The Water-Gatorade-Breakfast-Food-Cherry-and-Other-Fruit-Vegas Diet – The First 12 Hours

December 5, 2006 at 5:34 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Crazy Shit, My Travels)

Guaranteed to melt five pounds in four days…

I drove to Pittsburgh Friday afternoon along the mountains and ridges of WV and PA buffeted by 50-60 mph wind gusts. Also talked to Jeff, who was a little loopy on pain medication because he threw his back out or maybe he just felt like it. I should have known…

United is always on time, thank you Lord and Lady. Their food sucks. Really sucks. About 45 minutes outside of Denver, Nanner woke from a peaceful slumber to find herself in a cold sweat yet burning up, dizzy, disoriented, wondering how she could possibly be airsick, having flown thousands of miles in her lifetime and having never experienced airsickness, causing her to remove her coat, and then to reach up to turn the air on, which then caused her to pass out and (since Vince wants all of the embarrassing details), then violently expectorate the contents of her stomach onto herself.

That’s a nice way of saying I passed out and puked my guts up on Flight 447.

I wrote that in third person because then it seems less real that this was the beginning of my trip and I was suddenly sick. Very sick, of yes, I was a very sick Peach. The angels of Flight 447 (one particular stewardess, my two seat mates, the lady across the aisle, and one gentleman who I have no idea who he was), who helped me clean up and who graciously gave me, yes, GAVE ME, clothing to wear for the rest of the flight and who didn’t yell and scream that I just puked beside of them and just gave everyone a royal send-off.

After arriving in Denver, wandering like a lost child, I managed to find the smoking lounge where I received a Sprite.

On the flight to Las Vegas, my seat mate faired better, as there was a seat between us and he wanted nothing to do with the pale, sickly looking blonde, curled up in the fetal position, belching and moaning into a barf bag for the duration of the flight. I’m sure the women who shared the bathroom facilities with me at McCarren International following my flight were as equally disgusted by my retching as I was.

I’m certain that my continued sickness through the night up to the 4 a.m. insanity which marked the end of violent expectorations (from both ends by this time… since Vince wants ALL the embarrassing details) may have been overlooked by those in Building E of the Circus Circus Manor rooms, leaving the Peach with at least one shred of dignity for her remaining hours in Sin City (but none here of course.)

The previous night, an employee of the adjacent campground had tipped me off that directly behind my building was a general store and a laundry. There is a KOA campground at Circus Circus. This, I shall always remember, because it means, “LAUNDRY FACILITY.” After sucking down 20 ounces of water, twice the amount of Gatorade, a banana, and napping for two hours, I trudged back to wash my clothes, twice. After drying my clothes, I went back to my room and slept some more. Still, when I awoke it was only 2:00, so I took a cab to the bead store, or what I thought was the bead store I wanted. It wasn’t. Pissed off that I had spent that amount on a cab, I began walking and walking and walking.

Again, I wandered, for 40 years in a vast desert, or, maybe it was Polaris or Industrial, odd names for a desert, until the shining mecca of Bethlehem, no it was a Mirage, appeared, and I hailed a camel, I mean, taxi, back to the Big Top. I went up to see my friends, Kim and Matt, and then went downstairs to see about the Haunted Las Vegas tour, bought a ticket, went back to the KOA grocery and bought cereal and milk, went back to my room, ate two bowls of Frosted Flakes, then had another shower and another nap, this in addition to the four showers I had already taken and the two naps because showers and naps are good.

I can’t remember what temperature it was in my room when I arrived but each time it was unsatisfactory. I kept the temp at either 60 or 70, and if it was 60, I wanted it 70, if it was 70, I wanted it 60. Sickness does that to you.

Next up…. Haunted Las Vegas

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Protected: I’ll Get You My Pretty…

November 22, 2006 at 10:02 pm (AZ, Beading, Shop)

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Protected: The Red Bead – Part II

November 16, 2006 at 7:34 pm (AZ, Beading, Crazy Shit, Memories, Shop)

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Beautiful Sunday

October 29, 2006 at 2:17 pm (Beading, General, Nate)

I woke up this morning and saw the clock read 9, which I then translated to 10, because I have trouble accepting the fact the clocks were set back an hour last night. For days afterward, I still translate it an hour forward. I guess its the lag between the time clock and the body clock.

Yesterday, Nate and I had breakfast and then went out to Michael’s Craft Store to pick up some beading wire, crimp beads, a crimper etc., and then we went over the Books A Million and I picked him up a few books. The wind was horrible yesterday, 25 mph for most of the day, so Nate and I stayed snuggled up in the bedroom with a few cats. I beaded and he played a video game and made up stories about five guys named, Bob, Bobby, Billy, Billy Bob, and Billy Bobby, an out-of- control car, and falling off of a mountain to escape the out-of-control car only to see the out-of-control car at the bottom of the mountain. Nate’s rendition of “Duel” or “Joy Ride.”

If you haven’t seen “Duel” or “Joy Ride,” you should. “Duel” was Steven Spielberg’s motion picture debut, even though “Duel” started out as a Movie of the Week and was originally much shorter than 90 minutes. In “Joy Ride” you get Paul Walker and Steve Zahn up against another maniacal trucker, “Rusty Nails.” The cool thing about “Joy Ride” is that the voice of “Rusty Nails” is by Ted Levine, better known for his role in “Silence of the Lambs” as “Buffalo Bill.”

It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

It’s time for brunch, since I passed up breakfast a few hours ago, then it’s on with housekeeping, washing clothes, and reading Superfudge with Nate. And let us not mention finishing the necklace I’ve been working on. It’s a special gift made to match something else he already owns. I’m finding that working with beading wire has improved the process of putting these particular type of necklaces together. Pictures later.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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*Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce*

October 28, 2006 at 2:25 am (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, General, Shop, Writing)

*Written late Thursday night*

My new writing job is going well. It’s definitely keeping me busy. I went to the Shop on Sunday and realized how much I missed it, which sucks.

My “twin,” Stacey, called to ask if I wanted him to drop my ticket for the BSC show off at the shop. I was like, “Dude, we’re riding together…” It is kind of strange though. He called me the other night and asked about what time I wanted to leave for Columbus and I said, “About noon.” He said, “Oh yeah, me too! Thought I’d get there, scout it out, find parking, get a bite to eat, stand in line, see if I could talk to the guys, come home. I’m just going for Black Stone Cherry. I don’t really want to see BLS.” Those were MY plans exactly. I swear, if he didn’t have a girlfriend… I’d give up this whole “separated at birth” thing and just go for it.

I like Stacey’s girlfriend, except she’s clingy, possessive, jealous, and rarely smiles. Wet. Mop. See, I know if Stacey and I get separated at the show, we’ll meet up later and have great stories to tell each other about what happened while we were apart. If she’s there, he won’t be able to move sideways without stepping on her. Now, from what I understand, Stacey isn’t the most faithful of individuals, so her close tabs on him is somewhat understandable but on that same level, if someone drives you THAT crazy that you can’t let them out of your sight out of fear of what they will do and with whom, I’m not sure I’d call that healthy or fun in any way. Its really a “he said,” “she said,” sort of thing and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

So, if she doesn’t come with us, which frankly, I hope she doesn’t because I don’t want to deal with all that drama (Lord and Lady know I have enough of my own) maybe I can investigate this situation further, figure out the deal. I guess that’s unfair in a way because Stacey is her boyfriend and I’m a girl but its not my decision and I can always drive to Columbus by myself and do my own thing. If I don’t get to go to Vegas, then this will be my last time seeing BSC for the rest of the year unless they add dates and I just want to relax, eat good food, bang my head, see my guys, and come home, happy.

Did you notice I mentioned food? Yes, German food at that! Mmmmmmm… I loves me some German food! Schmidts Restaurant & Sausage Haus. They have Weiner Schnitzel. I doubt it’s as good as my Mama made when I lived in Germany but I’ll give it a try. They also have 1/2 pound, HALF POUND!, cream puffs. Since I’m notorious for buying desserts as big as my head, I’ll have to get one (or two) of those suckers. Check ‘em out! Click on “MENU” to see those glorious half pound cream puffs.

I’M SO EXCITED!!! Can you tell??? *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

I need to order beading supplies. I forgot… sigh. That MUST be done!

I have to send out my bead order for Tamarack on Monday. Everything is just about done. One more bracelet, which should only take… 1/2 an hour… has to be done. Maybe another pair of earrings. I need to put French wires on two of them. I have to do an invoice. Pack it. Ship it.

I have two articles due tomorrow. One is finished, just need to delete one sentence and upload the picture. The other is practically written, just need to spruce it up. Find a photo and I’m done. Then there’s another story that I have all of the material for but no print date yet. I’m trying to get a hold of a lady who is notorious for being … difficult. See, after Columbus on Wednesday, Thursday night is the WVU/Louisville game and then on Friday, I’m leaving for Pittsburgh and I have NOTHING to wear to a wedding reception. I wonder if it would be okay if I wore my BSC t-shirt with a turtleneck and a pair of camos….

Speaking again of BSC, I will be working this weekend on finishing up some more jewelry. As always, it’s not the beading part that gets me, it’s the “putting it together” part that gets me. I’m quite frustrated. I’m about ready to skip the whole “sinew” thing and get some tigertail. I bet if I used tigertail, I wouldn’t be having this problem. But, I’m also out of beads and that’s what I need to order, and I need some crimp beads and a crimper, but Nate has a Science test tomorrow and I have his party and I need to call his doctor’s office and these articles and then next week is trick or treat and Samhain services and paying the mortgage and the concert and the ballgame and then Pittsburgh… did I mention I have NOTHING to wear???

The good news is… my bank account appears to be holding steady. But, I haven’t bought beads, camos, or a new outfit yet. Oy. Ya’ll have a good weekend!

*Friday late afternoon*

Get this… my writing job… the first two weeks, I did one story, this week I did two stories, and you know I’m going to be out after noon on Wednesday and I’m leaving Friday at noon for Pittsburgh, so THIS week they need FOUR stories!!! Three of which I have to go out on interviews. Luckily, I got two of the interviews set up for Wednesday morning, hop-hop, and the other I’m hoping for Tuesday, I can write all of the articles while Stacey drives us to Columbus. Send them all out Thursday morning…. get responses… send in Friday morning… leave for Pittsburgh.

I still need to order beads! I still need a crimping tool and crimp beads! I haven’t beaded today! I need a box! I need my invoice sheets! I NEED A CURE-ALL! (Cure-all = hot shower, massage, hot sex, not necessarily in that order).

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Hell and High Water

October 23, 2006 at 7:50 pm (AZ, Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Crazy Shit, Memories)

I posted over at MySpace yesterday and I was too lazy to post it here and upload pics, so ya’ll can meander over there and check it out if you so desire. Http://  And since I don’t feel like changing names around and if you read my MySpace blog you know that AZ’s real name is Steve. And if you didn’t, well, you do now.

* It snowed today. SNOW! Not drizzle frizzle sorta snow, but SNOW! What? It’s not even NOVEMBER yet! Nate said, “Momma, we may have a white Christmas.” I said, “Dude, we have a white Halloween.” Wind chill is 33 degrees! Brrrrrr….

* However, it is hunting season. Yes, I am hunter. I’m sorry if you think killing Bambi is wrong. Killing Bambi controls population and disease. I don’t squirrel hunt unless my parents want some because I can’t stand the smell of it cooking and I hate the taste of it, so, Rocky is safe around me. I do have Bullwinkle’s antlers in my living room though. My mom is not into the “rustic” look, think more Martha Stewart. When my Grandpa died I inherited my father’s relics from his time in Alaska with the Army, namely, Bullwinkle’s antlers and a bear rug, with snarling face and all. Sadly, where it had hung on my Grandpa’s wall for … 30 or so years, it had dry-rotted. Nate hangs stockings from Bullwinkle’s antlers during Yuletide.

Anyway, last year, I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. The year before that the strap on my gun broke and it went barrel down in the copious amounts of mud I sloshed through. I was on my way back to the farm to clean the barrel when… yeah, out steps this GORGEOUS 8 POINT and I’m standing there with mud in my barrel. Yes, there was a fleeting moment when I thought, “It’s only mud… and that’s an eight point buck.” Whoever said “discretion is the better part of valor” can suck my rosy nipples.

I’ll post more about my experiences, thoughts, and comments about hunting later. Some are quite humourous.

* Did I misspell Faberge’ in my last post? I think I did. I hate that cuz I’m a geek!

I know your hiding places
I know your every move
Cus’ girl I’ve been lonely too
I’ve seen a million faces
Been to a million places
But girl there’s no one quite like you
And I’d walk through hell and high-water
Wash away with the tide
I could lose a damn war all by myself
If you were on the other side
So in the morning when the rooster crows
Pack your bags and get ready to go
If you’re walking through hell and high-water
Please don’t do it alone
I know you feel let down
I know you’ve been turned out
I wish I’d been there for youWhen the night-time comes around
And you feel like an un-lit town
Just know I’ll be there for you


One of the many things I like about Black Stone Cherry is a certain maturity to their lyrics. This song figures out things it took me and other people years to catch on to.

It’s nice to know that somewhere in the world, someone knows the places you hide, the things you do when life is not so good, and they don’t let you languish alone, even if they can’t be right by your side. Sometimes it is really enough to know they would be there, if they could.

One of my greatest personality flaws is my inability to let people into my inner sanctum. People who read my writing probably have a better window into me, the real me, than my everyday acquaintances. It’s very hard for me to lean on people in time of crisis. I’m very much a hermit. I may write about it, but getting me to talk about it, verbally, one to one, I’ve been told, can be a frustrating ordeal. It goes back to “When the Weight Comes Down” and “Shooting Star.” You can want very much to have someone there for you, and not know how to reach out for it.

I know in my case, I have had my hand smacked quite viscously a few times and it also goes back to, it’s not really that you may not trust them, but don’t trust yourself. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and I admire people for that. Frankly, I suck at it.

Every so often, my friend T-Bird reminds me, “You know, I like to feel like more than a place for you to watch football, sleep on the couch, and eat. It’s nice to feel needed sometimes beeotch!” She can say that, she watched me squeeze my son out. She also knows when shit is bad, I watch football, and sleep on her couch and I eat, cuz I like food. Told ya’ll that. (If it’s not football season, her old man and I drive her crazy by watching non-stop Behind the Music on VHI or “When KISS Ruled the World” or she joins us in watching any variation of “Law & Order” while yelling at the kids to stop bouncing off the walls) She very gently reminds me by a swift kick in the ass that my friends can be there as much for me as I am for them.

I would also like to take up for myself and remind HER that other than having Nate, I have lived by myself for over 11 years, except for that one year or so of insanity which was worse than living alone, and you don’t get sick days or vacation days when its just you. You do, or you die. My parents live about an hour away, and for most of Nate’s younger years, she lived in Detroit. Not exactly like I could step out of my door and be there in five minutes. My brother lives 2 1/2 hours away, Beanie lived in Philly, and Steve was engaged. Were it not for the gentle persuasion of my neighbors at the time, I may have gone stark raving mad since Nate didn’t sleep for the first two years of his life, I worked full-time, sometimes overtime, and there were still times Nate ate and I didn’t.

That’s the way it was. I did, or we died. There’s a lot of side things that go into that about Nate’s dad and my parents etc. etc. But, it doesn’t mean anything now, other than, it’s a very hard habit to get out of. And let’s not forget those lingering abandonment issues. (Yes, I’m well aware of my issues) I admitted this to Steve recently and he said, “You know, you need to work on letting people in your life.” I responded, “Maybe it would help if people stuck around a little longer.” Touche’

This is too long and I’m rambling. I guess I could have just said, “This song reminds me that it’s okay to let people in.”

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Update on Everything

October 18, 2006 at 7:02 am (Attitude in Overdrive, AZ, Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, Work, Writing)

* Please do not construe the last post to imply that I hate Christians. I don’t. I have many Christian friends who know exactly what my religious beliefs are and I their’s. The difference is, we respect them and find ways in which our beliefs are similar instead of trying to find ways we are not. It makes a world of difference.

* Black Stone Cherry is shooting their video five hours away and I’m not there. Why? Because I have no one to watch Nate. I would have taken him with me but he’s working toward having perfect attendance this year and for him to have such a lofty goal, and achieve it, is a big thing for him. Even if we had left right after school, there’s no way we could have made it in time to participate. Maybe next time. *sniff*

* Speaking of Nate, had a meeting with the school this morning. Long time readers of my WordPress/Blogger blog know this strikes fear even in a heart as ferocious as mine. All calm now. Nate is doing wonderful. The change in schools has made all the difference. His teacher said he is the first in the classroom, the first to turn his homework in, and the first to begin his morning work. Last year, they had to chase him through the school to get him to class. He’s in Title I math to help with multiplication tables and they have him in a self-esteem class, which we tried for two years to get at his last school without success. In this school, Nate doesn’t feel like “Special Needs Nate” but just “Nate.” Again, it makes a world of difference. *sniff*

* I had been contacted by my local Junior League to donate a piece of jewelry for their silent auction. I finished it today and it was soooo beautiful!! AB matte blue (AB is aurora borealis, a particular type of bead finish) with electric AB blue charlottes woven on the sides (Charlottes have a flat side which makes them sparkle). I put it on and walked outside to smoke, ran into an attorney I know, who had an associate with him who bought it right off my arm. The other attorney ordered two more in different colors. Never fear, I have another bracelet for the Junior League but that puts me one behind on my Tamarack order. Still, I love it when that happens.

* My first article was published this past week in the ad mailer. They tell me I’m doing a great job. I’m still crossing my fingers to move into the Graffiti position. Although their circulation is a bit less than the ad mailer, it’s more widespread and I may be able to convince them to let me do an article on BSC. Nope, I have no ulterior motive.

* I have this black cat named Lola. I always wanted a black cat and I got my wish. She has some white on her belly but you can’t tell unless she lays down. I’ve tried to give her away twice now. The first time the peeps moved, put her out, and she found her way home. This second time the peeps called and told me she was driving them nuts by meowing at every window. I picked her up and she’s back home, alternately purring and fussing with the other cats, which is why she was given away to start with. Be careful what you wish for, it might just never go away.

* I laid down to rest when I got home because my eyes were grainy and my shoulders were stiff and giving me a headache. I woke up with my shoulders still stiff, my head still hurting, my eyes still grainy, Nate skateboarding through the house in his underwear with every light on, and his Lego Star Wars video game playing the Darth Vader death march. I need two Advil, a backrub, and hot sex. My best guess is I’ll be settling for two Advil and dreaming about the other two.

* AZ called me at my other job this afternoon from his cell phone wanting to know if I remembered the phone number for our t-shirt vendor. I started to give him the number for the shop, which I got wrong, but was able to rattle off the 800 number for the t-shirt vendor after he laughed at me. So is my life this week, and it’s only Tuesday.

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Peaches Leaves for the Peach State

September 28, 2006 at 10:25 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Crazy Shit, Shop)

I’m leavin’ in my black car,

I know when I’ll be back again,

Oh babe, it’ll be Sunday morn.

Many think I’m nuts, and that’s okay.  I’ll only be gone like… ya know, 35 hours or so.  18 or more will be in my car.  I got my Black Stone Cherry and Hinder, so, I’ll be fine. 

The t-shirt I designed turned out awesome!  It could have been better on the half tones but the guys used a lower mesh screen.  It still kicks ass. I’ll post a pic when I get home.

Oh, yeah, I’m leaving actually Saturday morning but with everything going on right now, I probably won’t be able to post tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me.  I’ve been seeing Georgia and Kentucky license plates EVERYWHERE!  I take this as a sign that “nothing ventured, nothing gained”  or “Get your ass to Georgia to see your boys from Kentucky!” OH FUCK!!  That reminds me, it might be a good idea to print out my CONCERT TICKET tomorrow! 

Might be a good idea NOT to leave home without that!  I have so much to do… so little time.  When this madness is over, I’ll be around to visit everyone a bit more frequently.

Peach out!

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Gross… but Funny

September 27, 2006 at 8:22 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate)

First, for those who didn’t swing by Peachworks today, the third necklace…



And, on with the story… (I posted this at MySpace as well)

This morning I overslept… really bad. I had awoken for a moment and wanted to sleep until the alarm went off in five or ten minutes. Alarm didn’t go off. Slept another 50 minutes. EEP!

Nate wasn’t bad. Normally he is sooo cranky in the morning. He likes this new school better so he doesn’t give me as hard a time as he did last year and every year he went to his old school.

This is all good. I can handle being late. Nate was going to get to school on time. No big deal.

Except… neither of us are early morning eaters. I practically force a breakfast bar down Nate so he has something on his stomach. I don’t eat until 9 or 10. Nate also has sinus trouble, especially in the Spring and Fall. This morning he sneezed but was careful so snot did not go spraying everywhere. Then we drove into the sun again.

He quickly rolled down the window, leaned out, and sneezed … HARD! Snot flew everywhere. We have no napkins or tissues anywhere. He’s still leaning out the car window with snot hanging out of his nose. Then, he takes it and dangles it from his finger.

Maybe on a half full stomach I could have handled this but it just totally grossed me out. After all of the diapers I changed, this grossed me out more than any of them. Worse, we’re stuck in traffic and I’m totally mortified that people behind us can see what he is doing. I’m gagging and retching and yelling all at the same time, terrified I’m actually going to vomit up my toenails. That’s how sick it made me.

Adding insult to injury, Nate has now figured out that I can drive, gag, and yell at the same time and threatens to eat the slimy bucket of snot still dangling from his finger. This sends me into another fit of gagging and mortification as we’re still stuck in traffic and had the asshat in the truck in front of me moved another half of an inch, I could have turned the corner and ended my humiliation. By this time, I’m hiding my face and praying that no one recognizes my car while trying not to listen to Nate threaten to eat snot.

I found a piece of cloth and made him wipe it off. He made it to school on time. I made it to work without yakking. I think that scores a 10.

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September 26, 2006 at 1:03 am (Beading, Black Stone Cherry)

I posted my BSC jewelry at Peachworks. Go on over and say HI to me and tell me what you think.

I know, that sounded weird, but hey, my middle name is “weird.” Actually, it’s Denise, but, close enough, right?

I’m a little tired and slap happy. Okay, I’m very tired and more than slap happy. Must sleep.

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