I Really Suck at Dating…

June 26, 2010 at 9:02 am (General, Nate, Relationships, Work, Writing)

But I’m getting better, at least at picking my dates.

We had a really great time and we were also real about the chances our relationship is going to succeed. I know, talking about our chances and they aren’t that good but still just moving right along.  First, there is quite an age difference. He hasn’t owned up to how old he is but his eldest son is five years younger than I am. Not that he looks it or acts it, which is a good thing.  He’s probably 60+.

Then, as he pointed out, we’re at different places in our lives. He has four grandsons and I’m still raising my first child. I’m starting grad school and he’s already retired from one company and works for another.  He’s going through a divorce and I’ve never even stepped into the ring once. I know his soon-to-be ex-wife and I really like her. He was a widow for almost 25 years before he married her. I think their divorce is a tragedy but also the best thing for both of them.

We laughed when Nate started texting me about when I was coming home. He said that paternalism is only going to get stronger. Having raised two boys by himself, he knows what I’m going through with being a single parent. Nate sounds much different than his step-son, for which I am grateful, because his step-son and his actions is one of the reasons he’s getting divorced.

He seems to feel as though I’m going to meet a Native American in Washington and move lock, stock, and barrel to the Northwest. I told him if that were so I hoped he looked more like Jacob Black than Harry Clearwater.  I lost him with that.

We talked about our reactions should we bump into each other at the Bistro dating other people, which we were both cool with and intend on dating other people. Well, he does. He’s the first date I’ve enjoyed that I’ve found in this town. 

Speaking of my trip to the NW, everyone is like, “Oh, it rains so much up there…”  Port Townsend lies in the Olympic Mountain Rain Shadow so it only receives 16-18 inches of precipitation a year, by comparison, where I live now gets about 44 inches of precipitation a year.  That isn’t to say the sun shines more, just that the clouds don’t pee as much. Plus, the high temperature doesn’t even reach 70. Still taking my raincoat!

I am so looking forward to this trip. I can’t even begin to express it.  I’m getting myself a new netbook, hopefully. Money is tight right now. I had to expend a great deal to get me there and work is up and down. Still can make do with my old laptop but she’s much heavier and Nate can use the Netbook for school as well. Still have to arrange transportation from Seattle to Fort Worden. Other than that, I think I’m good.

Bought a new suitcase that meets all of the requirements for domestic and international flights because Lady knows I’m not paying MORE money for them to carry my luggage. My mother said that if anyone can make do with a carry-on piece of luggage for over a week, it is me. Yes, it is.  Nate is still lobbying to go although he knows he can’t. He likes to give me a hard time but I know it’s because he wants to hang out with me and that makes me feel good.

I’m taking him to the one place I know he’ll have fun – the Taste of All at FestivALL. I can’t imagine getting more bang for my buck with him than at a food tasting expo. The restaurant will be there so he will have even more of an opportunity to get food. I can’t keep him fed. He has stretch marks really bad on his knee caps, all the way up his legs, and now they’ve migrated below the knee. Just a testament to how fast he’s growing.

He hasn’t had his medicine since right before school let out. Since he’s growing so fast I wanted him to be able to eat all he needed and wanted. Hasn’t put on a pound!  Brat. He’s been a little annoying without the meds, more so just… HYPER!  I’ve tried and tried and tried to get him interested in a sport, ANY SPORT, to no avail. I take him swimming and I’m taking him bowling as soon as I can.

Gotta go to work. Ya’ll take care.


  1. kenju said,

    I’m glad you had a good time on your date. Take it sloooooooow!

    Nate is like my grandsons; they cannot keep them fed at all. They consume huge amounts of food (all 5 of them) and the food bill is over $400 per month. I know my daughter and son-in-law are just waiting for all of them to grow up and get out of the house…..LOL

    I wish I could go to Festivall. I’m coming to Chas. on the weekend of August 7th, and I hope we can all get together on Sunday the 8th. Is there anything good in town that weekend?

  2. restless angel said,

    I remember my oldest (step) brother, when we were teens, could eat an entire Large-size pizza all by himself. And then who-knows-what on top of that. And he was skinnier than a freakin’ toothpick. Of course, reality (not to mention his metabolism) finally caught up to him somewhere along the lines!! And remember, this is when most pizzeria pies were the size of what most places consider at least an extra-large now!

    Even though it may not have been “THE” perfect date, I’m glad it was a good experience. Sometimes that is even more important than the future dates and what-not!

  3. Vince said,

    I can’t imagine christopher off his meds. We’ve been through it and it isn’t pretty so I can appreciate what you’re going through. People do make the northwest sound miserable. But the location in the US that gets the least amount of sunlight is 70 miles to my east, Syracuse NY.

    BTW, it sounds like a Robin Williams line (slightly amended) suits you. You’re not looking for Mr. Right, but Mr. Right Now. Cause right now seems to be fine.

  4. blackpunkin said,

    Mr. Right Now, that’s pretty apt, Vince. Hell, I wasn’t even looking for that. And frankly, that’s pretty much all it will be. Nate not on meds is really not so bad once you get used to them not being on meds again. It’s the transition time.

    RA, we did, we had a nice time. I saw him yesterday again for a little while. Like a tornado, he’s probably not going to hang out long and that’s more than okay with me.

    Ah, Kenju, you always have higher hopes than I do. Maybe that’s one of my faults but maybe it’s just the reality of what I know is going to happen. I’m weird.

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