Tired and Cranky

July 22, 2009 at 6:51 pm (Cats, Crazy Shit, Family, Nate, Work)

Had to be at work at seven this morning. It was pretty busy today as well.

I got home and found an invitation in the mail to my niece’s birthday party this Sunday at a spa. I’m not going.

First, I’m really tired and I’ve got so much shit on my plate I’ve had to upgrade to a platter.

Second, I’m not in the mood to deal with my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law or her family.

Third, neither my brother nor my sister-in-law could be bothered to remember Nate’s birthday and it really chaps my ass to get an invitation to this SPA PARTY for a FIVE YEAR OLD when they couldn’t make a simple fucking phone call to my son when he became a teenager, so, fuck ’em.

My psych doc likes my use of the phrase: Chaps my ass. She had never heard it before. I’m happy to educate her on the various ways I’ve either devised or picked up to express my distain.

Radar says its storming here, but its not.  Perhaps its storming on the other side of the house, because its not happening here.

I’m listening to one of my 32 Foreigner songs. Actually, I fibbed. At the time I wrote the last post, I was downloading “No End In Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner,” however, prior to that I had also downloaded “Girl on the Moon,” one of my very favorite Foreigner songs. So, I really have 33 Foreigner songs.

I’m not so happy at work. I love my job, I love my guests, its the rest I tire of. Its also getting to the point where I’m going to need a new car. During the summer my bills go up because of Nate’s daycamp, but I make less at work, and I can’t put any money back for a down payment much less a regular car payment and increased insurance.

Plus, by the time we’re in busy season, Nate will be in school and who knows what’s going to happen with Jeff and the Aspergers evaluation. More than anything, Nate needs me at home in the evenings and weekends. I figure I can survive five years working in an office again.

The time will be gone in the blink of any eye. So will my sanity, but hey, they give me drugs for that.

Nate has lost Wilbur (The One Kitten). My guess is his cranky Mama came in and stole him while Nate wasn’t watching. I’d better go and help him look. He won’t shut up until he finds them.


  1. kenju said,

    I would hate to see you have to leave there and find another job, but one does what one has to – right? Maybe they’d be so sad to see you go that they’d offer you more to stay. We can hope, right?

    • blackpunkin said,

      LOL! Well, I wouldn’t stay anyway. Wish I could but can’t, just can’t.

  2. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    When it rains, it pours, it seems. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  3. Brighton said,

    You gotta do what you gotta do. I know you will make the best decisions for both of you.

    Oh, and I agree about the family thing. Screw them for not even calling on Nate’s birthday. That is just so wrong. And a spa party?? For a five year old?? WTF??

    • blackpunkin said,

      I will do what I gotta do and I’m not surprised about the spa party. Really.

  4. Tina said,

    Dude, you told me your sister-in-law is a nutcase but a spa party for a 5 year old? That’s insane, but whatever. We should get a spa party! We can benefit from it a LOT more than a little kid! She should be having a typical 5-year old party, with cake and games and since it’s summer, a pool!

    If they are too damn busy to get off their high horses long enough to give Nate a call and wish him a Happy Birthday then I say fuck ’em!

    I know you are not happy at work. I sensed that a long time ago, but good and better things will come your way. 🙂

  5. Beth said,

    What the heck is a spa party???

    Sorry to hear about work. But you have to do whatever makes you happy.

  6. Tina said,

    ^I guess it’s like a tea party, except the little girls work on their aging skin and aching backs. You know, all 5 year old girls should be worrying about that!!!! Pretty soon they will be at the ripe old age of 12 and will need boob jobs and plastic surgery! 😉

    • blackpunkin said,

      Seriously dude, you crack me up! You reminded me also that I never did blog about the tea party I catered. It was a hoot.

  7. Vince said,

    You don’t need to go to a spa party, you just need to go to a spa. By yourself. And get pampered.

    Couple of quick notes: Lou Graham is from my home town (Rochester, NY) and still lives here. Rev on the Red Line has a reference to home (Cruising all night on Lake Avenue). Waiting For a Girl Like You was “our song” for myself and my first girlfriend. Couldn’t listen to it for years after we broke up and the first time I heard it in over a decade was this past weekend on the way back from scout camp.

    Just thought you should know.

  8. Zelda said,

    I’m still trying to work past a spa party for a 5 year old.

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