September the 29th

June 21, 2009 at 12:09 am (Alice in Chains, Crazy Shit, Music)

I am taking the day off from work. The new Alice in Chains CD “Black Gives Way to Blue” is being released on this date. Well, it is a Tuesday… that seems a strange day but I’m okay with it.

Alice has also released a teaser trailer for their new video to the first single, “A Looking In View,” which features an amazing riff by my favorite guitarist, Jerry Cantrell.  Although I’m wondering, who releases a “teaser trailer” for their new video? I guess the answer to that would be Alice.  Yes, I expect you to watch it.  18 seconds, watch it!

I do love that riff!  Yes!

I do need something to look forward to. I can’t wait for the new music, can’t wait for the new lyrics. Just can’t wait.

I woke up at 6:30 in the “a” of the “m,” anxious and thinking about Jeff. Can you think of worse way to wake up? Jeebus Christos. I’m sure you can think of worse ways to wake up, but for me, that’s about the worst way for me to wake up, barring the death of my son, nuclear holocaust, or another house fire, yep, that’s the worst way to wake up.

Since I’m going to court, I’ve taken to summarizing the entries from my blog which have been about Jeff, starting in January of 2006. One particular entry made me laugh out loud. It was when I was discussing that Jeff’s girlfriend had accused he and I of having an affair and I stated that she must have mistaken the “look of love” for the look of “I wish I was vomiting Drano out of my nose” when dealing with her little ray of sunshine.

Nate also had a dream about his dad, again. This time, Nate took over the phone duties, because his dream was about his dad calling him. He said it was pretty bizarre and didn’t remember much about what was said. Ah, yes, the phone dreams.

Can we talk about Alice again? I’m not stupid, I know they’re my escape. The music from “It Ain’t Like That” from Facelift reminds me of the new music. I really love Facelift.  Rignt now though, I’m on the “Nightrain.” Nate is spending the night with his sister, so, I figured even though I have to work tomorrow that this is my opportunity to have a few beers.

I’m giving up alcohol for the greater good in a short period of time, less than a month, at least for a period of time, so… CHEERS! while I can still drink.

Did I tell you the new Alice in Chains CD will be out September 29th?  Yeah.

I talked to Kevin’s cousin. I told him how much I still miss Kevin and how he could make me laugh like no one else could. He didn’t have much to say. Somtimes I feel like I’m the only one who remembers.

I almost called AZ today. I thought better of it.

I’ve been doing searches for property/houses/farms in Northern Texas and Arizona. I’m not sure why, since I’ve never been to Northern Texas. It has become quite apparent though that all I can afford a piece of scrub in Centralwestern Arizona. I’ve seen some nice places. Can’t afford any of them, but nice places.

I’m kind of restless. Poor Chico, he follows me from place to place. Its taken me hours, a six pack, and a pack of cigarettes to write this. I’m no further along than I was before.

September 29th. I can’t wait. Just wish I could afford to go to Germany to see them and my host family.


  1. noonie said,

    sending big hugs… you sound like you need some

  2. tricia said,

    Hugs from Southern Texas too….miss you.

  3. kenju said,

    Are you considering moving? I didn’t know that.

  4. Vince said,

    Holy shit! There’s a new Alice CD coming out! Shouldn’t you be MORE excited? C’mon, more chances to drool at Jerry. I know you’ve got to me more excited than this.

    What was that date again?

  5. Inanna said,

    Trish and Noonie, hugs are great!

    Kenju, I would like to, but Nate only wants to move no further than a county over because he doesn’t want to leave. *sigh*

    Vince, SEPTEMBER 29, 2009!

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