Yes, We Can

November 6, 2008 at 8:01 pm (Politics) (, , , , , )

Stock up on ammo, the Apocalypse is upon us. Or, a race war. Or, (insert grevious apocalyptic prediction here). That’s just a couple of dire consequences I’ve heard of electing Barack Obama to office. One gentleman said, “I can’t believe someone with the middle name “Hussein” is going to be sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom!” Ummm… huh?

Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the first African-American President to sleep in the bedroom named after the President who freed the slaves? 

Oh, did you mean you still believe he’s a Muslim? What if he were? John F. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. I don’t recall hearing stories of him phoning the Pope to converse on the Bay of Pigs. Nate’s neurologist is a Muslim. He’s never stopped our appointment to pray to Mecca, although I wouldn’t give two shits if he did. His right. THAT’S WHY WE LIVE IN AMERICA, RE-MEM-BER??

Honestly, I’ve never had a Muslim knock on my door, like the Baptists, the Church of God, the Mormons, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve never had a Muslim try to convert me. For that matter, I’ve never had a Jew try to convert me either. I leave them to their religion, they leave me to mine.

Unfortunately, the remarks which I have heard have come from a few of my guests, which leaves my tongue tied. I wanted to ask the lady who made the remark about the race war if she had any clue how many blacks there were in WV. Minorities, total, are 6% of our population. That’s 72,000 minorities and 1.128 million whites. One million of those whites probably already own a gun. We’re all about hunting and the 2nd Amendment, ya know. So… those aren’t very good odds for a minority uprising.

She wondered why all of her friends were voting for Obama. Well, sweetheart, I bet they’re wondering a bunch of things about you, like what kind of Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking and whether or not ignorance is a natural state or whether its contagious. I say that because if you don’t like Obama because of his policies, fine. If you don’t like him because you’re afraid of a race war or they’re going to put spinners on the President-mobile or you’re going to wake up January 21, 2009, to Sharia Law and burkas, then get a grip, because my guess is that the Congress, which actually makes the laws in this country, isn’t going to be drinking any of your Kool-Aid.

I look at this man, Barack Obama, my President-Elect, and I want him to succeed because I want America to succeed. I want all us to prosper. I want us to regain our respect and rebuild our relationships around the world. I want us to make the right decisions, not easy ones. If that means staying in Iraq and Afghanistan, then so be it. I want my President to remember that with great power, comes great responsibility, something that has been so lacking in our current Administration.

As my boss says, “If you’re open to intelligent discourse then let us sit and discuss, otherwise, in the words of George W. Bush, who I never thought I would quote, ‘You’re either with us, or you’re against us.'”

If you believe this country is going to go to the dogs, then you may feel free to wake up with the fleas. As for me, I choose to believe in Change. Not just for my country, but for myself. I have more hope now than ever before that I’m going to make it.

I was very moved by Senator McCain’s concession speech. I applauded after he finished. Not because he lost, which must be one of the most terrible feelings one could experience after putting so much into it, but because I believe it showed the true patriotism and love of country that John McCain has and the willingness he has to put his country first, and that includes his new President. Had we seen more of THAT John McCain, he may have won the Presidency. (Sarah Palin was the WORST choice for a VP! Whatever chance he had with me, he lost by picking her. Gah! My fervent hope is that she just goes away.)

I would have been disappointed had McCain won, but I wouldn’t have been “frightened” as so many claim to be now that Obama has been elected. Did he look scared? Did he tell the American people to be scared? Did he tell the world to be frightened? He had a prime opportunity, because not only was all of America watching, but also the world. Ask yourself if you stay up late at night or get up early in the morning to watch election returns for Germany or France or Russia, for that matter. My guess would be, no. But the world watches us. That is so significant! So VERY significant that the world looks to the United States of America. They look to us for hope, hope for a better world, whether we like it or not.

Stop stockpiling your ammo, break your addiction from the Kool-Aid, put away your yard signs, and break out the American flags. America is back, and we’re going to be better than ever – if we stay involved. If we follow what’s happening in our country. If we hold our governments accountable, from city councils to the Presidency, we can do it. Yes, we can.



  1. Mahala said,

    I know exactly what you’re saying girlfriend. As the rest of the country ran out in the streets rejoicing yesterday, the folks at the cubicle asylum looked like it was the end of the world. I’ve had to sit in my little corner and keep to myself.

  2. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Nice post. I hope he’s a man of his word… He will win my respect if he can right this ship.

  3. themom said,

    Around here, some “punks” have been painting “WP” (white power) and swastikas everywhere – what an ignorent bunch of a**holes. When I spent time in Cairo, Egypt visiting my son – I was actually impressed with the Muslims vs. Chrisitans and how well they get along. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting.

    Ignorence is the hurdle many will have to get over – but I feel Obama is better suited to achieve those changes.

  4. Vince said,

    Some people never change. Or are unwilling to LISTEN. This is the first time in a LONG time I’ve actually felt like we might make some progress in this country.

  5. kenju said,

    Nanner, this post is wonderful and says so many of the things I want to say and can’t seem to verbalize. Most of the people I associate with voted for Obama, but one in particular (who did not) is very upset at his win, and I have to live with his anger and fear. He is an educated man, too, so the fact of his anger, fear and resistance to compromise mainly because of his stance on abortion – is painful to witness. I cannot counteract it, no matter what I say. I am the enemy now.

  6. Inanna said,

    Mahala, luckily, I have many friends who voted for Obama, so I can at least rejoice with them.

    ETW, I hope so too.

    Marie, I hope they catch those little a**holes and make them clean up their mess with their tongues.

    Vince, let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic.

    Kenju, we all want to live in a world where abortion is a last resort. We want a world where education and support outweigh painful choices. I hope this man does more than just talk, I hope he volunteers to help others so we can achieve that goal of last resort.

  7. Jamie said,

    With a ground roots campaign like Obama used to win this election, he knows he’s got the support of people who are ready to change, and to make change happen all over this country.

    And while I’m glad for a month or two the emails from the many different organizations will slow down and my inbox won’t look like a liberal blew up in it every day, I look forward to a time when we are called upon to help enact the changes we so need!

    After 4 years, perhaps the name Hussein won’t be associated with a Muslim faith, but with a leader of our nation. Maybe it will lose the fear factor that only the ignorant can sense.

    But the ignorant will always be out there, drinking Kool-Aid, toting guns, hating women’s rights, and gays. We just outnumber them in votes now!

    My brother voted for Obama, and he’s a conservative leaning Democrat. In Arkansas. I am impressed with his ability to open his mind, knowing so many of his opinions as I do. I see the winds of change blowing!

  8. trashman said,

    Hey Sunshine
    I’m still buying bullets and lots of Kool-Aid. Red is my favorite flavor. Call me when you need to be saved.

  9. Zelda said,

    I didn’t vote for Obama (obviously) and I think we’ve made a huge mistake in both electing him and giving the Democrats both houses of Congress. I hope I’m wrong and that he does a good job, but I have grave doubts based on his slim record in Illinois.

    We’ll see what happens. The Dems don’t have the Republicans to blame anymore, although I have no doubt they’ll try.

    In the meantime, I’m with Trash. And you can call me too. 🙂

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