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April 8, 2009 at 5:57 pm (Crazy Shit, Nate, Work)

* Nate got in trouble in school for breathing on someone. No, really, literally, he breathed in someone’s face. I think this is disgusting and told him so.

* Judy is whipping my butt in Lexulous. I don’t really know what I’m doing.

* I joined Twitter. I don’t know what I’m doing on it either, but I joined!

* I need to clean out my fridge.

* Nate is turning into a grumpy young man. He has stretch marks on his legs from his growth spurt. His feet are huge compared to the rest of him. He’s 5’1″, weighs 98 lbs. and he wears a size 9 1/2 mens in his shoe. Comparatively, his foot is ginormous. Not surprised. He came out with big feet.

* They fired one of the servers day before yesterday. I had worked a double on Monday so our bartender could have the day off and then she picked up my Tuesday, so I would have had Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday off, but it was not meant to be. I picked up Thursday after they fired the other server.

* The server they fired was not Rosie, the Broadway Musical gay guy I work with. I was happy that Maribee picked today up instead of him. He’s nice, but gah, is he talkative. And really, its about shit I don’t care to discuss  because I really don’t care that he’s an atheist, or that he’s gay, or whether or not gays should be allowed to marry (don’t care, go ahead and get married!).

Honestly, gay rights is not at the forefront of my thoughts. I think they should have the same rights as everyone else. That pretty much covers it all, at least, you would think.

There is an interesting court case going on right now in WV about a lesbian couple who petitioned to adopt a child they have been caring for since birth. The child was born addicted and they took this child home from the hospital, the parental rights of the parents have been terminated, and they petitioned to adopt said child. However, lesbian and gay couples cannot adopt in the State of West Virginia. A single lady can, but not a gay/lesbian couple.

So, the judge ordered the child removed and then the child was put back with them. The child has bonded with her mothers, bonded with the other children in the home, and the court was just stupid. If they’re good enough to be foster parents, they’re good enough to be parents. No, I don’t care what their sexual orientation is.

I hope they get that mess straightened out and we don’t make the national news again for being ignorant. Barbie Bill anyone? Ugh.

* Things are working out well in picking up Nate from school. Monday he rode the bus to T-Bird’s and the rest of this week I’ll be able to pick him up myself.

* I did speak with Nate’s father yesterday. It did not go well. It will never go well again. I’m drained.

* Nine weeks to go for Nate’s 7th grade schoolin’.  Please, let us make it another 9 weeks. Please, Nate, get your butt in gear and pass the 7th grade.

* Nate is going to be starting counseling soon.

* Nate has a doctor’s appointment next week.

* Nate has to have braces.

* Nate = $$$$$$$$

* I’m going to need a new car.

* New car = $$$$$$$

* And people wonder why I work so much!!!!!

I think I need a nap.


  1. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    You joined Twitter and you’re not following me??? Our Easter Break is next week and I’m really looking forward to the short break.

  2. blackpunkin said,

    Girlfriend, I can’t figure that shit out. Just give me a minute and I’ll figure out how to add you. It just picked up the peeps in my gmail account. You’re not in my gmail account. I’ll add you.

  3. kenju said,

    Nanner, you are doing fine in Lexulous! I am playing a game with Vicki and she is whipping my butt!

    My fridge needs cleaning too, and I hate that chore (also ovens).

    Next time I;m in Chas., you can bet I’ll have escargot with you!

    The lesbian mothers should be allowed to adopt. If the judges had the best interest of the child at heart, they would leave her/him in one place and not move the child around!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Nate in school and for your new car and his braces. It’s always something, isn’t it?

  4. Tammie said,

    Children are black holes of expense. They require lots of money.

    I am anxious for school to be out too. I think we all need a break. Thank god they don’d have year round school!

  5. Tina said,

    A lot of my friends use Twitter but I haven’t warmed up to the idea yet. I will have to check it out more. If it’s something I can privatize then I might consider it.

    Yeah we have people losing their jobs, homes, and healthcare. Our troops are being killed. There are 1000 more IMPORTANT things to worry about than a Barbie Doll or whether a gay couple will marry or adopt.

    Frankly, it’s nobody’s business who marries who. I don’t care. I have more important things to worry about than sticking my nose in other people’s private lives. As far as adoption, I think it’s sad that a judge would take a child away from two parents who actually WANT the child, and can provide a very loving, secure, and safe home. He’s nothing but a bigot, period.

    As far as Barbie…….PLEASE! The doll has been around for 50 years. Little girls don’t give a shit. It’s Barbie! It’s their mom and dads and these legislative dickwads who make their daughters THINK that Barbie is “wrong.” If they really want to make these dolls “realistic” why don’t they make them anatomically correct? Give Ken a DICK for crying out loud! Hypocrites. Bleh!

    What’s even more sad is we pay a shitload of our taxdollars to the WV Legislature to help them make this state a better place. I mean this state is one of the poorest as far as economy, education, unemployment, and healthcare. Well, it’s obvious where the priorities. I mean attacking a toy and voting higher salaries for themselves is WAY more important than anything else.

    And they wonder why WV continues to get a bad rap for being brainless hicks. It’s obvious where the brainless hicks are.

    If this keeps up Barbie and Ken might be the new illegal contraband! I can see a lot of money in that……selling Barbies on the street next to the drug dealers. 😉

  6. Vince said,

    Damn, girl you got a lot going on! I know what you mean about kids equaling money. It’s aways something!

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