Strange Thought

August 26, 2009 at 8:01 pm (Crazy Shit)

I was wondering if it was strange that when I clear plates at the restaurant and men have shoved their tomatoes aside that I want to lecture them to eat their tomatoes for good prostate health.


  1. Vince said,

    Not strange, just matronly.

  2. Tina said,

    It would only be strange if you actually lectured them. 😉

  3. kenju said,

    I would want to do the same thing.

  4. Jammie J said,

    I guess I’ll have a very healthy prostate since I always eat my tomatoes. If I had one, of course.

  5. noonie said,

    have to be cooked tomatoes… and Jammie … prostate cancer and breast cancer are related so your tomato eating is not going to waste… personally I hate them, although do eat them cooked….

    Nanner… go ahead and lecture, I can give you more to add to the picture you paint for them, used to have wait with the prostate gents for my radio… my nurse never came out in a plastic apron… and they always looked so embarassed.. the men that is.

  6. trashman said,

    Don’t need tomatoes if you masturbate enough.

  7. Seamus said,

    I can’t imagine NOT eating a tomato … unless it’s one of the bleached out hot house kind.

  8. daydreambetty said,

    Not strange at all! If they’re the decent sort, they’d take your advice, go home and take better care of their prostate!

  9. blackpunkin said,

    Ohhhh, matronly! What a horrible word!

  10. Brighton said,

    Just tell them that you only care because it directly correlates to your tips later…(as in, they need to be alive to tip ; )

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