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March 2, 2009 at 10:59 pm (Alice in Chains, Music, My Travels, Nate, Work)

Not much going on.

Nate got two teeth extracted today to make room for his adult incisors. He’s not real happy.

I’m working a lot, as usual. I had 5 1/2 hours OT last week.

I’m moving ahead with plans to go to Rock on the Range.

Nate has to have a few dental caries filled, then we’re off to the orthodontist. Since his sister has braces and we’re going to the same ortho, we should get a discount. I wonder if I can help pay for Nate’s 60% overbite with Swagbucks. That would be helpful.

Nate’s Pediatric Dentist said that Nate doesn’t have the same problem as his sister, she had to have a roof expander, so perhaps his won’t cost as much. Cross your fingers!

We lose an hour of sleep on Sunday, March the 8th. I really can’t afford to lose anymore sleep!

My favorite Swede, The Blonde Goddess, has gifted me with an award. I’m really not very savvy on all that stuff, but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll post it.

I am savvy enough though to post a very cute picture, with a ton of envy as I have always wanted to visit the great country/continent of Australia, and the guys from Alice in Chains are over there doing shows. So, not only are they playing (and I’m not there), and they are in Australia (where it is hot, humid, and sunny, and I’m here in 11* West Virberia), Jerry also got to hold a koala (which I have not!)


Okay, Cantrell, give up the hat, the koala and the sunshine and there won’t be any trouble. I would look really cute in that hat, holding the koala, IN THE SUNSHINE! I NEED SUNSHINE! FORGET THE HAT, I JUST NEED A KOALA, IN AUSTRALIA, IN THE SUNSHINE!  SUNSHIIIIIIINE!!!!

*Ahem* I’m done with winter, can you tell?


  1. kenju said,

    LOL…we all are! That koala is cute, but it looks as if he has a skin fungus or something. Ew!

    Go to bed an hour early next Sunday!

  2. eviltwinswife said,

    By the time we know it, it’ll be summer again and you can come drink your summer ale beer (still in the fridge, btw). LOL. Buzzardbilly, BG and a few others of us are trying to plan a lunch get together. Let me know what day(s) are good for you.

  3. Tammie said,


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