I Wish My Vet Sold Stock

March 8, 2009 at 12:34 am (Cats, Crazy Shit)

Yes, my friends, another chapter in the saga of Jirachi, our beloved but oft sick kitty.  Since having his abscess drained, little Jirachi was thriving, gaining weight, beautiful coat, and although still sneezing copious amounts of snot, Little Man was definitely on the mend and on his way to getting neutered and living a long, happy life.

Then Jirachi developed diarrhea. Jack and Tango made themselves at home in the garbage can and of course, Jirachi was the only one who got sick from eating our cast-offs. Now, long hair and diarrhea don’t mix. So, instead of just following him around wiping his nose, I had also resorted to wiping his ass. “Dingleberries” doesn’t even come close to what Jirachi was experiencing.

He developed a “Poopcake” or “Poop pancake” on his butt. This was not pleasant for any of us involved. A) He didn’t like it because, really, who wants to carry around a poopcake and B) I didn’t like it because it STUNK WITH THE INTENSITY OF A THOUSAND ROTTING CARCASSES. So, I snipped and manipulated and eventually said poopcake was removed during the regular course of litterbox business.

I had also started Jirachi on some food which was supposed to help the poop situation. A mixture of pumpkin, chicken, and rice, which all of my cats love and is supposed to be very good for their bowels and poop. Well, it started working, but not before Jirachi developed another poopcake.

This one was a different beast than the previous one. It wasn’t a poopcake, it was a poopROCK! He also began fussing with me, scratching, biting and generally trying to kill me when I would mess with it so I knew something was going on there. On top of that, the pumpkin/rice/chicken diet was really working. His stool firmed up quite nicely, except now he couldn’t get it out because of the pooprock.

I had planned on taking him to the vet on Monday, but this evening when I came home and felt the base of his tail, I knew he had poo in there that wasn’t coming out and knew we had reached critical mass (no pun intended), as well as my concerns about what was going on UNDERNEATH the pooprock because of the change in Jirachi’s demeanor and distress with any clipping of hair and fussing with the pooprock.

I took him to the Emergency Clinic and they took him back and within a minute came out to tell me they were going to have to sedate him. I figured as much as Jirachi is my love bug – takes his medicine without a fight, wants love all the time – and when I couldn’t get him to lay still, I pretty much figured they weren’t going to either.

Well, it was pretty bad. Not as bad as it could have been, said the vet, but bad enough. Poop is acidic and what Jirachi had underneath the pooprock is probably the worst case of extreme diaper rash I’ve ever seen, but worse. Much worse.

Before the pooprock, Jirachi still had a nice set of balls, now he barely has a scrotum left. When they neuter him, they will probably have to remove what is left of the scrotum. Literally, his skin was eaten away by the acids in the poop. This happened in three to four days. His ass is raw but the scrotum just looks fucking painful. He’s pititful. Just fucking pitiful.

I walked in and was just sickened by my poor pitiful Little Man as they were cleaning him up. The vet said he still had an anus, which is good, because she said she has seen it where the acids eat all the way to the actual opening of the bowels. He’ll probably have some poop problems until he heals completely but if we keep him good and clean he should be okay.

The good news is, he had a normal bowel movement after the removal, duh, he was full of shit, and I’m hopeful that if I continue him on his chicken/rice/pumpkin diet, that it will act like a stool softener and keep the pain at a minimum.  To his credit, he’s sitting beside of me, after getting lots of love, licking his ass. He’s still a little groggy from the sedation but has only fallen off of the chair twice so far and is purring and loving like nothing ever happened.

We’ll see what happens when I have to bathe him and put Neosporin on his scrotum, yeah, then we’ll see. At least he doesn’t stink with the intensity of a thousand rotting carcasses anymore AND… believe it not, whatever bug he got that gave him diahrrea, it killed the other virus that made him snot and sneeze all the time. I shit you not.


  1. kenju said,

    Ah, the poor little guy. I wonder if he will lick the Neosporin, and if so, what will it do to him?

  2. Tina said,

    ^I was wondering the same thing.

    Bless his little heart! I am sending out much love to him!

  3. eviltwinswife said,

    Poor little guy! He’s been through so much. I hope he heals up quickly.

  4. Jammie J. said,

    okay, i like poop talk probably the most of all your bloggy friends, but this is just ridiculous!

    seriously, though, that poor kitty has been through the pooper. doesn’t sound like the next couple of days are gonna be much fun for either of you.

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