Team Emmett!

June 29, 2010 at 2:12 am (Alice in Chains, Attitude in Overdrive, Grad School, My Travels, Work)

Everyone is so into the Team Jacob versus Team Edward. I’m on Team Emmett. What a happy-go-lucky vampire! And he’s funny, and a brute. Yeah, totally on Team Emmett.

Worked a long time today. I guess they forgot to schedule a cocktail server so they asked me to stay. It was busier than hell! Worked my butt off.

On the countdown for Washington, two weeks and three days. My pre-registration is complete, I have my new suitcase, I have my plane ticket, I have my financial aid, I have a babysitter. I still need to get my transportation from Seattle to Port Townsend taken care of and I really want a  new netbook. Time will tell on that one.

I still love Alice because some things never change.


Land of Forks, and Cullens, and Quileute.

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!  WHY AM I NOT ALREADY THERE???? Land of seafood and lighthouses and fog. Land of mountains and sand and sea.

Do you realize “An Officer and a Gentleman” was filmed there?

Do you know how beautiful it is there?

What?  Do you not see the shirt he’s wearing – SEATTLE.  Plus, I mean, it’s Jerry Cantrell, and he’s sexy in his Seattle shirt. And he looks happy!  None of that posed, serious rocker… just someone enjoying what they’re doing… with a very hot goatee.. and badass muscular arms… Jerry makes an excellent muse.

And so will the Northwest. Jeebus… am I there yet???


  1. kenju said,

    It will come soon enough. We will miss you, as you will likely be too busy to post. How long will you be gone?

  2. Vince said,

    OOOOHHHH! When you said Team Emmett I thought you meant Rik Emmett! That’s totally different, isn’t it?

    You realize I looked like Richard Gere once? Well, I still have my choker whites so I could look all officer and gentlemanly like. And you have a better shot of meeting me in a uniform than him.

    Enjoy Washington when you get there.

  3. daydreambetty said,

    I can’t take the Twilight movies seriously at all, but that’s probably because I’m more immature than its target audience. Like the last movie had me rolling on the floor laughing…unintentionally, I’m sure, but hysterical nevertheless. 🙂

    Your trip sounds exciting, I can’t blame you for being impatient. Once you get there, take lots of pictures, and blog about it, of course.

  4. Nanner said,

    Kenju, I’lll be gone almost 9 days. I’ll blog when I can.
    Vince, love Triumph! Yes, very aware you once wore choker whites, so does my dad.
    Daydreamer, stay tuned!

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