Shake Me Awake! *Updated*

August 28, 2008 at 11:52 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I was really tired tonight and went to bed with the wedding of Mikey and Randi on my mind. Right now, their friends and family are gathering to celebrate their marriage and all I wanted was sweet dreams. Sometime within 15-20 minutes after I fell asleep, it sounded and felt as though the Jolly Green Giant fell off of my roof with a half ton of bowling balls strapped to him.

The house shook, the windows rattled, scaring Nate clear out of his little skin. I awoke with a start, bewildered and wondering if someone was messing with my house. Nate and I went from window to window looking for someone and finding no one. I heard my neighbors jabbering outside and went on out. They pointed to a big cloud of smoke in the sky. Nate and I walked up the street but couldn’t see anything. We got in the car and heard on the radio that a transformer blew.

My ass. No transformer could light up the night sky like that. No transformer could send a plume of smoke into the air like that. And no fucking transformer could create a boom equal to that of the sonic magnitude, that we have now found was felt in a neighboring county.

Nope, that could only have been caused by one of the chemical plants blowing. And that’s what happened. Right now, the Bayer CropScience plant across and down the river from me is shooting flames 50 feet in the air. High enough that you can clearly see the plant around it. Its bad. Its real bad. The plant is about a mile and a half down river from me. The four lane that runs in front of my house was clogged with cars, police cars, and fire trucks being called out from all corners of the county.

The nearest bridge across the river is through my town. The next nearest is below the plant in the town where Nate’s dad lives. The Interstate is shut down, as is the two lane that runs in front of the plant. An official shelter-in-place has not been issued for our town yet and the urge to flee is immense. I know some of the chemical plants around here make the same chemical that killed all of those people in Bhopal, India. I have heard that the building the explosion and fire is occuring in makes pesticides.

Memories of Oklahoma City just flitted through my mind. We’ve always known we’re on the Radical Muslim Hit List, but our population is not sufficient enough to make us a major target. But, its a thought.

They keep saying they aren’t sure if there were any workers there at the time. Bullshit. Its a 24 hour plant. All of the plants are 24 hour.

We are under a shelter-in-place now. I have heard conflicting stories about the area that Blonde Goddess lives in. I’ve heard they are sheltering in place and I’ve heard they are being evacuated. The shelter-in-place sirens are going off right now. Its an eerie sound that I’ve only ever heard on the last Wednesday of the month at noon.

I’ll update as soon as I know more.


Just waking up this morning to find the roads open and the shelter-in-place lifted. One worker was killed by the blast and another has been flown to the Burn Center in Pittsburgh. Six other workers in that area were in a “safe area” and were not harmed. They were held in the hand of the Higher Power. No doubt about it. With an explosion that sent a fireball 300 feet in the area and shook homes for miles… its like walking away from Ground Zero.

As you can see, this is how I handle emergencies – the same way I handle thunderstorms – I sleep.

All is well, at least with us.


  1. Jammie J said,

    Well, crap! Don’t breathe that air, woman!

    Glad you are okay for now…

  2. Tina said,

    Dude I just heard about it from someone else. WTF? On the local news it says they have reopened all the roads. Holy CRAP!

  3. PandoraWilde said,

    Holy shit, Inanna!!! Hope you and Nate are all right!

  4. kenju said,

    Oh, Lord, that must have been scary as hell. All during WW2, even though I was a child, I knew there was a possibility that the Chas. are could be bombed – at least the adults talked about it often. My dad worked for Carbide, and he knew how much danger there was just in the day to day operation of the plant.

    I’m glad to know that the roads are open again, and you are safe.

  5. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    I was outside, taking pics last night. It’s on my blog too. We’re high enough on the hill that we had a pretty good view of it.

  6. Vince said,

    Damn, that’s some conflaguration! Glad death/injury toll was very low and that you and Nate are safe.

  7. Lois Lane said,

    Coming to the party late as usual, but this time, I’m really glad I did. That way I got the update right away and didn’t sit here freaking out about my Peach. Glad you and the little man are okay!!!

  8. Zelda said,

    Oh that’s horrible. I’m glad you’re okay. Jethro once treated a woman who had been burned and injured severely by a plant explosion in her town. She didn’t even work there. She was burned and injured severely and her child actually died. Just horrible.

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