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June 16, 2010 at 11:09 am (Alice in Chains, Black Stone Cherry, Music, My Travels, Nate, Relationships, Writing)

Wow, this place gets dusty and dirty when it isn’t used regularly. Looks one step below a crack house.

Okay! So much has been going on I don’t really know where to start, but let’s start with Alice because Alice is so much fun!

The show was AMAZING! The crowd was so much better than in D.C. and the guys responded by playing a few extra songs, which certainly didn’t break my heart. Mike Inez posted on the Alice blog that it was one of the best crowds they had ever played for and we had been short-listed if they decided to add more American dates after they finished up in Europe. Oh yeah! He said he never knew West Virginians were so crazy! Ha!

In other concert news, I went to see Black Stone Cherry this past Friday and they rocked the house at the V Club in Huntington along with Split Nixon and Stitch Rivet. I actually liked Split Nixon better than Stitch Rivet. Unlike Alice, they did throw us a bone and played one of their new songs from their forthcoming album. It was great seeing them again. It was hotter than hell in that club though. I was sweating like a pig but what a show!

I have been accepted to graduate school. Okay, my heart seized up a little there. And I’m contemplating a job change to go along with it. I got all of my financial aid squared away, my plane ticket to Seattle, and I’m just so freakin’ psyched! Especially since I’ll be staying on the Olympic Peninsula and it is about 20 degrees (or more) cooler there! No, I’m not moving. It is a low-residency program so I’ll be going to Washington every 6 months. I know, poor me to have to visit the Northwest that often.

I’m getting my Masters in … Creative Writing. I know, shocking! And, I’m doing my “thesis” on Jerry Cantrell’s lyrics. I KNOW! Is that not cool!?! This is why I chose the Port Townsend residency instead of Vermont.  Thrilled to be going to the land of the grunge!

Part of the Master’s Program includes a minimum of 15 hours of teaching. I’m currently looking into several programs around the area, but my preference is Southern West Virginia. I have also contemplated getting my substitute teaching certificate for primary and secondary schools. Needless to say, I’ve been hopping around like a little bunny rabbit.

An old friend of mine who is an educator told me there wasn’t much money in the education field. I told him, “Sweetheart, if I wanted to make the big bucks, I would be studying quantum physics.”  I’m a simple person, not very materialistic. I just want to be able to support me and Nate and have a bit of money left over for travel and to put back for emergencies. I do that now… as a waitress, and even in WV, professors make more than waitresses.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned being a waitress, you cannot allow money (tips) or lack thereof to influence how you feel about yourself. I’ve been poor, I’ve been prosperous, but I’d rather be happy and prosperous. Besides, I’ll still be writing. I may hit it big, I may not. What is most important is, I’m doing what I’ve ALWAYS WANTED TO DO, and I’m over the moon.

Nothing happening in the relationship department. Nada. Oh well.

I’m still seeing my counselor. It helps, a whole lot. 

Nate’s voice is changing and he has informed me he is sprouting “fur” in places I would rather not know about. He tried to convince me he had hair on his upper lip. He does, when I squint and use a magnifying glass. He’s taller than I am by an inch and a half and he loves it.

He failed the 8th grade – or as he said, “Epic fail.”  I warned him, his teachers warned him, and he didn’t listen. We both took it well. I told him I was disappointed that he didn’t apply himself but I was also not too upset in letting him marinate another year. Nate is the kind of kid who could use it. I would rather he be 19 when he starts college. Plus, he learned I wasn’t going to browbeat him nor take responsibility for something he is old enough to take responsibility for himself.

Better he learn now than later that there are consequences for his own actions and that Mom is not bailing him out and chasing him around like he is five to turn his homework in. He’s almost 14. Those days are over. 

He hasn’t spoken to his father for over a year and it doesn’t appear as though that will change anytime soon. I don’t care if it ever changes. Jeff is poison.

Well, that’s all I have. I need to get Nate up and we need to get to grass mowing before the storms start hitting later this afternoon. But first, I have to empty the refrigerator to feed him. Goddess, that young man can EAT! Plus, I’ve taken him off of his medicine for the summer, at least temporarily so he will eat more since he is growing soooo fast! I also need to write, clean litterboxes, clean up the house, compose letters to colleges around the area, etc. etc.

Ya’ll take care!


  1. Vince said,

    I’m so fucking happy for you! Grad school rocks and doing what you love rocks even more. Beleive me I KNOW what it’s like to have a career and job you’re passionate about. Money aside, it makes all the difference in why you get up in the morning. I also know what it’s like to work on a masters. Lean on me if you need it (which I doubt).

    Christopher came close to sucking out in 8th grade until I whipped his ass into shape. The only reason his grades went up is Ellen and I hounded him. I’ve already told him I’m going to ride his ass as long as it takes. As you said, he needs to learn personal responsibility, but I’ve also learned many years ago “you get what you inspect, not what you expect.” I got tired of being told something was done or turned in when it wasn’t.

    As a side note, Ellen read “The Minds of Boys” by Michael Gurian (http://www.amazon.com/Minds-Boys-Saving-Falling-Behind/dp/0787977616). I highly recommend. She had so many OMG moments while reading it. It’s on my summer reading list. It explains quite well how boys learn best. I bet it will be helpful.

    Again, good luck with grad school and all that goes with it. And send me samples of your writing. I love reading it.

  2. kenju said,

    It is so good to read a full post, as opposed to short blurbs on FB! Congratulations on the school thing – I am proud of you for following your dreams and making them happen!

  3. tinyhands said,

    Little known fact, I came pretty close to failing 9th grade. Summer school kept me from being kept back. Like Nate, I was too smart for school, got bored, and tuned out. I eventually turned out already (well, still waiting for that) but there are lessons I wish I’d learned earlier. Whether he’s 19 or 99, Nate shouldn’t go to college until he’s ready, not because it’s the thing to do after high school.

  4. blackpunkin said,

    Vince, thanks and I will definitely get that book! I understand the inspection thing but Nate needs to learn that his actions, or inaction, has consequences beyond losing privileges and me hounding him. He already has a new attitude.

    Kenju, thank you and I’ll be posting more frequently.

    Not so tiny hands, I don’t feel as though Nate needs to go to college until he is ready especially since he wants to go to school in Arizona. Thanks for letting me know how things were for you and I really think you turned out just fine!

  5. restless angel said,

    Nanner, congrats on Grad School!! That is amazing, great news!!! I’m glad Nate has learned he is responsible for himself, and I really hope he does well this next year. If you had gone to Vt, depending where the school is located, you would practically have been my neighbor while there!!! I’m over the border, in NH 🙂

  6. blackpunkin said,

    RA, good to see you! I really thought about VT because I had never been that far into the Northeast but … I really love the NW, so… will be a bit longer until I can see you in person!

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