Mother’s Day… *Sigh*

May 11, 2009 at 10:24 am (Crazy Shit, Nate)

I lost my keys on Mother’s Day. I know, I’m always losing my keys. Nate was kind enough to find the “KEYS” key holder that is supposed to hang on the wall but had fallen because I had also started putting bills up there and you know, it got a little heavy.

I suppose the keys were supposed to magically appear there. They didn’t. I found them under a fake strand of holly leaves on the coffee table. Yeah, just doing a little re-organizing.  Who am I kidding? I don’t have time to organize, let alone re-organize!

Something Nate said just broke my heart. He said, “Maybe this is a sign that we should stay home today.”

I said, “Maybe it’s a sign that we shouldn’t be out right now and when we find the keys, then we can go.”

He said, “Maybe it’s because Daddy is waiting on us.”

“What do you mean, Nate?”

“Well, maybe Daddy’s waiting for us somewhere on the road and that’s why we can’t find the keys.”

More discussion ensued about our feelings and our thoughts and I did my best to reassure him about his and my safety. It was a disturbing peek into the thoughts that go through my son’s head. I called the YWCA Family Abuse Resolve Center today. They haven’t returned my call yet.

Have to get ready for work. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day.


  1. Vince said,

    Hope your day finished better than it started.

    Your boy is very intuitive. I’ve mentioned before getting out of Dodge. I think you guys need a fresh start somewhere else.

  2. kenju said,

    Poor Nate. I think he’d be better off if he never had to see his sperm donor again – but I know you know that, too. I hope they return your call very soon.

  3. Seamus said,

    I, too, hope your day got better. It’s sad that Nate even has these kinds of thoughts.

  4. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    You get major golden points for putting up with Jeff as long as you have – that right there is a testament to the fact that you wanted your son and his father to have a bond and a good relationship. Jeff is not capable of that.

    Sometimes, having one stable parent is healthier for a child than having 2 parents – one of whom is toxic. I hope your day got better. Call me if you need to talk.

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