snotting and sneezing and not growing. He’s 8 months old and weighs 4.9 lbs. That’s a little kitty!

This all came to a head right before the New Year when it appeared Jirachi was attempting to grow a horn from his forehead. Abscess city baby! Off to the vet we go and he had his little forehead shaved, his little abscess drained, and now he’s sporting a shaved head and a drain that appears to be an oversized twist-tie that I have to flush every morning and evening with an iodine solution.

Luckily, Jirachi is a spoiled little thing and takes his little pills without fuss and only gives me a bit of trouble over flushing the drain. The good thing is, he no longer sounds like Darth Vader and the vet sent a culture off to see if it may be a fungal problem given that Jirachi was born in a barn and exposed to all kinds of different fungi, bacterias, and viruses.

So, Happy New Year to you all.  I had saved all kinds of money to get my I-net turned back on, but, I had to get Jirachi’s horn removed and that pretty well took care of that. I’ll post pictures whenever I can.

See ya soon!

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The ADD Post: Fruit Flies, Lemoncello, Evilness, Kitties, Etc.

November 19, 2008 at 11:01 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Cats, Crazy Shit, Friends, Work)

I was just going to upload a picture of Luna and Jirachi before realizing that the photo is still on my camera which is in the car! Since it is 31* outside, I may or may not go to the car to get the camera. If I do go to the car to get the camera then I’m going to the store to get cigarettes and a lottery ticket (with my birthday money). I may even get ice cream.

I know, that doesn’t really make much sense, does it? 

It took me six minutes to go over and check the weather. It should have taken 5 seconds. I mean, honestly. It shouldn’t take that long to pull up my web browser, set to Yahoo, and then go over to and check the temperature of this little burg. However, I saw that I had four new messages and one of those was from Katey mah Peon and I had to answer. And my friend Kevyn also sent two messages, Oy Vey, neither of which I answered, and then I had to read about Hugh Jackman being named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”  Horray for Aussies! Then went over to and checked the temperature, the same one which appears on my personalized Yahoo webpage, which was the first one I opened. You can never be too careful about whether or not its 31* or 32*.

The funniest thing I heard today:  I was wandering around the restaurant during shift change and noticed our newly married bartender, Candyman, hanging out at… the bar, just on the patron side of the bar versus the working side of the bar. I had seen him earlier getting the liquor order together and we were babbling back and forth about whether Lemoncello is on the inventory list or not. Lemoncello always reminds me of “Under the Tuscan Sun” because the hot Italian guy’s family made Lemoncello. We also make a Lemoncello sorbet in addition to serving Lemoncello as a cordial.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Candyman. So, I walk up and greet the folks he is sitting with, a couple of regulars that always drink Miller Lite, and I said, “Whatcha doin’ Candyman?” He said, resolutely, “I’m havin’ a drink before attending… a… church function.”  I said, “Oh.” He then went on to explain that he didn’t really want to go to the church function, and that he had worked all day on cleaning up dog poopy (his word, not mine), and that it was his day off and he deserved to have a drink, church or no church, and so he was havin’ a drink!

Huh. I guess ya had to be there.

So, ya’ll know I’m workin’ on Friday, yep, a split shift on my birthday because my GM has tickets to the Harry Connick, Jr. show.  Damn shame she can’t find a date to go with her. Its a fucking tragedy people! I mean WTF? A young, pretty woman, a week away from HER birthday, that she has off. Maybe she could ask our other bartender, D, if his wife would let him go, since his birthday is Monday, that he has off.  And since I’m already going to be at work Friday, on my birthday, I could also just cover his bar shift so this tragedy just doesn’t have to happen.

Ya know, there’s a reason the owner boss calls me “The HBIC.” Emphasis on the “B.”

Speaking of owner bosses, I actually have two, the husband and wife. I’m downstairs every morning with owner boss wife and I’ve said that when I finally get out of the position of molehole accounting priestess that I’ll still spend the first hour of my day with owner boss wife. She’s a freakin’ riot and not someone you want to mess with. This lady is about 5’10” and, you know, she’s had two kids, takes no shit, and carries a T-ball bat in her SUV. That is one woman I don’t want to see coming at me with anything other than a smile. She makes this HBIC look like a wee wittle wimp.

Owner boss husband is a riot too, just in a totally different way. He’s a 6’3″ Chinaman, no I’m not kidding. His mama is a wee wittle woman, but he’s a big tall man. Both of his grandmothers immigrated here in the 1930s. One was a mail-order bride, the other was an indentured servant who had to be bought from her “owners.” Really interesting stories. Neither of them ever learned English because they lived in Chinatown in San Francisco. Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, why owner boss husband is a riot.

Well, we have this fruit fly problem. I’m not utterly convinced that its an actual fruit fly, it may be another species of tiny fly/gnat insect. Every morning, he goes to the bar in search of more of these tiny flies, which persist even given our efforts in cleaning and bleaching the drains, and covering all of the spigots for the liquor, and sewing up the fruit tight as a drum. And owner boss husband is persistent as well. He takes a bar towel and whacks and thwacks around, until today when he whacked when he should have thwacked and knocked a wine glass off of the shelf, to which I first responded “Fumble!” and then “Opa!” as it shattered.

I know, I’m so helpful. I was even more helpful as I slunk off downstairs to finish paperwork while he cleaned it up. Hey, you break it, you do the cussin’, you do the cleanin’. Yes, he is the one that calls me HBIC, emphasis on the “B.”

Well, hell, its 9:30 and I’m down to three cigarettes. I may get that ice cream after all and ya’ll may get to see pictures of fuzzy kitties.

Hell fire, they didn’t have the icre cream I wanted and my three whole lottery tickets were duds, but, I did remember to grab my camera so, here’s Jirachi and Luna.


I know they look evil. It was Halloween and, come on, don’t you think they get it honest?

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Just a Pic

October 31, 2008 at 9:37 pm (Cats)

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All Quiet on the Eastern Front

October 12, 2008 at 2:01 pm (Cats, My Travels, Politics)

The kids had a great time at the festival yesterday.  Traffic was horrible and when we finally couldn’t handle being stuck in traffic any longer, we just parked beside of the road and walked.  At the end of the parade the Honor Band almost got run over by a fire truck responding to a call. I always wondered what would happen if there was a major crisis while the parade was going on, since every small town within 30 miles sends a tanker or truck. They just mow down the hometown honor band in front of them.

As the local TV weatherman drove by we hollered out what the forecast was, to which he responded, “Perfect!”  And it was. Sunny, sunny, sunny with a light breeze, temp at about 80*. It was indeed a beautiful day in the mountains. Since its an election year, the Governor and his opponent were there, our Congresswoman and her opponent, and just about any other pairing you would care for.  On my end of the street, the Obama/Biden float got a better response than the McCain/Palin float, but further up the street, my mom said it was the other way around.

Although the county my parents live in is one of the wealthiest in the state and a Republican stronghold, there were many people there from neighboring counties. So, there was a split of support from the 50,000 or so attendees of the parade as to their favored candidates. Although West Virginia has traditionally been Democratic due to the strong influence of the unions, it has gone red in the last two Presidential elections, yet has overwhelmingly elected a Democratic governor.

Although I’m not a fan of our Governor, WV has been one of only 19 states to post an increase in our economy and we won’t be facing billion dollar budget shortfalls in the coming fiscal year. That’s a pretty good thing considering how everything else is tanking.

On to the cats. While Tango appears to be recovering nicely, Jirachi is back to wheezing. I’m not sure if he has allergies or asthma or just something chronic. After two rounds of antibiotics he’s not recovering fully which is very frustrating and quite frankly, I’m out of money. Matter of fact, I’m in a severe deficit. So, we’ll do what we can.

Well, the house needs work and I can’t sit here all day and blog. Hope your Sunday is quiet.

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I Need A Beer

October 9, 2008 at 10:44 pm (Cats, Crazy Shit, Nate, Work)

Thank you for your good thoughts for Tango. I did get to visit with him today for about five minutes. He was still drying off from his latest bath in an attempt to break his fever. It was better. They had it down to normalish last night but this morning it spiked back to 104, so back in the bath he went. He was still damp and purring a nervous purr, but I talked to him and held him and he seemed to be better. At least he was moving around more. Shedding horribly, since he’s been under stress, but otherwise he overall seemed a bit better.

His blood results should be back in the morning. I’m going to stop by and check on him before I go to work. I know they think he has FIP, Feline Infectious Perotinitis. Always progressive, always fatal. I’ve had two other cats that died of it. When I thought back, I realized that Tango belongs to the same family line as those same kittens who died. Sometimes I forget that Tango was Hermione’s nephew. My best guess is that Tango’s grandmother was a carrier and passed it on to her children, who then passed it on to their children. The virus just sits there… waiting. Sometimes it flares up and sometimes the cats just live with it and it never rears its ugly head.

I was honest with Nate about Tango and the potential decision we may face. I’ve already made up my mind that even if Tango has FIP or something else, that he’ll come home anyway and we’ll keep him as long as he’s comfortable. The other cats have already been exposed and we’ll do what we have to with them as well. I know when to let go and frankly, its not right now. Maybe next week or next month, but not now.


Had a lot going on today. Of course, it was my day off so I didn’t get a bit of rest. Jeff and I had talked the night before about issues with Nate’s prescription insurance, so I sat out to pick-up some receipts. On my way to do that, I stopped at the restaurant to pick up a couple of menus to take with me. Found out one of our new servers had been arrested last night, IN THE PARKING LOT, for DUI. Not sure where she had been, not sure where she was going, but just so happens, that’s where they pulled her over. Great.

Slender quipped while I was there that I could have his evening shift if I so desired. I need the money and on evening shift you can rake it in. However, Jeff’s mother called me and said he was drunk and tonight was also Homecoming at Nate’s middle school so he definitely didn’t want to miss the last game. *Sigh*

Before the game even, I was at the school to meet with Nate’s teachers about his 504 plan. I was able to talk to his teachers about his seizure activity and dysgraphia. One of his teachers from last year said she had noticed his seizure activity was not nearly as bad as last year. I have seen a difference in Nate and Nate has even noticed a change in himself, and now we know which video games cause his seizure activity to spike, so, he doesn’t play them.

Regardless, he is still having some problems and all of his teachers said to keep them informed in Nate’s planner, he has to work 10 minutes every night on each subject that he has homework in, then I can sign off on it if he’s having problems, he will have the option of typing his assignments on the computer at home and at school, which is really, really helpful for children with dysgraphia, and in school he will have the option of doing some assignments orally so he’s not as fatigued by the process of writing.

The biggest problem with all of this is Nate. I’ve brought up several things that I felt would help him and he’s said no because he doesn’t want to be different. At first he said he wasn’t a good enough typer to use the computer, until I brought him home and made him type out his journal – a whole three sentences. He had four before he knew it and he was like, “Hey, I can do this!” I can do what I can at home, but I told him that he knows when he’s having a hard time writing and it was his responsibility to communicate with his teachers about wanting an oral assignment versus a written one or using the computer to type it out.

Another problem, he knows EXACTLY HOW SMART HE IS. Scary, very scary.



Jeff called me later and while I could tell he had been drinking, he wasn’t totally wasted. He probably had been. What frightened me is that he asked me if he had come to my house last night or if he had called me, which he hadn’t. Even when he’s not drinking, Jeff has a serious problem with sleepwalking… and sleep driving. Obviously, this is what happened last night. He “woke up” about seven miles from home in the parking lot of my alma mater across the river from where I live.

He said there was a cup of coffee beside of his chair this morning but he has no recollection of getting the coffee, and at four o’clock in the morning, its possible he may have tried several convenience stores before finding one that allowed you to walk in. Around here, after 11 p.m., all the stores close their doors and transactions are through a drawer. He also said his room was a mess and it looked like he may have had another seizure.

There’s just no way for him to know. He and I talked about his medication and the effect that it has on him, drinking or not. Jeff takes Klonipin and he had given me .5 mg the night of the fire and the night after to help me sleep. The second morning I had a horrible dream and I refused to ever take another of those devil pills. I know when Jeff is on a binge that he drinks about a fifth of whiskey a day. He admitted to me today that he’s so miserable that he just wishes he would die and maybe that’s why he drinks so much, because he won’t commit suicide, at least not the “normal” way.

Is that not bizarre that I just put that in writing?

I pretty well knew that he would get completely tanked today because he knew that I would have Nate and I could pick Nate up from school. I know him. He also told me today that his kids deserved better. I’m not sure whether this will encourage him to do whatever he has to do, or rather he’ll just continue to drink and hope that it does him in fairly quickly, yet, he spoke to me of the fear of what he might have done last night and had no recollection of. Not the first time, I might add, that Jeff has gone for late night drives while asleep. Frightening indeed. I’ve had some conversations with him in which I knew he was dead asleep. I just hang up on him because he doesn’t remember anyway.

I don’t think that Jeff is really suicidal, I think he’s so miserable that he’s looking for any way out he can find. He’s desperate to make the dreams stop, dreams of death, dreams of his death, dreams of his own suicide, that he’ll do anything to make them stop, even drinking himself to death while not really wanting to die. I hope someone other than myself understood that.

So, that was my life today and I didn’t drink at all, which, I really feel as though I deserve at least a beer out of this.

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