I Know, Its Not Tuesday

November 17, 2008 at 11:40 am (Uncategorized)

I talked to Jeff this morning. He asked if I was working today and I said, “No,” to which he replied, “That’s a good thing because I’m not sure I’ll be sober later.” Seems he and Jim have been kicking back all weekend. I’m really shocked. *yawn*  He said he was going to try and sober up today. I told him he had better because I’m working long shifts the rest of the week and he’d better let me know if I have to make other arrangements for Nate, or hey, GET SOBER!


Jace was here quite a bit this weekend. Odd, very odd. I’m a Scorpio, this is my lair, not just anyone walks in and seats themselves on my couch. I like having him around though, which is also odd. By this time, most guys have pissed me off. Plus, I just don’t have men around Nate. Not that I’ve dated that much but if I do, well, its away from Nate for a period of time.  Nate’s taking this about halfway good and halfway bad. I think he likes Jace but doesn’t like the fact that I like Jace or that Jace likes me. Fairly typical, I believe, for a child who has had me exclusively to himself for most of his life.

Jace is a really laid back, positive guy who works hard, has made mistakes, and has had a lot of tragedy in his life, but, he keeps going and doesn’t let it get him down. Oh, and he’s bald, because you know, I either date guys who are bald or who have hair down to their asses. He’s a smart ass to a degree, which means, he actually does fit in great around here. And he’s very affectionate without smothering. BONUS! Plus, he’s a Pisces, has the same birthday as my Dad. Pisces are my favorite water sign. Thank you, Jeebus.

So, I’m cautiously optimistic. We’re both going to see how it plays itself out and just take it easy and enjoy each other.


Nate’s at school, Jace is at work, Jeff is … who knows, and I’m home alone with my kitties. It’s crisp and cold outside. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and going hunting. I’m looking forward to the Yuletide season. It will be a slim Yule for Nate but he’ll have some nice stuff under the tree, just not much of it. He was running around in his underwear last night (brrrrrrr!) and I said, “Dude, where did you get those underwear? Aren’t those your old ones?” Since they were four inches below his bellybutton and practically up to the crack of his ass. I looked at the tag and nope! They are 14-16!!!!

Any of you who have ever met Nate, or even just seen his picture, know he’s this tall, skinny kid with no ass. Well, he has more ass than me or his father, which he gets from my dad. I have more of an ass now because I do squats all the time, but really, we’re the buttless wonders. My bro and SIL called this weekend wanting to know what to get Nate for Christmas. I said, CLOTHES and a little Lego thing if you can throw it in there. When I told them what size he wears my SIL said, “A 16 SLIM???? OMG!”

So, Nate will be getting some new underwear today. I may look online and see what I can find for Christmas. Have a happy Monday.


  1. kenju said,

    One of my grandsons wears a 16 slim and his mom has a very hard time finding pants for him. Most of the time, he has to cinch up his pants with a belt, forming gathers….LOL

  2. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    I know all about the “slims”. That was me, growing up and it’s Buddy already. And, thank goodness for the Evil Twin – did you see the junk in his trunk? At least maybe his genes can give the kids nice butts. Since I lost mine somewhere…

  3. trashman said,

    Sunsnhine has a boyfriend….. I didn’t y’all witchey types celebrated CHRISTmas.

  4. Inanna said,

    Kenju, I’m right there with her! Since Nate has grown and thinned out again, his 14 slims fit him just perfect… for about 5 minutes.

    ETW, LOL! I think Sissy is going to take after the Evil Twin. I hope she appreciates the junk in her trunk from the folks who have none.

    TrashCannedSunshineMan, this witchy type celebrates Yule, but the rest of my family celebrates Christmas. Good thing my new beau isn’t Jewish or it could get really confusing.

  5. Vince said,

    Glad things are going well with Jace! I’ll be cautiously optimistic for you.

    I know of the kid in the slim, since both my boys are slims. Sure makes finding pants that fit a pain in the ass, doesn’t it?

    You haven’t gone hunting yet? Didn’t the season already start down there? Gun season just started up here.

  6. Beth said,

    Having a nice butt is overrated anyway, Nate is much better off inheriting your other assets, and you have those aplenty!

  7. LisaBinDaCity said,

    I’m liking this Jace thing! Keep us in the loop, Missy 😉

  8. Inanna said,

    Vince, actually gun season doesn’t start until the 24th. Bow season started way back. I dont’ bow hunt because I haven’t gotten a bow. Yes, hard as hell to find slim jeans that fit.

    Beth, its a good thing he inherited my sense of humor!

    Lisa, I’m … liking it. For the most part.

  9. Celti said,

    Perhaps I’m a bit thick, but I totally can’t get the password for the next post 😦

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