Up To My Ankles

July 27, 2009 at 1:59 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Nate, Work)

In paperwork. I’m applying for state benefits for Nate, applying to replace our Social Security cards, yes, two years after the fire, sending out a kickass resume for a Federal job that was in the paper Sunday (has my name written all over it), and printing and printing and printing information.

I’m surprised they don’t ask for piss and blood as well. I’m so irritated. I have to pay off $360 in medical bills before Nate can start the Aspergers evaluation process (four separate visits to the center). Do they think we don’t have jobs????  One visit to determine what tests he needs. Two more to do the actual evaluation, then another follow-up, then another follow-up separately with his psychiatrist, who was the ONE TO REFER ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

I know this is an important thing, trust me. But at some point, you have to fucking wonder, how much of it is necessary and how much of it is to bleed cash.  And Jeff’s insurance is a joke, hence the need to apply for State benefits for Nate and I’m applying for Federal benefits as well.

I’m so tired of struggling under the weight of the bills and just everything. I figure I pay enough in taxes that I should get something in return.

Just so much paperwork!  Ugh. I’m not in the mood for it, but I have to. Just have to.


  1. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Just think, though, once you have it all finished, you won’t have to worry about it anymore! I love getting stuff like that off my back.

  2. Brighton said,

    I agree- get it done then put it in a bubble and blow it away. I hope the job comes through too- you deserve a break!!

  3. Vince said,

    That’s just wrong. When Ellen and I went through this with Grasshopper, all we needed was a referral from our doctor to get insurance to pay and a single visit where he talked to 2 people to get a diagnosis. They’re making you go through way too many hoops.

    However, hopefully you only need to go through this once.

  4. kenju said,

    I hope it all works out well for you and Nate; the job, the benefits and the evaluations. I will be worth it in the end, even though you are not in the mood for it now.

  5. Jammie J. said,

    (sigh) Makes you wonder how other people do it, doesn’t it?

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