June 17, 2009 at 7:27 pm (Chico, Crazy Shit, My Travels, Nate)

I really didn’t have a better title, so that’s it.

I got some meds yesterday. My beloved Wellbutrin, how I have missed thee.  Since its very difficult for me to talk about certain things these days without bawling, I was happy that my counselors could get me into see a doctor. She was a bit odd and at times I felt like I was a science experiment gone horribly wrong, but otherwise, it was okay.

The meds are expensive, so I may switch from the extended release to the ones you have to remember to take twice a day. They are much cheaper.

I got Jeff’s answer to my petition. He hired a lawyer, so I had to get a lawyer. The answer was actually exactly what I expected, but nicer. Beth had asked about Father’s Day. Let’s just say, Jeff won’t be getting a card this year, although I offered to buy one.

Chico is rotten and just like a baby. You know how babies throw their rattles in the floor and then you pick it up for them. Yeah, Chico does the same thing with his squeaky bear. Although, unlike a baby, Chico is fully able to get off my lap, get the bear, and get back up, he just won’t because he’s spoiled.

Remember last year Nate, Cam, Danlel and myself went to Hiddenite, NC to dig in the emerald mine?  Well, Nate and I are going again tomorrow, just the two of us. I’m trying to decide whether to leave butt-ass early and come home early, or leave later and come home later.

I like the idea of getting there early, but four a.m. just hurts my feelings.  I’m sure four a.m. would hurt Nate’s feelings as well, but, he’s not driving so he can sleep all he wants on the four hour trip there.  I’m pretty excited to just be getting the hell out of here and spending the day digging in the dirt and the creek with my youngin’.

I got some of that Purex 3-in-1 detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets. I’m trying it out right now. I’ll let you know how it works.

I guess I should go out and muck out the car a bit. I believe, although I’m not certain, that our treasures from our last trip to Hiddenite are still under the front seat. That just sort of became their “place.” I’m taking something better than a plastic bag this time. I just finished some butter, so I’m going to use the butter tub. Hopefully it will be full of VALUABLE gems this time around.  Regardless, we’ll have fun.

So, have a great evening and a great Thursday. (We’re off from counseling this week.)


  1. Jammie J said,

    Hey, yeah, let me know about that Purex 3-in-1 thing… I got me a coupon for some bucks off and don’t know if I should match up real money with that and go for it.

    re; the Father’s day card — someone could make a mint if they did Hallmark Hate Cards. Maybe someone does, but I remember hunting for a card for my x back when I was splitting up with him. It was hard to find something that read, “Happy Birthday to the man I live with but don’t love.”

    Equally, I think it’d be hard to find a card for “the man who’s the father of my son but I don’t understand how such a miracle could come from you.”

    That’s me, a thinker.

  2. kenju said,

    Have a safe trip to NC and enjoy it!!

  3. Vince said,

    We have a “diamond” mine about 3 hours from us in Herkimer. We went there with the scouts last year and it was a blast! I thought it was funny as hell that people pay money to pound on rocks with hammers. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Have a safe trip! Hope you have a great time. 🙂

  5. Beth said,

    I love how you said four am just might hurt yours and Nate’s feelings. I feel the same way! I hope your day of digging was fun…at least dry, it’s been raining all day long up here.

    And does a father figure have to necessarily be a man? You’re doing the job of both parents, aren’t you? I say you deserve a father’s day card.

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