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July 16, 2007 at 11:16 am (Beading, General)

In November of last year, if you will recall, I went to Pittsburgh for ESC’s wedding reception. I spent the majority of my time with Aimee and Evil Julie, who are both knitters. Now, I’ve tried knitting and for some reason, I just don’t get it. I can make a scarf but the other intricacies of knitting I shall leave to Aimee, Julez, and ESC.

However, being a beader did feel a bit out of place so when we visited a yarn shop I was inspired to obtain some yarn and hooks and return to the previously aborted craft of crocheting. Plus, you can crochet beads into projects and thought this would be a way to expand my horizons. I eventually had to make a trip to The Wal*Mart to obtain a  “How-To” book and embarked on the odyssey of relearning this craft.

I did well enough to finish the body of the purse I was working on, then further started on the strap. However, the fire intervened and luckily the materials were still there but smelled horrible. After many months, I returned to the crochet I had left behind.

The purse is supposed to be asymmetrical, however, I think it’s a bit too asymmetrical. Regardless, I finished it yesterday.


It’s not that big, well, big enough for my cellphone, cigarettes, keys, and lipstick for whatever. I put a button on it but also a snap further up so it stays shut.

 See, just a bit tooooo asymmetrical, however, the straps do fit inside so it can also be carried as a clutch.


After the relative success of this cute little evening bag, which sadly I lost the directions to, I decided I should make another crocheted item. I had started a scarf while living at the apartment but I just wasn’t feeling it.


So, I found a really cute purse/pouch pattern online and set out to increase my skillz in crochet.  I’m actually quite proud of my little pouch.



I have some pink and purple yarn which I think would make my niece a perfect birthday gift. I’ll get right on that today since she’ll be 3, THREE folks, already THREE, at the end of this month.

Perhaps tomorrow I will feature my new bracelet.  Keep those good vibes coming for the waitressing job I really, really want.

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This and That

July 15, 2007 at 10:37 am (Beading, Friends, The House, Work)

I had the first visitors to the newly refurbished Casa Peach yesterday. LisaB. and Se7en made a stop on their way back to the Big Apple and treated Nate and I to dinner. We also got to meet the famous Ally da Pup, and she is perfectly precious. It was wonderful seeing Se7en again and meeting Lisa, who is just as warm and interesting in person as she is on her blog. I believe I kept them too long though, just so happy to have them here, yet they were very tired, having driven up from Memphis. If you ever get the chance, please come back and visit me again.

Over at HiddenMahala’s, I found that I can get paid for blogging about certain things. I’m not sure I’ll be accepted because I can have an atrocious potty mouth at times, but, you may be seeing more interesting posts from me in the days to come. I’ll even blog more often. I gotta make money somehow, somewhere, folks.

I took Se7en and Lisa to a local family restaurant. I had written an article about their restaurant for my writing job and I liked the food so much I went back again and again. I mentioned to one of the owners that I was looking for more regular work and she said to come and see her on Tuesday and she would put me to work. AWESOME! Frankly, I really want to work in the bistro, but work is work. I told her I had had an interview but if it didn’t pan out I would see her first thing on Tuesday. *WHEW!*

I’m also getting ready to join a craft guild of sorts. Its actually a gallery where I could work and/or display my jewelry. They also sponsor shows and such and there are different types of artisans involved in the group – painters, a Bargello quilter, a sculptor, and others. It will cost $50 a month but with the number of shows I could do, plus they have the gallery at a local “WV made” outlet in the months of November and December, it could be very, very lucrative. Lucrative IF I can get more supplies in here!

I’m working on a new bracelet for me. It is something I have designed myself based on Turkish kilims. I should have it finished today. I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

Have a beautiful Sunday, I know it is here.

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July 9, 2007 at 9:55 pm (Beading, The House, Work)

I promised Julez a week ago or so that I would post some pictures of my beadwork. 

This lovely piece survived the fire, however, the thread is degrading in the strap so it will have to be replaced before sold.  Malachite donut and 4 mm beads shown against black and white background.



Next is lovely piece which also survived the fire. It is actually a strung piece instead of beadwoven and also needs to be fixed. Seems it got knocked around a bit and the wire broke free of the crimp bead.  The teardrop center is, I believe, jasper and the other beads are mixture of jasper, jade, and maybe some dyed turquoise. I can’t remember.


I just finished this piece today. The center donut is rose quartz and unfortunately I don’t remember what the pinkish, purplish beads are. They are iridescent to a degree and I believe someone said they were a type of opal or pearl or something totally different than how they appeared.


And a close-up of the center


Next is a chevron necklace with dichoric beads.


Earrings, we all love earrings. All of these are complete except for poor Nemo, he still needs a mate.


And, there’s always the “works in progress”

An amulet bag, minus half the fringe and a strap. This is only about 1 1/2 by 2 inches.


And this lapis donut with sodalite beads


And naturally, Nate and I have to model a few pieces.





And because you all want to know where I lay my precious head, and you want to see my brand new bed that I love so much.


And, that is all.

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Ever Dance With the Devil. . .

June 27, 2007 at 7:01 pm (Beading, Relationships, Work, Writing)

in the pale moonlight?

Why does everything have to hit at once? Why must I be pulled several different ways at once? I guess I work better that way. Maybe.

I’m in the middle of an unscheduled week off. Yeah, the shop is slow this week so… I get to take the week off – without pay. Not exactly what my bank account needed or didn’t need, which ever.

However, it has spurred me to stop sitting around on my ass and start doing something worth crowing about. Like, writing and beading and bugging my other boss for a full-time gig, something with air conditioning and a future.

The writing thing has been both fulfilling and irritating. Irritating because I had made a lot of changes to my novella which were then saved to disk which then burned in the fire and was not saved on the CD that I received from my old job. That was disheartening. Enough so that I’ve once again shelved that particular novella and started writing something fresh and new. No patience.

Beading, also starting something fresh and new and its about time. I’ve made exactly one pair of earrings since January 28th. Kinda scary.

Relationships are no better. I have a date on Friday, did I tell you that? Yeah, I told you that. I like him so far. We spoke again today. He doesn’t bore me, this is good. What isn’t good is that someone else kissed me this week. I mean, the kiss was good. Unexpected but still good and I liked it. He kissed me with Nate here which was a fantastic safety net for him because he’s a chickenshit.

I’d probably be a chickenshit around me too. Can’t say I much blame him. I have this horrible habit of taking what I want and another horrible habit of not saying no. I push every limit. I know this and one would think with the knowledge that I am like this that I would make more of an effort to control it. I am disinclined to do so.

Those who know me and know me well, know this isn’t always the case and I am capable of honor and of saying no.  I didn’t say I liked it, I said I was capable of it. 

I am very aware though that a kiss is just that, a kiss. Nothing more, nothing less. Driving around my block a couple of times late at night when he thinks I can’t see him, well, some may see that as stalking, but its only stalking if you don’t take some evil pleasure from the fact he’s thinking about you, even if he is too chickenshit to do anything about it because he knows I would.

And the games continue…

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Bad Blogger

April 24, 2007 at 10:48 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, Shop, The House, Work, Writing)

I’ve been a little busy.

The little league I’m working with on getting all of their uniforms keeps adding more items, a day apart, which means, more shipping charges.  I told the coordinator after the 3rd time that I was going to have to start charging shipping on all items after the first two orders. I just finished taking the 6th order, or was it the 7th????

Speaking of the shop, I have to e-mail a photo to a client.

 I start a new contract job tomorrow. It comes at good time because I’m about flat broke. I’ll be working on another class action where I actually get to send people money. What a great feeling. It will only be for a few weeks but may keep me out of the poorhouse.

Nate is going on his first long class trip on Thursday. They’re going to the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh and then to a Pirates game. Whoo hoo…. other than he has to be on the bus by 5:30 a.m. Argh.

Still trying to get a more part-time deal with my writing job and still working on my magazine idea.

They started putting the heating and cooling in my house today. And, lo and behold, they had a full crew working on my house as well. One who actually knew what he was doing besides Ron. And one of the guys putting in the heating and cooling was this green-eyed cutie that I’m sure I could teach a few things. He looked like he was 18, which is old enough for me.  The creepy guy was there too, the one who tried to railroad me on the heating and cooling. I got a much better deal with the folks I went with, plus the owner is hawt, not creepy, hawt, and rides a Harley. Yum.

T-Bird’s nephew’s grandfather passed away so I ran down to watch the other nephew and her son while she paid her respects.  J3 went to a ballgame and I put the littlest one in the bathtub, which he hated, put a diaper on him, gave him his binky/bippy/pacifier and a sippy cup of water, he cried for 2 seconds and fell asleep.  If only Nate had been so easy.

Trying to get an order ready for Tamarack.

Trying to scrounch together the money to go to Rock on the Range in Columbus on May 19th. I had tickets, then sold the tickets because of a really stupid reason and then decided, I’m going. I need to see my guys from Black Stone Cherry, although I’m sure we won’t get to hang out much because of all the bands and security, but my friends Kim and Matt will also be there and I need to be there too. I’ve missed 3 BSC shows since this fire and I’m tired of it.

Nate and I will go up to my parents’ place and go metal hunting on the farm. They have a lot of old pipes and fittings due to old gas lines and that metal is worth a lot! I NEED THE MONEY!  I knew Nate’s metal detector would pay for itself one way or another.  Plus, Jeff’s brother, who lives in GA, is coming up here to get hay for his horses. Because of the drought and fires in GA, he can’t find any.  I also coordinated the purchase and transport of said 20 bales of hay between me, Jeff, his brother, and my dad.

This is why I haven’t blogged in a while and why I haven’t been by your place.

I’m tired ya’ll.

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Hellacious Days

April 19, 2007 at 1:47 am (Beading, Crazy Shit, Nate, The House)

We have seen some dark days in our time.  As a parent, I worry about sending my son to school. Grade school, middle school, high school, college. I figure if it can happen to the Amish, it can happen to anyone. If it can happen 300 miles from my home, it can happen 3 miles from my home.  There is no escape from this crazy fucking world.

 I also contemplate the attack on the American (gun) culture.  Funny, we have such a bad reputation yet people are dying to get inside our borders. What? To kill each other with easily accessible handguns? To seek education and fortune?  To escape terrorist regimes, famine, and genocide, where only the bad guys have guns? Which is it?  The land of opportunity or the land of opportunity to be killed with a gun?

Hey, no one ever said we were perfect. With the sweet, comes the sour. And the sour is some sullen stalker who took 32 lives from this Earth and left others to mourn them and the rest of us to wonder, what would we have done?

Yes, I’m just full of bright, cheery things to say.

Hey! Ho! I almost slit my wrists over the weekend but didn’t really want to bleed out all over my new floors. What a mess that would have been. I must say though, it is interesting to step outside of yourself and wonder, really wonder, what it would be like if you were gone. I wouldn’t recommend it.

 Then the following day I sliced my finger open shaving down a wand. It hurt like hell and needed 3 or 4 stitches, which I didn’t get. Again, I must say, given how bad that bitch hurt, it seriously deterred me from that whole wrist slitting jobby. Besides, how boring. I’m much more creative than that and by the time I figure out the most creative way to knock myself off someone else would have already thought of it, or in the meantime I’ll drag myself out of this highly temporary slice of shit I’ve ever been in.

Did I tell you about the new guy they have working at my house?  Oh, well, he gives me the FUCKING CREEPS, okay?  I don’t like him. He tried to railroad me on my heating and cooling and he gives me the creeps. He also gives my neighbor the creeps, especially when he spends more time staring out the window at her babelicious daughter than working on my house.  You know what happens when I don’t like people? When I don’t like people like that in MY SPACE?  I get rather emotional and I ponder and I worry and I fret and I frown  a lot. Oh, and I grind my teeth.

So, I says to my Momma, that I can’t wait for that creepy guy to be out of my house and I never, ever see him again and I don’t like him because there’s something just not right about him and did I mention I can’t wait until he’s out of my house?  Well, as of Tuesday, if the Lord’s willin’ and the creeks STOP RISING, he’s out. He had a little accident with the saw. No, he didn’t bleed out on the floors either but it might have broken his hand the way it got tangled or something.

I was relating this to T-Bird as I strode down the street after having reamed my contracting company a new asshole for neglecting me and I told her, “You know, I didn’t mean for him to get hurt, I just wanted him out.” And she knew what I meant, because people that I don’t like or who wrong me, have the really bad luck of something happening to them which can be quite heinous and I keep wondering if there is a spirit that does my evil bidding for me, even if I don’t ask it to.

Like Ron, he pissed me off and I was quite upset with him, in addition to all the bullshit about my house repairs moving along slower than MO-LASS-US, and well, his rental property flooded after the recent rains. And although, logically, I know that natural disasters are just that, natural disasters, and if someone is dumb enough to catch their sleeve or glove up in a saw, well, that’s just carelessness… but deep down, it makes me wonder.

 I have been beading though.  And I would post pictures, but of course WordPress is having some kind of SERVER MAINTENANCE. A pox on ye!

Nate was writing about the fire and he looked at me and said, “You know, writing is a good way to get your feelings out, Mom.”  Uh. Duh.  I told him that I knew that, which why I write all the time and he made the astute observation that I indeed, have not been writing lately. 

And with that, I will bid you a good day from my little slice of Nirvana.

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April 6, 2007 at 1:54 am (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, Shop, T-Bird, The House, Writing)


Was not such a good day. Having my period and dealing with all of this crap is a lethal combination. Not only do I have PMS but also PFS, or Post Fire Syndrome. They sprayed fungicide on the sub-flooring today. However, my cabinets are still sitting in boxes in the living room. I have no toilet, or stove, or refrigerator, yet, oh yeah, or floors. Essentially, I still have nothing because I have no where to put anything and I’ll be damned if I’m moving everything twice. It was hard enough to move Nate’s new chest. I missed out on a great sale on mattresses. I’m still wondering whether I should get a full-size bed or stick with my Queen sized bed.

I asked Cook today if he had an idea when I could move in and he just shook his head. It was just Cook today and no one else. Nathan is on vacation and they keep pulling Ron, Bob, and Jimmy to work on other things. Most of the inside walls still need a second coat of paint, none of the plumbing is done, I still don’t know how much I can spend on a stove, I’m supposed to be taking a short trip the 3rd weekend of this month and I’m not sure how I’m going to do that, although I really need to. I need to get away from here and be spoiled for a weekend.

I’m frustrated with my writing job. I had an inside opportunity to write an article about our new NASCAR driver, backstage access, photos, etc. etc. Our newspaper just didn’t seem interested. Then, I heard that a full-time position came open for the entertainment magazine. I was supposed to be interviewed for that and never was. Which leads me to believe they are all going to be very sorry when I start my own magazine and then have to buy me out for millions of dollars. Fuckers.

They also screwed me on my check. They can’t seem to get it right so far this year and I talked to my boss today as it appeared, oops, they lost the accounting of all the work I had done for the month of March, which pays over half of my mortgage. Given the fact just yesterday I shat down the neck of yet another incompetent city worker, I was quite nice although I had every right not to be, since this is the THIRD TIME they have screwed up my pay.

I told Matt, “I have no patience right now, especially with incompetence. None. I will advise that this is not the best time to irritate me because my mouth will open and the truth will come out.” Just like it did all over the incompetent city worker who didn’t have the brain cells to apply my deposit to my last bill so now the city owes me fucking money which I won’t get until some imbecile signs it at a City Council meeting later this month. I think I may have to show up in person to receive said check and simultaneously inform said council of that asshat called a building inspector and the incompetence and idiocy of the entire fucking city.

Especially since I have to turn right around and make another fucking deposit on my water bill to turn the fucking water back on!!! And you know what they do with those deposits don’t you? Yeah, they draw interest on those deposits, which means, they should credit me the interest as well, just like the electric and the gas company have. What do you want to bet that doesn’t happen.

Yes, I really need drugs. I really need something to help take the edge off. Nate doesn’t realize it, but Maximum Strength Pamprin and Icehouse saved his life this week, especially since he broke my wand. Yes, broke my wand, my oak wand, the wand that survived the fire. Broke, two pieces. I cried and he’s still living. Yes, thank our Lord and Lady for Pamprin and Icehouse. So mote it be.

I’ve lost 12 pounds since the fire. I’m on my way to my fighting weight of 122. Just 10 lbs. to go or so. I have a bet with the guys at the shop that I’ll be able to pull ink by the end of summer. “Pulling ink” means to manually apply ink to the shirts through the screen with a squeegee versus using the automatic to do it for you. It takes a lot of upper body strength and in that regard I’m a wimp, so, I’ll be working all of my arm, shoulder, and back muscles in anticipation of the big event at the end of August. I’ll also have to stand on a box to do it because I’m too short to do it otherwise.

I have a second design for Black Stone Cherry shirts and I told Rich I was printing them myself. Speaking of my guys, they are off in Europe and I miss them. I also miss Europe. I have needed to send them a package for a while, just like I need to send Vince a package, and Hoss. I found an Elvis album at the antique market which I picked up for Ben and I have been meaning to send Jon a copy of the Jubal Kane CD since January. See, ya’ll aren’t the only ones waiting.

I’m also making something very special for my guys in BSC. They will totally rock when I’m done… if I can ever get started.

My car looks like a dumpster. I had Ron and Cook fix the floors in the attic so we could move the crap from up there that was in Nate’s room back to the attic so they don’t have to keep moving it while they fix the floors. Nanner is smart. Now, I can also move shit from my car into the attic and move shit from here into the attic so I’m not stuck moving it all at once. Like Nate’s little nightstand thingy, the mirror, clothes, my new lamps, curtains, and other odds and ends.

T-Bird has a hernia and has to have surgery again. I’ll be going with her this time.

I have a huge order that has be done at the shop. I keep reminding Steve to give me the old order for another customer so I can quote a new order. Every time I mention it, he says, “Shit!” Meaning, “I forgot, again.”

Did I mention I’m blogging from my brand new laptop? This makes things much easier on my back since I don’t have a desk yet.

Can you tell after I got back to the apartment today I took a 5 hour nap? Yeah, Nate got to soak himself in Harry Potter on the laptop and watch Disney channel. Yes, he had his dinner.

And, because ya’ll love pictures…


I saw this today and thought of Jeanette and Tony.


Hermione, the cat who lived.


And Macy, the cat who can’t get her picture taken without looking like a demon.


Da Mommas and da Bubbas.


The Old Look


And the new look


And Nanner says, “Bye. Have a great weekend.”


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Just A Few Pretties

December 26, 2006 at 10:01 pm (Beading, Nate)

Until I can get back and post for real.


Vince’s wife’s necklace and matching bracelet which was sold to someone else.


This is a Russian ornament which I finally completed today. I will be sending this to my host family in Germany.  This thing was a pain in the ass to photograph!


My dude! and his first guitar.  Be back with a real post soon.

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The Vegas Diet – Sunday Day

December 10, 2006 at 9:25 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, My Travels)

I awoke from my sound ghost-free sleep hungry as a bear or still ill, couldn’t tell. I hate that. I went to the breakfast buffet at Circus Circus. It lacks. I had fruit, bagels, and croissants and took two more bananas and two apples for later. They would come in handy. I also had my first cup of coffee in three days. The glory. And, another water. Having arrived in Las Vegas dehydrated and with the humidity 10% and a cold arid wind blowing at 20 mph., one could say I was wind burned and even more dehydrated after my vast desert wanderings the previous day.

Back to the KOA grocery. This time I skipped the 20 oz. water and went straight for the 1/2 gallon and another fifth of Gatorade. I went back to the room and took my fifth or sixth hot shower. It seemed as though the hot water and steam made me feel better and even more hydrated as I would stay in the shower through cycle after cycle of hot-hot, hot, sort of hot, lukewarm, less than lukewarm, hot-hot, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat etc. I sucked in the steam like a drowning person which makes little sense because I needed fluids wasn’t drowning in them. I’m blonde, okay.

I bumfucked around watching Fair and Balanced My Ass Fox News before hailing a cab to the CORRECT bead store over on Stone Mountain Rd. between Polaris and something. It didn’t have the same stock it did before, the people were not as nice, and I bought only $36 worth of stuff. Any good bead store will suck at least $100 out of me. Grumpy over an over $8 cab fare for 20 minutes of time and not all that great a bead buying experience, once again, I wandered.

This time, over to the Rio, which, while not in the neighborhood of my hotel, was closer than the $8 fare. I went back to the hotel and made my friend Kim a bracelet for her birthday, which was that day. I started feeling a bit ill again, very ill, and weak. This was not good since we were leaving at 5:30 for the Black Stone Cherry show. I ate my banana and felt a bit better, so I ate my apple too. Hot damn for fruit! Oh, and I took another shower. And at some point I got a text message from Jon of BSC that they didn’t have any stickies (backstage passes) available but they would be there to hang out. Cool.

By the time I got dressed for the show I was having serious doubts as to whether or not I was going to make it. My stomach was rolling and pitching, my intestines felt like they were twisted in a thousand tiny knots, waves of nausea were rolling over me. Oh hell. I spent a lot of time trying to do something other than belch but belching seemed to be the only outlet I had at the time. I have to say though, I looked a hell of a lot better than I felt. I have photographic evidence. And, as soon as Kim gets home and downloads or scans the picture, I’ll show you. I have one too but my scanner is buried. More on that later.

I met Kim and Matt in the lobby and we hailed a cab. Off we went to House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.

Circus Circus Breakfast Buffet – 1/2 – Skip It (1/2 mark for great bananas)

Vegas Beads – ’’ – Worth a Look

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The Water-Gatorade-Breakfast-Food-Cherry-and-Other-Fruit-Vegas Diet – Haunted Las Vegas

December 6, 2006 at 7:36 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, My Travels)

Crypto quipped that Las Vegas simply wasn’t old enough to be haunted. They have found mammoth remains there dating back 8 to 15,000 years. The first non-Indian to step foot in Las Vegas Valley was in 1829, so, although its a few hundred years younger than the East Coast in history, it is Vegas after all… and not every ghost is an old one.

A little after 8 o’clock, I walked over to the Greek Isles to cash in my voucher for the Haunted Las Vegas tour. I was asked a bit later by one of the tour guides to “help” with the presentation, which got me upgraded to VIP. It was pretty fun, although a bit spooky when the table levitated under my fingertips.

It was also spooky realizing I had walked past the very spot that Tupac Shakur had been shot and not realized it. Additionally, his ghost has been seen on that same sidewalk as well on the balcony of his former residence on Million Row. (I forgot the real street name.) Just because you’re rich, doesn’t mean you don’t have to share.

Elvis may have died in Graceland, but his ghost haunts the Hilton, where he performed and had a private suite, complete with butler, maid, chauffeur, and chef.

The Luxor’s light can be seen from outer space. Boasting the world’s brightest man-made light, the Luxor is also home to a few ghosts. How? A trio of construction workers who were killed during the building of the Luxor and two jumpers. No, they didn’t slide off the pyramid, they jumped or slipped from the inside balconies. Want a wild ride? Request the 10th or 26th floors where even the maids refuse to work alone.

Check in to the Oasis and you may not check out. The Oasis, an off-Strip hotel where the rooms are booked by the hour was the scene of not one, but two suicides, in not two but the same room. Room 20. One was “Suddenly Susan” star David Strickland.

Or check in to Bally’s, which is built on the site of the old MGM Grand, which burned on my birthday in 1980. The ladder trucks at the time were not tall enough to reach the upper floors and 84 individuals perished.

The Flamingo is haunted by none other than Bugsy Siegel. Although Bugsy was killed in Beverly Hills, many have reported seeing his ghost on the grounds of the Flamingo Hotel. They’ve also reported seeing his apparition in the Wedding Chapel. Why? This is where his original private apartment was before its demolition. Upon demolition they found the walls were three feet thick, the glass was bullet proof, and while there was only one way in, there were five ways out, including a trap door in a closet which lead to an underground parking garage. Not only that, Mr. Siegel had the locks changed on his apartment everyday.

The Tropicana boasts an odd purple glow which shows up in photographs, others have reported a purple rash. Some say it is a tiki mask that hangs by the front doors.

Would you like a house in Vegas? A local real estate agent bought the home of Redd Foxx, even after it had changed ownership multiple times because it was haunted. One resident reported footsteps and doors opening and closing by themselves. In honor of Redd Foxx, and pursuant to a paranormal investigation, a little red fox has been painted on the real estate sign and lighting was added. It was the only home that Redd Foxx had owned in his lifetime and he was very proud of it.

There are also haunted sites off of the strip other than Redd Foxx’s old home, Liberace’s Museum and the restaurant where is ghost is said to play the piano, two parks in nearby Henderson, and numerous other sites which were mentioned but not included on our tour as well as other casinos, which I didn’t mention here.

So, regardless of how old as place may be, if people have traveled there, they have a left an imprint of themselves behind, part of their energy, and part of that energy may still remain.

’’’’’ Five Stars – Must See, Must Experience.

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