October 11, 2008 at 7:39 am (Uncategorized)

Tango came home! Yay!!! $437 and change later, yeah, he had some kind of infection/virus thing, as yet unnamed because they couldn’t really tell me what was wrong with him. $437 I don’t really have, not at all. So… Nate aptly named Tango’s ailment as “Feveritis.” Yep. That totally blew my budget, totally. Oh, wait, what budget? Yeah. Fuck.


Saw the Branchflower Report and it was as I suspected. If you read the comments of my last Sunday post, I talked about the difference of having an ethics violation versus actually breaking the law regarding the dismissal of an official. Although an ethics violation is a breaking of the law also, the only one facing censure is the Governor. Since the report found that there were other reasons to fire Monegan, the State of Alaska hasn’t been opened to a potential wrongful discharge civil claim by Monegan.

There’s the argument that this investigation was politically motivated. Well, when the Governor uses her political power for personal or financial gain, that’s an ethics violation. And frankly, when you run on a ticket of busting corruption and accountability… what the fuck do you expect? She said, “Hold me accountable.” That’s a direct quote from The Anchorage News. Besides, barely anyone outside of Alaska even knew who Sarah Palin was until McCain tapped her for the Vice-Presidency, which was after this investigation started.

All in all, it was really a wash. I don’t think it rises to the level of impeachment, censure yes, impeachment no. And it really doesn’t matter to me in the course of the election because I’m not voting for her anyway. It just gives a broader view of the candidate and people can make their own decisions about whether they believe it is noteworthy that she abused her power as Governor. Many will see it as “justified.” Every media source and campaign will spin it.  Meh. 


That’s all actually. I’m taking Nate and Cam and Nate’s sister and her mom to the Black Walnut Festival today. Should be… interesting.


  1. Marie said,

    …but wouldn’t you love to know what is in the rest of the report – the 800+ pages that are sealed & confidential? I feel there will be more coming out in drabs at a time. I am glad that even this little bit did come to light. Having so many people contact Moneghan – so many times – even a moron would have to know you were crossing an ethical line somewhere.

    So glad Tango is OK – good luck!

  2. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Yay on Tango coming home (ouch on the bill… but whatever it takes, right?). Have fun at the festival.

  3. restless angel said,

    Glad Tango’s home. How’s he doing?

  4. Jammie J. said,

    *rooting for Tango* Does she (or he) have FIP, then, or has that been ruled out?

    I just read your previous post, too, and holy crap, girl, you have got a lot going on… with everything. (hugs)

  5. Tina said,

    Glad to hear the little guy is home! Much love is being sent his (and your) way!

  6. Inanna said,

    Marie, I think a lot of the sealed confidential portions are employee records.

    ETW, ouch, indeed!

    RA, Tang is recovering. He’s had quite the ordeal. At least he’s stopped shedding and with the lure of wet kitty food, takes his medicine like a good boy.

    Jammie, they ruled out everything. He’s as healthy as a horse, except he’s a cat and has feveritis.

    Thanks dude!

  7. Zelda said,

    How does this rise to the level of censure? The report didn’t offer any evidence whatsoever. Just speculation as to what might have been going on in her head. It’s kind of bizarre. Usually in reports, there is something resembling proof. I’d be interested to see what exactly they based that opinion on, just for fun.

    But really I don’t care because let’s just say the guy was fired because he wouldn’t fire that trooper. So what? That trooper tasered her nephew, beat her sister and threatened to shoot her father. Surely it’s not scandalous to have wanted him fired. And surely one must question the judgement of Monegan who would let someone so unstable stay on the force. This doesn’t rise to the level of anything as far as I’m concerned.

    I just wish you’d give Obama half the scrutiny you give Palin. OK. Palin isn’t perfect. You’re not going to vote for her ticket because she has standards that you don’t see her as living up to, in favor of a candidate who has no standards at all? It’s pretty easy to live up to your ideals if they are vague/nonexistent. Obama’s going do something hopey and changey about Wall Street? Why were Freddie and Fannie’s former CEOs advising his campaign? Why isn’t anyone asking about it? He didn’t know Bill Ayers was a terrorist because he was 8 years old when he committed his crimes? That’s horseshit. I knew about the Weathermen, and I wasn’t even born when they started committing their crimes. And I never went to Harvard. And also I didn’t know any members personally.

    Same with Jeremiah Wright. Obama had to have known he was a psycho. I saw an interview long before Obama was even a candidate in the primaries that Jeremiah Wright did on Hannity and Colmes, I think. He was spewing the same idiotic racist vitriol that Obama was so “surprised” by during the primaries.

    If Obama didn’t know all this then he is mentally deficient. And that I cannot believe.

    These characters are integral parts of his politics. And that’s a whole lot scarier than Palin trying to get a psychotic state trooper fired. Because Ayers bombed things and his group killed people – the first black pig…er…police officer in Spring Valley, NY (among other innocent people) ironically enough.

    Sickening political associations aside, he is a spendthrift and he wants to increase taxes. Kind of the trifecta of unvotability for me. At this point, I’d vote for an honest sanitation worker over him.

  8. blackpunkin said,

    Zelda, I wish you’d give McCain half the scrutiny you give Obama. That door turns both ways. As for Palin, I could have said so much more, but I didn’t because this “Troopergate scandal” is a drop in the bucket to the idiocy of her even suggesting that being able to see Russia from Alaska equals foreign policy experience and frankly, that’s just the tip of her idiocy iceberg.

    Just because I may be voting for a candidate doesn’t mean that I haven’t read or investigated things that make me uncomforable, very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, what I’ve read and investigated about McCain and Palin, makes me much more uncomfortable, and while I agree with some of the McCain policies, I agree more with Obama.

    Whether I decide to blog about them or not is my business. I haven’t really seen you vetting McCain anymore than I have vetted Obama. Most of the vetting has taken place in my comments.

    And if you had read the comments in which I responded to Jack, you would have seen my thoughts a little more clearly on the legalities behind the ethics investigation. I do have a degree in criminal justice, I worked in the legal field for 12 years and I could see all of the machinations of Palin and her lawyer, which is exactly what I would have recommended that she do. Its nothing against her, its the way the system is.

    And I’m not certain what you meant by – “the first black pig…er… police officer…” above but I’m very certain I don’t like it. Any further comments along those lines will be deleted.

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