You Know You’re Desperate

December 11, 2008 at 8:40 pm (AZ, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, T-Bird, Work)

when you eat a piece of pecan pie leftover from Thanksgiving. It wasn’t me. Well, maybe it was.

‘Tis the season for upgrades. Everytime I log into my e-mail or WordPress someone has changed something to make it new-fangled and supposedly better.

I’m finished with Nate’s and my Dad’s Yule shopping, haven’t got jackshit for anyone else. I’m broke.

Nate is grounded until Christmas Eve. When I picked him up from school yesterday he said, “I would just like to make my Last Will and Testament.” He bequethed his video games to Cam, his Legos to Buddy (ETW’s son), and anything left to T-Bird’s son. I’m pleased to report Nate is still alive, although he may die of boredom before December 24th.  Sometimes you just have to put the fear of Mom into them.

Things with Jace are fine and dandy.

Troy is probably going to be getting a divorce in the New Year.

T-Bird and I have been talking. Nate and I went down on Thanksgiving and we had a really nice time.

I’m working the super double shift on Saturday – 8:30 a.m. to close.  Things were “tense” today. The GM is ticked off. I only got half a story, I’m sure the rest will come out sooner or later.

Today is AZ’s birthday. He’s still older than I am. Today is also John Fred’s birthday.  He’s still younger than I am.

I took Jirachi, Little Man, to the vet on my day off. He got his ears cleaned, bad ear mites, and a wormer, because he has round worms, and some viral inhibitor for his continously snotty nose that won’t respond to antibiotics. 

Heed my warning, keep thy childrens contained in a restaurant or leave them the fuck home. As hyper as Nate was/is as a child, I always kept him in a high chair or otherwise contained in the booth in a restaurant. It is very difficult to lift a 50 lb. tray under normal circumstances, much less while worrying about whether you’re going to trip over the 2 year old hiding underneath it.  Frankly, I don’t think a three hour adult Christmas party is the place for a 2 year old.

A party of 17 is difficult enough without the 2 year old, who was totally cute, just way in the way today. It came to my attention that when the dad left the room with him that he let him run amok for my co-workers to deal with as well. Its just flat fucking dangerous.

Plus, if you’re going to subject me to four courses, special menu, packages, wrapping paper, and other debris blocking my way, extra well done beef, your long winded boss, and a 2 year old, you could at least tip worth a shit, which you didn’t.

Thank the Goddess for wine and other alcoholic beverages.

And thank you sweet baby Jeebus for the awesome sex I had last night so that I could face the day.



  1. Zelda said,

    Awesome sex covers a multitude of irritations. *high five*

  2. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Holy fuckamole, what a day! We always keep Sissy in a high chair – same as we did with Buddy because MY children do not have the run of the place at restaurants or any other public venue. The Evil Twin and I have actually un-befriended people who let their children behave in such a manner.

    And, please, keep Nate alive. As much as Buddy would love the legos, we could practically construct a new house in the back yard with all the legos we currently own. LOL.

    Oh, and WTG on the s-e-x! Woot!

  3. blackpunkin said,

    Z, it totally does. It as least makes them tolerable.

    ETW, hopefully Nate will live a long and happy Lego filled life. I understand when children get restless, Nate still is at times, but I did everything in my power to keep him out from underneath other people’s feet. Maybe we can construct Sissy a play house from leftover Legos this summer!

  4. kenju said,

    I hate when people let kids run wild in a restaurant! I shoot them dirty looks, but it doesn’t do much good. If they were the kind of people who cared about that, they’d have reigned in their kids long before I complain about them.

  5. Jammie J. said,

    You do like to throw those humdingers in at the end, don’t you?

  6. Beth said,

    What did Nate leave you in his will?

    And I learned the hard way about leaving toddlers at home. My cousin’s toddler was a pain in the butt every time we went out to eat. Every. Single. Time!

    And thank sweet baby Jeebus indeed for awesome sex!

  7. Vince said,

    They stiffed you on the tip! The cheap bastards!

    We too contained our children in resteraunts. Seems to me that’s one of those things that goes without saying. But then again, not all people have common sense.

  8. PandoraWilde said,

    I keep sending my Congressman demands for leash laws for kids in pubic places but the last time I got a restraining order, so I’ll have to quit doing that 😦

    And who in the hell schedules people open to close? That’s nuts as hell too.

    Speaking of nuts, whoo hoo on the bootay!!!

  9. PandoraWilde said,

    Oh, and no–desperate is eating graham crackers dipped in a container of pre-made chocolate frosting.

    Next I’m thawing out the sandbakkelse dough that’s on deck for Christmas.

  10. blackpunkin said,

    Kenju, I had my fair share of problems with Nate, still do, but I always tried to be very conscious of my fellow diners.

    Jammie, I do love humdingers.

    Beth, Nate left me not one damn thing! I demand a recount!

    Vince, they didn’t stiff me, but it wasn’t where it should have been.

    Pandora, we have two caterings tomorrow as well as regular service, so, we need every able body we have.

  11. themom (Marie) said,

    I’ve actually asked people “do you let your children run around the house and pick off other peoples plates?” Trust me, I can be bold when faced with total ignorance. And it never fails, the most ignorant will stiff you on the tip. Only good wishes for you on that one.

    And a double “woot” for the energizing sex to start your day!!

  12. Tina said,

    I will be thinking about you during your double-shift today, dude! Hopefully you will make some killer tips!

    I agree, a kid has NO business being at an adult Christmas party. A lot of parents seem to let their kids run wild whenever they are in a public place. How many little kids do you see running around in a store while their parents are distracted by their cell phones or whatever? That’s how kids get abducted or get themselves into trouble.

    Whenever my little brother and I would act up like that we got our asses tanned. Of course you can’t do that nowadays without someone yelling “child abuse!”


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