All Quiet on the Eastern Front

October 12, 2008 at 2:01 pm (Cats, My Travels, Politics)

The kids had a great time at the festival yesterday.  Traffic was horrible and when we finally couldn’t handle being stuck in traffic any longer, we just parked beside of the road and walked.  At the end of the parade the Honor Band almost got run over by a fire truck responding to a call. I always wondered what would happen if there was a major crisis while the parade was going on, since every small town within 30 miles sends a tanker or truck. They just mow down the hometown honor band in front of them.

As the local TV weatherman drove by we hollered out what the forecast was, to which he responded, “Perfect!”  And it was. Sunny, sunny, sunny with a light breeze, temp at about 80*. It was indeed a beautiful day in the mountains. Since its an election year, the Governor and his opponent were there, our Congresswoman and her opponent, and just about any other pairing you would care for.  On my end of the street, the Obama/Biden float got a better response than the McCain/Palin float, but further up the street, my mom said it was the other way around.

Although the county my parents live in is one of the wealthiest in the state and a Republican stronghold, there were many people there from neighboring counties. So, there was a split of support from the 50,000 or so attendees of the parade as to their favored candidates. Although West Virginia has traditionally been Democratic due to the strong influence of the unions, it has gone red in the last two Presidential elections, yet has overwhelmingly elected a Democratic governor.

Although I’m not a fan of our Governor, WV has been one of only 19 states to post an increase in our economy and we won’t be facing billion dollar budget shortfalls in the coming fiscal year. That’s a pretty good thing considering how everything else is tanking.

On to the cats. While Tango appears to be recovering nicely, Jirachi is back to wheezing. I’m not sure if he has allergies or asthma or just something chronic. After two rounds of antibiotics he’s not recovering fully which is very frustrating and quite frankly, I’m out of money. Matter of fact, I’m in a severe deficit. So, we’ll do what we can.

Well, the house needs work and I can’t sit here all day and blog. Hope your Sunday is quiet.


  1. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Glad you all had a fun day. It is gorgeous here again today. I hope your other kitty gets better soon.

  2. kenju said,

    I don’t know anyone who isn’t in a financial deficit nowadays, Inanna. God knows I am. And our home owner’s association sent out notices of a new entrance sign to be built and new landscaping around it – to the tune of $20K – and sent invoices to all owners for fees of $350. I think their timing is appalling; since they dithered and dallied with it for 4 years and then chose the worst week since 1929 to send invoices. They’ll have to wait a long time before they get any of it from me. We don’t need a fancy, brick sign with that much landscaping anyway!

  3. Seamus said,

    I’m glad that Tango is home and recovering. Sorry your pocketbook was flattened though!

  4. LisaBinDaCity said,

    I’m loving the weather right now too!

    Sending best wishes and healing hugs to your kitty’s.

  5. restless angel said,

    I sent you an email my man sent me. Pretty funny. Hope you like it. Tell those kitties from me to feel better!

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