Nothing New

July 20, 2009 at 1:19 pm (Cats, Chico, Crazy Shit, Nate, Relationships)

Can’t really say there’s nothing new going on. Just nothing earth-shattering which is good.

The second of Luna’s babies died, so that leaves The One. She and Nate are locked in battle as to where The One Baby is going to reside. Nate has set up what he calls, “The Lunar Pod,” which is an old round litter box that I bought after the fire. He lined it with old towels and puts the The One Baby in there. Luna will come in, nurse the baby, then leave.

Then, around midnight every night, Luna decides the Lunar Pod is not the place for them and attempts to move The One Baby back inside the couch. Normally, this ends with The One Baby being dumped beside of the couch, crying, then being rescued by either myself or Nate.  Never a dull moment.

Lex came over last night. I’m happy to report, he reminded me how good sex can be. Nate, in all of his gigglyness, asked what Lex and I were going to “talk” about. Yes, he used quotation marks. Although, at the time, he didn’t know it was Lex that was coming over.

And then, this morning, Nate reported “wet spots” in his underwear that had nothing to do with nocturnal wetness but may have something more to do with noctural emissions. Given the fact I’m fairly certain he had every indication that I was going to get laid last night, right down to clean sheets and an earlier bedtime, perhaps his mind, whether conscious or subconsciously, was thinking about sex, and well, holy shit.

I mean, COME ON! Oh, that was just a bad choice of words.

Shit! Talk about uncharted waters. And that blasted ankle biter of mine, although sequestered under Nate’s blankets, heard unfamiliar footsteps in my house and started barking, which woke Nate up, but I’m fairly certain he was sound asleep again within a few minutes because he didn’t use quotation marks this morning and didn’t make any ribald comments.

Okay, he did use quotation marks, once to describe “friend” and once when he asked if we had a good “talk.”  Had my son been 18 instead of 13 I would have embarrassed him by answering, “Why yes, son, we did have a wonderful talk and had you been awake I’m sure you would have known exactly how wonderful that talk was, since I was fairly certain that I was going to wake you, our yappy ankle biter, and the neighbors when one of the most powerful and fulfilling orgasms of my life ripped through my body like a bolt of lightning. It is very difficult to keep that quiet.”

My life is so normal. We’re facing the normal facets of growing up, yet, I feel like its so abnormal. Abnormal for us. Normal in the course of life, normal in the course of growing up, but uncharted waters. I’m not drowing yet but I’m definitely sinking.

I just downloaded 32 songs by Foreigner.

Nothing new to see here.


  1. Tina said,

    <——–holds up hand to high-five!

    You go girl! 🙂

  2. Tammie said,

    My son is 13 (or will be in August) and I know FOR A FACT that he’s discovered what his dinky can do!
    He doesn’t even ATTEMPT to hide it.
    I walk into his room to wake him, plowing through giant bottles of lotion and rolls of toilet paper.

  3. Vince said,

    Do you really need 32 Foriegner songs? I have all the good ones and I don’t think I have that many.

  4. Jammie J. said,

    Vince, I think she’s planning on playing all 32 of them to cover the sounds of the 32 orgasms she’s planning on having next time…


  5. Inanna said,

    Ya’ll are hilarious. And yes, I do need 32 Foreigner songs because they didn’t have all of the ones I wanted on one particular compilation. And if I had 32 orgasms like that, I don’t think I’d survive to blog about it.

  6. Beth said,

    I just noticed that you categorized this post under “Cats, Chico, Nate, Crazy Shit and Relationships.” That you managed to make one post fall under so many categories is incredible!

    Normal is over-rated anyway.

  7. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Sorry to hear about the kitten…. But, WOOT on the good sex! That’s always a welcome activity!

  8. SagaciousHillbilly said,

    I didn’t know there were 32 Foreigner songs. I once went to a Foreigner concert. I wanted to see the opening act, but now I forget who it was. How ironic.
    Good sex. . . I do remember that. Who’s Lex?

  9. Brighton said,

    Oh good sex. I remember that. Well, it’s still good, but NOT noisy- not with FOUR kids in the house, lol!

    Nate is growing up, and I know how hard that is to see. David is right there too, and I still am not used to bumping into a nearly full grown man wandering around our house!

  10. Inanna said,

    Lex is my ex from five years ago. He’s in town and single and I’m single, so we have sex.

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