It Just Never Stops

April 24, 2009 at 9:17 am (Crazy Shit, Friends, General)

Life, that is. I’ve been so busy this week with everything. I have had downtime but that hasn’t included blogging or reading blogs or even answering e-mails. It just includes working, spending time with Nate, mowing grass, weedeating, cleaning house, and playing with the dog. I haven’t even seen my boyfriend that much, except at work, where we both tend to be too much. He worked half a day or so on his day off and I worked somewhat on my day off so it really isn’t much of a day off when you still go into work.

On top of that, yesterday, after getting into my trunk no less than three times, I managed to break my key off on turn # 4. This is bad, as my trunk key is also the key for the rest of the car. No one, except for maybe my dad, has another key to my car. My dad lives over an hour away.

I called the local dealership and found that they are so stringent about key codes that unless I bought the car from them, I didn’t, or had work done on the car there, I DID, then they couldn’t make me a key. Seems some car thieves/chopshoppers, had stolen a bunch of key codes and done some very bad things and now the FBI is very, very anal about keys.

To make matters worse, I had no ID, no money, no nothing, since it was all locked inside my car. I couldn’t get a hold of T-Bird and I didn’t really feel like bothering ETW or The Blonde Goddess to give me a ride over to the dealership. Instead, it being a beautiful day and me having a little time before I had to pick up Nate, or rather, just enough time to schlep to the dealership, get the key and schlep back before having to pick up Nate, I walked.

Its 3 1/2 miles. Luckily, I’m used to walking a lot and T-Bird was able to come and pick me up. She called me when I was at the foot of the bridge going over the river and said she would be over and just to wait at the dealership since her one working vehicle was in use. The guy was very nice and just asked that I bring my ID back because they have to keep my info on file for SEVEN YEARS. How crazy is that???

Good news is, he didn’t charge me for the key and my broken off key still works with the other broken off piece in the trunk so I can still open my trunk.

And that is how I spent part of my afternoon yesterday!


  1. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    You should have called. I was up and ready really early yesterday morning and just spent the day picking up around the house (sorting laundry, etc.) Nothing exciting.
    I hope things calm down for you SOON!

  2. kenju said,

    I’m glad you got the new key! The rules are understandable, but a bother!

  3. Jammie J. said,

    you have the weirdest things happen to you.

  4. Lois Lane said,

    So all that means is spring has sprung and it’s time for you to have a long run of good luck. I just consulted with Magic 8 Ball and it is decidedly so. šŸ™‚

  5. SagaciousHillbilly said,

    Sounds like life on life’s terms.

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