It’s Official…

September 8, 2008 at 3:24 am (Crazy Shit, Nate)

The weather is changing. I have contracted my first sinus/lung ailment of the year, as is per the change of seasons. My left eye looks like I’ve smoked pot continously for a week and I’ve been asleep/tossing/turning since 6 p.m., to wake at 2 a.m. to do laundry and bitch about life. I don’t like doing that because it leaves Nate to his own devices.

I have discovered something though. Nate’s PS2 died a few weeks ago and he was walking the dogs with me to get the money to buy another one. Well, his father went on Friday and bought one for him from a local pawn shop. Okay. Whatever. But, since getting the PS2, Nate has commenced with having problems with nocturnal wetness again. This leads me to wonder if the PS2 games, he’s been heavy on the Rock Band since getting it back, are spiking his seizure activity. Or, if it is merely a coincidence, since he’s been playing his Nintendo DS and PSP the entire time his PS2 has been down. Or if the lack of nocturnal wetness has something to do with the rise and dip of normal adolescent hormones, which I’ve been expecting with the onset of puberty.  Time will tell.

Friday, I stopped out at Jeff’s parents’ farm to drop off Nate’s clothes for his weekend with his father, to find his father still stumbling from his drinking of the night before. I mean, its really sad when someone still smells of alcohol and is unsteady on their feet because they drank too much the night before (and the night before that, and the night before that.)  He said, “Oh, well, I was hoping you could watch Nate tonight because I had something I had to do.”  Oh, really?  Its seems as though whatever he had to do could have been done the other six nights of the week he’s not supposed to have Nate for visitation, or perhaps he could have stayed sober long enough to accomplish said task without fucking with my life, as he likes to do.

Then he changed his mind and said that it was fine that Nate stayed with him Friday. Guess where Nate spent the night on Friday?  With me. Guess who called me Saturday night upset with Nate about the fact he only ate mac and cheese and jello from the bar at a local restaurant?  Jeff. Then bitched about money and how I have so much more and how I can afford for Nate to waste money… Jeff. 

I figure if I drank as much as he does, well, I wouldn’t have any extra money either. From the 1421.00 I made last month, I was able to pay my mortgage, my utilities, buy Nate some school clothes, his school supplies, pay for his clarinet, his medication, put gas in my car, buy us food, and generally keep our noses above the water line. There are some bills that still need to be paid, and/or caught up, but for the most part, we’re doing okay. Not great, but okay. I haven’t bought beads or booze or any plane tickets to exotic places like Arizona.

I have Christmas coming up and there are a few things I would like to get Nate that are fairly expensive. There won’t be a lot under our tree, but what there will be, will be expensive.

One thing that I’ll be doing is trying to get him a medical card through the State. He does qualify and that will take out all the bullshit about Jeff keeping the money from Nate’s prescription refund whenever I’m the one that pays for it. He believes he’s “entitled.” How, I’m not sure, other than he’s crazier than a bedbug.

Almost 3:30, time for bed again. Have a lovely morning.


  1. Marie said,

    “Been there, done that!” My heart goes out to you. My alcoholic husband (died Oct. ’00) managed to find an alcoholic girlfriend and left me in ’96 – on my daughter’s high school graduation day! Me, being the snot that I am, refused to give him a divorce. I felt that if I had to suffer – he would too. I guess I was fortunate that my kids were older – he made sure he wouldn’t have to pay child support. Bottom line…we are tougher than men. We can make the sacrifices that need to be made for our kids and still survive. No, it is not easy – but I found the self-satisfaction was much better. And now that my “kids” are 29 and 31 – they appreciate me more and can appreciate the sacrifices we had to make to be where we are today. You can do it – although the road gets really rocky at times. All the best. BTW – your sleep patterns are much like mine. haha

  2. kenju said,

    My ex son-in-law also tried to keep the medical reimbursements for his 4 kids, or his new wife does. It drives me crazy! There should be some way to get around that.

  3. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    I’m sorry about the sinus infection thing. I tend to get some sort of upper respiratory thing this time of year too – and it likes to liiinnnnggerrr. Hope you get to feeling better soon – if you need me, you know where to get me.

  4. Vince said,

    Hope you feel better quickly. I can sympathise with the financial situation. I been there too. You need something, seriously, let me know. If I can’t help out a pal every now and then, then what good am I?

    With the holidays (and the Wife’s birthday coming) I might want to order another incredible beading creation from you. I’ll be in touch.

  5. blackpunkin said,

    Marie, I think that’s what pisses them off… we’re stronger than they are. I noticed from looking over old posts that I have that odd sleep pattern, commonly known as “Night owl.” 🙂

    Kenju, what a douchebag.

    ETW: Ugh, I totally hate the change of seasons and whatever started blooming needs to stop. I can barely see my eyes are so irritated!

    Vince, better get your order in soon. My lackluster lust for beading could make it difficult to have something ready in time.

  6. PandoraWilde said,

    Dealing with exes just plain sucks when there’s kids involved. Trying to get visits with my daughter is like pulling teeth if he has to lift a finger to get it accomplished–usually she has to instigate the visit (she’s 15) before he’ll help make it happen, since they live two hours from me and a little bit of cooperation really helps to get visits done.

    She’s not a dumb girl and I doubt she’ll be a dumb woman, so she’ll figure him out soon enough. Meanwhile I button my lip and do my best not to speak ill of his misogynistic ass.

  7. Tina said,

    Many (((hugs))) gf. I wish I could help out more. I don’t know much about how video games are related to seizures or nocturnal wetness but I hope the Rock Band isn’t causing it. I don’t know shit. LOL!

    I am dying to play with him again! He’s a better drummer than I am!

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