How Can This Be?

May 28, 2009 at 2:49 pm (Crazy Shit)

I’ve toned up quite a bit in the past six months. I can’t say I’ve lost weight, okay, maybe two or three pounds since then, but actually its probably a net gain since I’ve packed on a lot of muscle. While I’ve dropped 2, if not 3, pant sizes, my shirts remain the same. I feel crazy even saying that I think while the rest of me shrinks, my breasts are still growing.

Yep, the mammaries have resisted. The reason I think they’ve grown is because some of my shirts don’t fit like they used to. They’re smaller. Since I haven’t washed them recently, and its more than one, the only thing I can figure is that all of the “weight lifting” I do has also increased the pectoral muscle underneath my boobies, thus making my breasts “bigger.”

Not really. My breasts are the same size. Period. Even if my weight fluctuates by 30 pounds, I still have them. I may drop 1/2  cup size or even go up 1/2 a cup, but they pretty much are undaunted by my weight fluctuations.

Simply, I was genetically predisposed to have these boobies. Since I’ve been working out more my pectorals have seemingly “increased” my breast size. Not so. The pectorals are merely pushing my boobies further out. No, they don’t appear to be any perkier. Well, maybe a little. Nothing really helps saggy skin though.

And that is the saga of me and my boobies today.


  1. Vince said,

    Thanks for sharing. I can think of nothing better to brighten my day that knowing you have wonderful breasts all the time. Making me smile at work is much appreciated.

  2. eviltwinswife said,

    All I can say is thank goodness for good, well-fitting bras. Mine have a mind of their own and if they keep up like they have been – they may well be around my knees at some stage of the game.

  3. kenju said,

    I have always been glad that I had small ones. If mine go south in old age, they won’t have far to travel.

  4. Tammie said,

    I am a great lover of boobie sagas. I often write about mine. They enjoy the attention…seriously.

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