Ridin’ the Storm Out

August 26, 2008 at 9:08 pm (Alice in Chains, Black Stone Cherry, Friends, Music, My Travels, Nate, T-Bird, The House)

Low Pressure System Fay is expected any moment and is expected to drop 1-2 quick inches of rain on us. Whoo hoo.

It seems as though my possible trip to Arizona coincides with our bartender’s wedding. Even if I gather the funds for the trip, there’s a chance I may not get the days off to go. I almost cried. Talk about deflating my balloon. I have not been in a very good mood since. However, all hope is not lost. Not yet…

Nate had a great first day in 7th grade. He said something to the effect that he won’t have any homework this year. Then he backed up and said, “SOME teachers won’t be giving homework.” Ahhh, but I bet the rest will!

I was inundated with memories of the fire today. Its the 26th, so… perhaps my cell memory is working overtime while I’m not paying attention. On the 28th it will be one year and seven months and three months since Hermione died. Sometimes, it seems like yesterday. Sometimes, its just another day. Last month I barely recall the 28th of the month. I know I found Leslie, our pine snake, under the planter the day before, so my thoughts were full of snakes and beetles and wolf spiders.

I’ve been listening to the new Black Stone Cherry CD, which has nothing to do with fire. Although I was supposed to see them within days of the fire… but I’ve listened to BSC a shit ton of times since the fire and not had the weepy, flashback effect. I have not heard “Home” by Daughtry, which is guaranteed to bring back bitter memories, since it was so popular during the time Nate and I lived away from home.

Somewhere, deep inside, we boil, and when we boil, things come to the surface to be recycled.

Remember Nette? T-Bird’s friend that I helped rescue from her boyfriend back at the beginning of this month? Well, after her boyfriend’s friends came and picked up her stuff, Nette didn’t have a couch, a chair or anything else to sit on, so I gave her my loveseat. Hell, it only collected crap anyway and I need a place to put my curio cabinet (if I ever find another one that I like). It makes my living room much roomier and, well, fuck, whatever. I knew Nette didn’t have the money to buy something new (or even used), so I just gave it to her. Pay it forward, ya know?

I had mentioned that I had the loveseat while I was up there last weekend waiting on the guys coming to move the stuff (before we realized we had the wrong date). So, Nette and I, while not bosom freunden, have established a friendship. She called me a few minutes ago and asked my advice about getting back some money T-Bird owed her. I told her that T-Bird and I weren’t talking and when she asked why I gave the vaguest answer I could. While I may involve you, bloggers, involving someone much closer to the source is not something I want.  No sense and no use.

I made up my mind a while back about T-Bird that if she asked to borrow money, I had to decide whether I could afford not to have it paid back. I had to ask myself if I could give and give freely, because the chances of reclaiming said money was extremely slim. So, if she asked to borrow money, if I didn’t have it, I didn’t have it, and if I did, I did, and if I needed it back, like $20 or $50, I made it clear that I needed it back.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you the amount of money she’s helped me spend over the years, especially in the past… year and seven months, since her nephews moved in a day or two before my fire. Probably enough to fly to Phoenix First Class and stay at the Hilton for two nights. However, I did it and I did it willingly and without remorse. I can’t take it with me anyway.

And yeah, I think she played me some. Maybe a lot. Maybe a lot more than I’m willing to admit.

I’m also having to see Jeff everyday again. He’s done quite well over the summer. I don’t trust him not to start some bullshit though, but, I let him know very quickly that I have other options for picking Nate up from school. A thinly veiled threat? Why, yes, thank you for noticing. Its like dancing with the devil in the pale moon light.

I think I’ll be in need of some Jerry counseling tonight. Jerry has a song called, “S.O.S.” It stands for “Shit on a shingle.”

Both beard and my face growing longer,

The stench of decay growing stronger,

Reality and dream intermingle,

Contently swallow shit on a shingle.

That was sort of random, but its what I’m listening to right now. Just… ridin’ the storm out.

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August 25, 2008 at 6:28 am (Alice in Chains, Black Stone Cherry)

I just checked Black Stone Cherry’s updated tour schedule. My boys are playing the End of Summer Scorcher with ALICE IN CHAINS in Peoria, AZ. THE SHOW I HAVE A TICKET TO! THE SHOW I CAN’T GET TO (YET).



I know, I know, “Nanner, its a freakin’ concert, not the end of the world.” Yes, I’m aware of that, but both of these bands, one knowing, the other unknowing, drug me through the aftermath of my fire and AZ’s marriage, and all the other shit, kicking, screaming, and sobbing. And they still are.

I’m going. If I have to crawl on my hands and knees to Arizona, I’m going. End of story.

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Blind Man

August 21, 2008 at 10:31 pm (Black Stone Cherry, Cats, Music, Uncategorized, Work)

That’s the first single from Black Stone Cherry’s new CD entitled: Folklore and Superstition. There’s a song on there called, “Devil’s Queen.” It freakin’ rocks! But, because I can’t download it yet (poor, people, even that poor), I can post the video for “Blind Man.”

You know I have to give my young men from KY props. I haven’t seen them in a very long time but we keep in touch the best we can.  So, watch the video and have a great time with it.



There was some discussion over on Evil Twin’s Wife’s blog about sad songs and then songs that make you want to get up and dance. I chose “Down in a Hole”  by, duh, Alice in Chains, for the sad song but said Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” always made me want to get up and dance. That is such a cool song.

For the record:

Kenju, myself, and Blonde Goddess.

And Evil Twin’s Wife, Blonde Goddess, and that chick on the end.  Maybe I couldn’t stop staring at Blonde Goddess because we look so much a like. Maybe its because my blogger name is the name of a goddess and she’s the Blonde Goddess.

Speaking of blonde, If you’ll notice from the pictures, my hair is blonde again. Remember… it wasn’t blonde in March.


So, after a week in the Arizona sun and a few weeks of summer and… it turned blonde again. I’m not sure all of it is natural but I’m closer to my natural shade.

By the way, I stole all of those pictures, except of the one of myself. I’m a thief that way.


My itty-bitty-kitty, Jirachi, is still an itty-bitty-kitty. He’s been on a round of antibiotics and eye drops. He’s still has mucus and wheezes a bit. I need to take him back to the vet for more antibiotics. He’s holding his own but he’s still not even half the size of his sister, Luna Bug, who is as rolly polly as he is thin.


Work has been slow. Today was the busiest day so far this week and I only had six tables. The summer doldrums… not good for my paycheck. Not good at all. After last month’s electric bill, which really, I can’t complain about a $45.00 electric bill in the dead of summer, however, I decided I would turn my thermostat up to 76. My electric bill was a dollar higher and the weather, up until the last couple of days, has been super mild. Maybe my savings will show more the next bill. Its  struggle right now, but we’ve been through hard times before and we’ll make it again.

Maybe I should get off my ass and make/sell some jewelry instead of it just sitting around here… yep. Like Hoss’s necklace. What a great idea.


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June 10, 2008 at 11:02 pm (Alice in Chains, Black Stone Cherry, Cats, Crazy Shit, Music, Nate)

This is the first cold I’ve ever had that included insomnia as a symptom. It may also be the violent coughing fits that strike at the most inopportune moments, like at 3 a.m. I’m not certain this isn’t some sort of multi-faceted cold/sinus/allergy fucocktomy versus your common everyday cold. If I take stuff to dry up my nose then my coughing abates. There isn’t anything in my chest, because I know when that’s the case. Its all in my head and throat. 

The bad thing about this insomnia is… I’m so tired I can’t do anything other than wish I was sleeping.  I made the mistake of taking an Advil PM and was rewarded by a 3 a.m. coughing fit in which I was so sleepy I could barely hold my head up to cough. Oh joy and fun.

Hasn’t helped that Mother Nature has issued the heat smackdown and temps have been in the upper 90’s for fuck’s sake! The power outage last night didn’t help anything. Once the breeze cooled to a comfortable level after 1 a.m., the power came back on at 2:04 a.m. I know this because my bedroom light was on and, oh yeah, I was awake.

Mother Nature is smacking everybody down. God rest ye weary souls in the Midwest.

Nate has started summer camp and is coming home blissfully tired every evening. Jeff is none too happy and expressed his displeasure last night. Like I give a fuck. He said something to the effect that I had a job to go to everyday and he didn’t have anything and he was really looking forward to having Nate for the summer. I told him something to the effect that he should have thought of that before he got tanked for three weeks straight and decided not to deal with his anger issues. I told him something along the lines that he was a mean, hateful, angry, abusive person. Not just a mean, hateful, angry, abusive drunk, but person, period.

I forgot to mention, however, that I’ll be flayed, salted, and screaming before I send my almost 12 year-old to babysit his drunk daddy for the summer. How pathetic.

A new acquaintance of mine stated recently, “I always said I would die for my girls, yet, I stayed in this abusive relationship.” Her girls, like Nate, wised up before we did, and one of her girls was actually reviewing the real estate page to find them a place to live. She has left the relationship but when she said that, she spoke what I had been thinking myself. 

I told T-Bird after I came home from Milwaukee that this thing with Jeff is not really about what the court decides or doesn’t decide. Its really about me standing my ground. Its really about me standing up to him and speaking the truth.

Here’s a truth. I’m really bad about making allowances for Nate because of Jeff.  I’m not doing that anymore. Nate has to be held accountable for his actions, not that I don’t face resistence from Jeff for that, even though he’s the one who says I don’t hold Nate accountable enough yet doesn’t back me up when I try to hold him accountable. Okay, that Round Robin could just keep spinning but I’m plucking out its tail feathers.

And its not that Nate is this horrible kid. Nate is kind, considerate for the most part, very compassionate, loving, but also a kid, and prone to playing two ends against the middle and wiggling to get his way. I let him wiggle too much at times and I have to work on not letting that happen.

I have found, since booting Jeff from our daily existence, that Nate stops a lot of the behaviors that constitute what I call “wiggling.” Its probably because I’m less stressed and less exhausted mentally that I don’t give in but I’m not sure why he gives up easier, perhaps because he too is less stressed. You’d be surprised how much calmer he is now and how much better he listens and helps around the house.

Perhaps it is also that he sees and hears me standing up for myself and either has more respect for both me and himself or figures he’d better not mess with the sleeping bear or a little of both. Regardless, the next great hurdle is 7th grade. I simply am tired of the bullshit school turns into every year.  I won’t accept any less than I know Nate is capable of, period. I hope he gets that message over the summer.

In happier news, Black Stone Cherry is releasing their 2nd CD on August 19th, entitled, “Folklore and Superstitions.”  Right up my alley, boys! Woot!  I’m chompin’ at the bit, waiting to hear the new music, especially since it is based on two of my favorite things. The song titles sound very interesting!  AND, Alice in Chains has tracked the demo tracks for their new CD… release date unknown, album title, song titles, and lyrics not allowed to be disclosed. It was initially thought they were actually recording the album but Baldy set us all straight and said to pack the cooler and lawn chair back up because it could still be a while.

“Not a Guns ‘N’ Roses Chinese Democracy while, but a regular band while,” so sayeth the Baldy.

One thing they did leak was ” the horrific assemblage of facial hair that has overtaken every member of” AIC… which you don’t get to see because it won’t load. Some women don’t like facial hair, but I love it. The more the merrier, well, except in cases of EXTREME facial hair. Regular ole facial hair is okay.

Anyway, and to make you all feel better, Jeff is good for something. He did find some kittens for us to adopt. We’ve picked out a little girl and a little boy (I know, I know). We’ve named the girl Luna in memory of our other Harry Potter kitty, Hermione. The little boy we haven’t decided if we’re getting and if we do what we’ll named him. I think I’ll secretly call him, “Alice.”  Hey, if Johnny Cash can have a boy named “Sue” then I can have a boy named “Alice.” LOL!

Good night, hopefully.

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How To Make A Decision… Without Making A Decision

April 30, 2008 at 10:07 pm (Alice in Chains, Black Stone Cherry, Music, My Travels)

This morning I decided it had been far too long since I had hung out and head-banged with the favorite sons of Kentucky, Black Stone Cherry, so, I bought a ticket to their show this weekend. Since its at a club and there are three other bands, the ticket wasn’t very much.

Although I’m well acquainted with where Indiana lies on the map, I was a little uncertain as to how far South Bend is from my quaint little burg. How about 7 1/2 hours. No sweat, right? I mean, that’s an hour less than Atlanta and a full 8 1/2 hours less than my most major roadtrip of 16 hours to New Orleans.

There is the slight problem of not knowing if I’m off on Saturday. Another slight problem in that Douchebag said he needed to talk to me. My guess is… yeah, he’s not going to want his custodial time this weekend or he’s just going to call and harass me about something he didn’t like about something Nate said or did or something I said or did. Whatev. Then there’s the issue of GAS PRICES being $3.75 a gallon in good ole West By God Virginia, although I’ve heard they are $.20 cheaper in every surrounding state. Then I look ahead and think… “Damn, gas could be well over $4.00 a gallon by the time true concert season kicks in…”

I might have forgotten to mention that Black Stone Cherry AND Alice in Chains are recording new music. While I’m certain BSC is going to tour (in addition to what they’re doing now), I’m not so sure about Alice, although my fevered wish is that they tour TOGETHER. Orgasm, peeps, or-gas-mmmmmmmmmmm. Not to mention I could consolidate my trips and spend less money.

So, I have a ticket to the BSC/Sevendust show in South Bend, Indiana for Saturday evening. Don’t know if I’m going to make it, but I got the ticket.

That’s how you make a decision without making a decision.

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Making Plans

January 25, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, My Travels, Nate, The House)

It was 7* here this morning. Time to start planning a vacation with the Natester. I’ve had my eye on the Southwest for a while now. Nate has a love of things alien and I have a love of things beaded so Arizona is the place for us.

The original trip entailed flying to Las Vegas and making the four + hour trip to Flagstaff with a stop over at Hoover Dam, spending a few days exploring (Grand Canyon, Sedona, Glendale), and then making a lengthy trip to Roswell, NM and visiting Carlsbad Caverns.

Following a short discussion about recently obtained information, Nate and I decided to forgo Roswell and Carlsbad to spend more time in Sedona and the GC. (It appears as though Sedona is known for its little green men and vortexes, not to mention, the oldest bead shop in America.) Glendale is home to the Bead Museum, although I promised Nate that more time would be spent having fun rather than bead shopping.

The greatest thing about planning this trip is that my GM lived in Flagstaff for eight years, so she has the skinny on all the cool things to do so we don’t get caught up in all the tourist traps. I told her I was certain that Nate would bring home a little green man on a leash if I allowed it. A-Rod has also spent time in Arizona and mentioned that Nate and I take the “short” mule ride down the canyon.

Since we’re going (hopefully), the third week in March, I figure we might be able to snag a mule or two. However, neither of us were overjoyed at spending seven hours on a mule, no matter how beautiful it is.  We decided a moderate hike would better suit our hyperactiveness. We’ll either do the 12 mile rim hike or the more strenous Bright Angel Trail to the first resthouse (1.5 miles down, feels like 150 back). The rim hike might be better since we can stop and grab a shuttle bus every mile or so if we so desire.

I’m also planning a trip to the great state of Wisconsin the first week of June! That’s right, the teaming metropolis of Milwaukee and all the beads I can roll around in. For you non-beaders, Milwaukee is home to the annual Bead and Button Show and I’ve signed up for a three day class on jewelry design and if I’m lucky, I may catch a glimpse of Sherry Serafini.

If you take a look at her website, especially under “neck pieces” and “media and awards,” yes, you will see why Sherry is my beading goddess. Her work is so inspirational and just drop dead beautiful! I love the Swarovski rivolis. I’ll be having some of those before long. If you look at her website under “neck pieces,” the rivolis are the crystal centerpieces for  #20 and #21. She is truly a beading guru and she just released a new book called “The Art of Bead Embroidery” which will soon be gracing my shelf (and will undoubtedly end up dog-eared.)

I also just purchased some antique beads, which are classified as 18s, 20s, and 22s. The 22s are said to be small enough to pass through the hole of an 11, which is what I use most of the time. I picked up an antique purse from E-bay for the beads only and I have another antique purse here which is beyond repair. I’ll photograph the designs and see what I can do with it all. Additionally, I found an Ott-Lite on sale at Joann.com for $50 off!!!!  The small versions of those suckers go for $80 or more.

And Black Stone Cherry will be releasing a new CD come late Spring/early Summer, so look for me at a couple (5 or 10) of their shows and the word through the grapevine is that my host family will be making a sojourn through Texas sometime this year, so look for me also in the Houston area, time and date to be announced. I have been informed by the Natester that he would like a tour of NASA while we’re there. I think that can be arranged. Maybe it will inspire him.

Speaking of Nate and inspiration… I will be setting up his Math-a-Thon webpage for donations hopefully by Sunday night. He’ll be collecting donations for St. Judes by doing 250 math problems. You will be able to make online donations if you desire. I told Nate that I would not make a set donation amount, but rather I donate by the number of problems worked correctly. This inspires him to work harder toward his goal.

I also have numerous goals for the house this year, including, wow, painting the outside, putting in a small counter beside of the stove, enclosing the porch, buying and installing insulated blackout drapes for my bedroom and the living room, and, you know, putting up more pictures and buying a curio cabinet.

My cousin and I are also conspiring, I mean, collaborating on a beaded/painted portrait. I guess I should get moving on some of that. I’m taking a couple of ideas I saw in a beading magazine that doesn’t pay me to advertise for them and I’m combining those with her rich talents to come up with something that’s probably been done before but we’ve never done it so it’s unique and new to us. I’m working on a long overdue necklace for Hoss’s lady and don’t forget the Alice in Chains jacket, which gets more interesting and complex everyday.

My timeframe for completion of the jacket and a bead embroidered bracelet that survived Ye Olde Fire is before June 1st.

Wish me luck.

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September 12, 2007 at 12:54 am (Attitude in Overdrive, Black Stone Cherry, Crazy Shit, Family, Friends, Nate, T-Bird, Work)

September 11th is winding down to a close.

I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to post about. Nate, Jeff, me, work, the #4, I mean, so much fodder for blogging.

We’ll start with the #4. On Friday, I waited on 34 people and I made $104 in tips. The time on the bank when Nate and I stopped at the stoplight was 4:44 and it was 94* outside. The trip odometer at the stop sign down the road was 444.4 and we were on our way to my 14th Black Stone Cherry show. On the way home, I got pulled over the 4th time this year, four blocks from my house.

Speaking of getting pulled over, it appears as though Officer D. and I will be having another meeting. Seems as though he forgot to tell me that I needed to return to The Point in order for him to see my new registration, now, the State wants to suspend my license. I’m not happy about that. Also not happy about the fact that Officer D. only works Fri – Mon, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Oh, joy! And to think, I’ve been back to The Point TWICE since he first pulled me over. Now, if I can just find my new registration card…

Nate has been moved to a new class at school which is for boys with ADHD. He was very unhappy about this… at first. His father, even more unhappy. Me, trying to get both of them to give it a chance and find out more about this program. Jeff just kept yelling about coddling him and how kids will make fun of him. Nate finally came around and said he would give it one week to see how things went. Jeff totally showed his ass this evening, bellowing, screeching, screaming into the phone about everything from Nate’s hair and clothes to the size of his book bag and how since he took care of Nate over the summer, he should get part of his child support back.

Hmmmmm… well, Court doesn’t see it that way. Court says only overnights count and that didn’t change at all. As a matter of fact, if you count the times that Jeff couldn’t care for his son because he was drunk, I’m pretty sure I’d come out ahead in that. Jeff also complains that he doesn’t see Danlel, so why should he pay child support? Now I’m trying to figure out which way it should go… don’t see your child, pay no child support – see your child, pay no child support… I think he needs to make up his mind.

He made the comment, “So, you gonna try and turn Nate against me? HUH? HUH?” I thought, “Why? You’re doing a fine job all by yourself! No need for me to get involved when you got that covered on all bases.” I think he may have been nipping at the bottle a bit.

Nate and I went to T-Bird’s to see J3, who had his 8th birthday today. I said, “Remind me again why I slept with Jeff.” You don’t want to know her answer. It involves me being an idiot and Jeff being good at sex, which the thought of these days makes me want to vomit. Don’t you love truthful friends?

In other news, one of my cousins has been diagnosed with adenoma carcinoma, which I understand means, canceralloveryourbody. He’s 43. My other cousin is in rehab. He’s 47ish. I think I’ll stay 39 forever.

My dad was extremely ill from the effects of heat exhaustion, to the point he actually spent a couple of days in bed. Does my mother call me? No. Had she called me I would have prescribed Gatorade, and Goodys headache powders. Does wonders for heat exhaustion. For some reason I’m very susceptible to dehydration and heat exhaustion, so anytime I’m outside in the intense heat for long periods of time I alternate water and Gatorade, like I did at X-Fest. So, my dad lays around with his electrolytes all screwed up for two or three days before it dawned on my mother to force feed him Gatorade.

Am I actually adopted? Honestly, have you ever wondered that?

Just another day in paradise.

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Move Along, Nothing To See Here

August 22, 2007 at 11:34 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Black Stone Cherry, Music, My Travels, Nate)

Okay, now that I have the tangled web that is my sorta sex life out of the way, how about a post about the things I forgot to blog about!

Let’s start with a visit from Kenju! Kenju came to town for a class reunion and is good friends with the owner of the building I work in and had already eaten at the restaurant . That didn’t stop her from eating again (Fried Green Tomato BLT) Unfortunately, I was extremely busy that day with a large group in another room but did pause long enough to share the story of being stopped by the po-po and have this shot snapped.


Notice the not so subtle glow of sweat about my brow.

I was also fortunate enough the following day to meet Kenju’s clone, I mean, daughter, while I was working. A beautiful family and a tall one. I’ve also seen her friend on a few occasions since then and it’s always a joy when she comes in.

I can’t believe I didn’t tell you peeps that I saw Black Stone Cherry over the weekend at the Kentucky State Fair. I saw some big, big cows while I was there, lots of chickens and pigeons, the most adorable bunnies evah, and some pretty incredible artwork. You should have been there, especially since a lot of the rooms are AIR CONDITIONED. In addition to seeing BSC, I got to spend some time with Kim and Matt, saw Jess, hugged briefly, and met a few more folks. It kicked ass, as always. I love going to see them in Kentucky because the crowd is everything it should be.

Except… while standing in line, I had my BSC shirt draped over my purse and some very, not so nice, ASSHOLE, stole it. You know, the one I MADE. By the way, butt-munch, that’s the shirt I puked on while in flight to Denver, and I hope the same nasty pukes plague you until you find a way to GIVE MY FUCKING SHIRT BACK, you, as Jess would say, DOUCHE BAG!

For anyone marking their calendars, I will also be seeing BSC September 1st and then, of course, I’ll be seeing Alice in Chains in New Orleans on October 1st. I’m super psyched about X-Fest on the 1st of September as the line-up also includes Papa Roach, Buckcherry, and the mad, bad, burning balls of Hinder.

I really, really wanted Kim and Matt to come up for X-Fest and stay at Casa Peach but Matt had heard it can be pretty wild (mosh pit, body surfing, general debauchery) and when Kim pointed out that I had went to X-Fest last year and survived, his reply was, “Well, Nanner is a badass.” Its good to know my outstanding qualities are recognized and taken to heart.

Nate is starting Middle School next week and I’m not sure who is more nervous, me or his dad. Nate, he just doesn’t want to have to go to school, middle or otherwise.

That’s about it from Casa Peach. Ya’ll have a nice evenin’.

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Blogging from D.C.

June 24, 2007 at 1:38 am (Black Stone Cherry, Friends, My Travels, Relationships)

Well, just got in a bit ago from Troy’s wedding reception. If you will recall, Troy and his wife got married in April in New York City. It was a very nice affair, and I got to meet a lot of people I had only heard about.

Friday was CRAZY! Nate and I drove into D.C. to get the keys to my room first, then on to Cybele’s, then I left for the BSC show at Camden Yards. I parked a good distance away. I thought the show started earlier than it did, but, ended up it started at 9:30.  This was good in that I got to the Yards, found the ticket booth, and got in line for the show right about the time they let everyone through to go to the stage. Problem with that… this was at the AST Dew Tour, so NBC was filming there and delayed the show by over an hour.

After the first band went off, I started hoping that BSC would get up there fast because the parking garage I was in, a half mile away, closed at midnight. Yes, my carriage would turn into a peach, and not a very happy one. At 11:35, BSC walked off the stage and I fought my way out of the crowd, over to the merch table, told Shep I had to leave, tell the guys “hi”, later, see ya. Then, I fast walked and jogged back to my car and exited said garage at 12:01.  Yep, totally missing Saliva. Which SUCKS because I really wanted to see them. Thank you, N-B-C! 

The best part about waiting for the show was seeing all of the hot BMX bikers. Oh, yeah.

Speaking of guys . . . I have a date next week. I find him rather interesting. We met online a while back, way back, before the fire, but didn’t really pursue anything.  Then he saw my byline in the paper I write for and sent me an IM. We chatted a bit and exchanged phone numbers. He called on Thursday, I think.  He asked me an interesting question though… which is whether or not I would date a guy who is short. I found that a bit odd since his profile says he’s 6’2″. I told him I didn’t mind dating guys who were more my height. For one, I find them easier to kiss whenever I want instead of having to wait until they sit down. 

Really, I’m a bit more interested in how we connect, not about whether he’s 5’2″ or 6’2″. 

Okay, I’m tired and I’m going to bed. I won’t mention this horrific D.C. traffic, which I loathe!! LOATHE!! Oh, I just mentioned it… *grumble*

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Rain Wizard

June 18, 2007 at 6:18 pm (Black Stone Cherry, Family, Memories, Shop)

That’s the opening song from Black Stone Cherry’s CD. Its based on local folklore that rain wizards would bring rain during times of drought and lived in caves in the area of KY where they are from. On a home movie made by them, it actually shows them taking the crew to one of the caves and while they are exploring this area it starts to rain. Knarly, huh?

 I’m ready to blast this song from my rooftop. 100* today and we haven’t had any substantial rain for weeks, maybe months. We had a slight thunderstorm the other evening but it maybe rained for three minutes. I know WV isn’t suffering like GA and other southern states and I can’t imagine what they’re experiencing. The grass is just dead. Gardens are wilted. The heat in WV for this time of year is at least 20* above normal.

The shop is stupid hot. Stupid. Hot. I had to do touch-ups on three cases of shirts today. Ink is thick and doesn’t have the same properties as watercolors or oils; it doesn’t spread well. Using a paintbrush, even a small one, hasn’t been very fruitful in the past. Once Steve told us we would have to do the touch-ups and me specifically since I pulled from the dryer, I told Rich he needed to find the scalpel we use to cut vellum.  No way I was attempting this touch-up with something no better than a mop.

 Using the straight edge and the fine tip of the scalpel made the touch-up a breeze and it looked great. I. Rock. Thank you.

I found a biblical verse in a shop that carries a lot of primitive type furniture reproductions. I really wanted to get it because it said, “Rejoice evermore, pray continually.”  That is a version of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17.  I prefer, “Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing,” which I guess is the older version. A family story handed down via my mother was that my maternal-paternal-great-grandmother (meaning the mother of my mother’s father), did just that, prayed without ceasing.

If she were sewing or baking or doing anything or than speaking to another person, she prayed, without ceasing. Can you imagine? No singing to the radio, talking to yourself, no cussing people in traffic, you pray, without ceasing. Try it for an hour, hell, try it for half of an hour and see how far you get. Anyway, maybe I’ll make a beaded version.

I’ve been really into the family history thing lately after sending a friend an essay I wrote about my family and Jesse James. It got me all interested in my family history again. I want to take Nate down to Breaks Interstate Park (VA) so we can visit Potter Flats, Potter’s Knoll, and Belcher, KY. I hope to compile a listing of family stories for our next family reunion. That would be cool.

 Speaking of cool, ya’ll stay that way. I’m going to go hug my air conditioner now.

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