Pluto In Retrograde

May 3, 2009 at 11:41 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Work)

Among astrologers, Pluto in retrograde means big change. Since Pluto is one of the ruling planets of Scorpios, this usually means some big changes in my life as well. Whether it is the influence of Pluto, or just the way life happens to be, or just the internal influence of knowing that Pluto is in retrograde, cannot be scientifically proven nor disproven, so let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that it’s a little of all three.

Let’s just say, its time to clean house, inside and out. A little purging is good for the soul. Change is actually good. Okay, some change is good, change under some circumstances is bad.

But, change is yet again upon me. Details to follow within the next couple of weeks.


  1. SagaciousHillbilly said,

    Pluto is a minor (tiny itsy bitsy little weenie thing) object 3.5 BILLION miles from Earth. What possible influence could it have on anything that happens on the Earth?

    I have little pixies living in my well house. They take care of me and you can’t scientifically disprove it.

    Always glad to help.

  2. Jammie J. said,

    Hopefully your changes turn out to be positive ones…

  3. blackpunkin said,

    SH, you’ve been snorting too muh pixie dust.

    Jammie, they are.

  4. Vince said,

    Can Pluto really affect you any longer since it’s not a planet any more?

    Change can be good. Even bad change can be good if it brings about something positive in you. Good luck on the house cleaning.

  5. tricia said,

    House cleaning is ALWAYS a very good thing : ) Now sometime soon you need to explain those Scorpios to me- I’m married to one! I’m a Cancer, not sure what that means either…

  6. r.a. said,

    Long as it’s good change! Hopefully. Esp. for my step-dad. He’s in the hospital at the moment, heart related but not totally sure yet what’s goin’ on.

  7. Zelda said,

    Anxiously awaiting details.

  8. Seamus said,

    Change has certainly happened in this Scorpio house! Hope your changes are as happy! 🙂

  9. kenju said,

    Then there will be change for me, too, although I have no idea what it will be. Hope yours is a happy change.

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