My Ass Is Officially Kicked

December 14, 2008 at 3:23 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Work)

I’m whooped, ya’ll. Whooped, I tell ya, whooped. I think yesterday was the longest shift I’ve ever worked and been the busiest. 15 long hours on my feet, on the floor. I clocked in at 8:15 a.m. and left at 11:15 p.m. The first break I got was at 1-ish and that was enough time to run downstairs, throw off my apron, use the bathroom, suck down maybe three draws on a cigarette and run back up. The next break was at 3-ish and it was basically the same thing.

It started with a brunch catering in-restaurant for about 75 people. We sold 62 Bloody Marys in two hours. I have no idea how many Mimosas went out of there. At least six or seven champagne bottles worth. A Mimosa for those who don’t know, is half champagne and half orange juice in a champagne flute. I’ll assume everyone knows what a Bloody Mary is.

Before we even caught our breath, people started coming in for regular lunch service. We had a large group in our meeting room so SEC and I got spanked pretty hard with incoming. At one point I was standing in the kitchen by the tank (the tank and I seem to be having some odd love affair as of late) polishing and rolling silverware on a service tray because we had no where else to put it!

The silverware and glass racks were endless all damn day. Finally, we hit a lull between about 3:30 and 5:30. Luckily, thankfully, our three evening shift servers came in half an hour early. I guess they knew it would be shitty. The bar was a complete disaster for most of the day. What was really strange is that I was bringing up beer from the catering room downstairs because the bar needed stocked and SEC was standing there polishing glasses.

She finally said she would get the imports. Its a good thing because I wasn’t planning on schlepping up the entire bar stock considering I wasn’t bartending that night and she was. I did what I did to help Shanni, who was our day bartender. I’m not sure what time SEC went home, but it was well before I did.

Shanni has real bad rheumatoid arthritis. She takes some uber-expensive medication for it. Sometimes I think she uses it a bit but there are other days in which I’ve seen her in tears trying to pop one of her joints because it has frozen. Whereas the weather has been wreaking havoc on my sinsuses, the weather wreaks havoc on her entire body. She’s had a bad week.

She’s thankful that she can twist a doorknob, which at one point she wasn’t able to do. Sometimes I still have to crack the twist top wine bottles for her.  (Crack:  (in a wine sense) to break the seal) She’s had fluid drained off of both knees this year and I totally despise her husband. He’s a slob ass lazy bum who doesn’t raise his hand to help her.

When we were at the Christmas party, I had the complete joy of sitting across from him.  We had the party at another local eatery, in exchange for them having their’s at our place last night. As they were passing the salads out, Shanni was not at her seat, and he didn’t want one. When the server asked if anyone else needed one he said no and I asked him if he wanted to get one for Shanni. He shrugged and said, “Hmpf, she knows where they’re at.”

I didn’t say anything but I gave him a “you’re a fat jackass fucktard and if I could extend my arm under the table I’d have your nuts in a vice grip with a cruel twist,” look.  I guess that made an impression on him because he told Shanni on the way home that I must be a good friend.

I just know he’s out running around on her, coming home in the wee hours of the morning drunk off of his ass, not helping her, and that she’s contemplated divorcing him, which I can’t say I blame her for. Granted, there are days I want to pop her head off of her shoulders, but she really is a good person and tries to keep a positive attitude.

Can you tell I’m really tired? Yeah, I just keep rambling.

Last night I did have the pleasure of waiting on the Director of Acquisitions for a big ass company and his beautiful, classy wife. I mean, you can’t learn class like that, you’re just born with it. They had been to a party and were all macked out. She had on this gorgeous green and black dress which set off her amazing figure and auburn hair. Wow, she was just a sight.

At one point, I walked past their table and saw a napkin laying in front of it. I thought it had fallen off of a tray but she laughed and said, “Oh, that’s mine. I was using it as a weapon.”  I’m not sure what that was all about, but I think they were having a good time.  He has quite the personality himself, very witty.  He told me I needed to taste their wine because I needed to know how different wines tasted so I could recommend them to my guests. 

I had to decline because I was working but he graciously left at least half a glass in the bottom of the bottle and then gifted it to me at the end of the night. The law says now that we can re-cork the bottle and carry it out in a bag. I took that (Chateauneauf de Pape La Bastide St. Dominic) and almost a full bottle of Peachy Canyon Incredible Red Zinfandel because my other table forgot it. Owner Chef was sitting with the Peachy Canyon folks and bought them two rounds of beer on top of what they had already had so maybe that’s why he left it. (Too drunk to remember to take it) I told Owner they had forgotten it and he said, “Well, take it home.”

Its 2:13 p.m. Maybe I should have a drink of that Chateauneaf with a long hot bath for my aching muscles. And Mr. Director of Acquisitions, technically, he’s disabled, although I’m not sure I can honestly say that considering the gusto and attitude with which he lives his life. His wheelchair and paralysis appear to be afterthoughts.

It makes you want to whack everyone around you, including yourself, who complains about hard work when for some people just getting out of bed can be challenge, yet they move on with their day with grace, wit, and drive.

May you have a blessed Sunday.


  1. themom (Marie) said,

    I certainly hope you were well rewarded for the physically wrenching day!! My oldest daughter has rheumatoid arthritis – and I undersatnd your friends agony. As for her husband…that vise grip on his nuts sounds like fun!!! A real stress reliever. Get some rest.

  2. Zelda said,

    I hope you made a killing at least. And thank goodness you don’t work for stingy people. Your coworkers may suck, but if your boss is stingy life is just pure fucking hell. Jethro worked for a stingy boss. His coworkers were great, but the stingy boss forced him (and them) to leave.

  3. kenju said,

    That’s some good wine he left you…..I’d drink it quickly!

    Good lessons can be learned from watching people with disabilities who seem to overcome with every thought and motion.

  4. Vince said,

    Damn girl you need a break. Glad you got some nice booze out of the deal.

  5. Michael said,

    I hope you got good OT as well as good vino. My job may have me work over the holidays, and only big bux could convince me… or Johnny Walker Blue.

  6. Inanna said,

    Marie, I always see a notation on a e-mail list that I’m on that says, “Be kind, you never know what kind of struggle someone else is facing.”

    Zelda, it was definitely worth as far as money goes…

    Kenju, free booze helps!

    Vince, see Kenju.

    Mikey, JWB is $65 a bottle here… that’s some serious influence.

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