A Comedy of Effin’ Errors

February 24, 2009 at 6:25 pm (Crazy Shit, Nate)

So, I took a trip to school with Nate this morning because he got after-school detention for taking a pencil that he was supposed to know belonged to his Science teacher. He gave the pencil back, apologized, and said he just wasn’t aware the pencil belonged to the teacher. Okay. So, this in addition to the other penny ante bullshit of not being prepared for class, etc. and he earned himself a two-day after-school detention.

While there, I pulled out Nate’s cellphone and showed the Vice-Principal some video Nate had taken the previous day of two boys beating the shit out of each other between the school buildings as the students were dismissed to the busses. She said, “Oh, this is why we don’t allow the children to have cellphones out during school.” I said, “What? So they can’t document all the crap that teachers aren’t seeing from their big school windows? Where is the supervision of these students????” She didn’t really have an answer.


So, Nate calls me at 5 ’til 4 to tell me, “Hey, no after school suspension today.”  I asked why and he said, “Oh, the teacher isn’t here.”  I’m at work and rush out to get him. Seems that the announcement was made while Nate and I were SITTING IN THE VICE-PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE.

Grrrrrr…. Not real happy here.

Yes, Nate needs to be punished for doing stupid shit that he should know better than to do. He hates school, nothing I haven’t blogged about countless times before. But sometimes… I just want to bang my head against a hard, pointy object until my brain leaks out and I no longer care that my son is in after school detention because he inadvertently took a pencil, returned said pencil and apologized, yet students are beating the crap out of each other and there isn’t a teacher in sight even though it took place RIGHT OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOMS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS DURING SCHOOL HOURS!


The upside? Nate’s phone takes great video… with sound. He followed the action well and got a nice close up of one boy’s busted lip. He may have found his calling.


  1. Kent said,

    Hey cuz.

    Sorry to hear about Nate, but I agree that the kids getting away with the fighting is BS. I had to laugh about Nate finding his calling though.

    I know I haven’t checked in for a while, but I just thought while reading you blog that I don’t think I’ve talked to you since I found out I’m going to be an uncle again… twice. Chris and Courtney are due in May with another little girl, and STEPHANIE is having a little girl in April! YIKES!!! Papaw Skip and Mamaw Patty are about to be REALLY busy!

  2. Tina said,

    Nate probably did find his calling! He should look into either being a paparazzi or a private investigator. 🙂

    The fact that the principal was more concerned about Nate’s cell phone than two kids beating the shit out of each other is uncalled for. What if one of the kids was seriously hurt? It’s candid video like that that helps law enforcement do what they need to do while the teachers (who are supposed to protect the kids) are oblivious to what’s going on.

    I like watching all the “caught on tape” shows. Sometimes they make solving crimes easier. 🙂

  3. Vince said,

    (sigh) Sometimes our schools have it all backwards. I join you in banging my head against the walls.

  4. Marie said,

    I have “been there, done that”. When I got ridiculous comments from teachers such as the cellphone one…I would have stood up and flatly said “we’ll see how the school board reacts to your blase’ attitude.” Let me tell you – running my mouth at school board meetings had some positive effects.

  5. kenju said,

    I might be tempted to show that video to one of the local TV stations – and give them the Vice-principal’s quote.

  6. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    You and I are in the same boat only different schools, it would seem. I’ve been through some of the most asinine situations in the last couple of weeks. And, I pay money for that shit! Grrrrr.

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