Mystery Science Theater – Nate Style

August 18, 2008 at 9:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I was puttering around the house, stepping over cats, Legos, Pokemon cards, a few couch cushions, trying to cook dinner, read e-mails, read blogs, and answer e-mails, while Nate worked on his new Lego Star Wars rolly thingy with droids and other Star Wars thingies. At first he was watching Spongebob because it was a particular episode about Sandy’s worm.

I heard that the next show up was Dora the Explorer. While I can certainly understand Nate’s fascination with Spongebob, because who doesn’t love Spongebob, but I figured I would hear him change the channel once Dora came on. Not so. Instead, he listened and commented while Dora’s friend (brother? cousin?) Diego tried to help the sea turtles reach the ocean.

Dora and Diego are interactive and ask kids to “help” them in tasks. At once point, Diego said, “Can you help us find Luna’s pieces?” (Seems the moon got knocked around by a comet and the sea turtles couldn’t make their way without a full moon.)  I hear Nate mutter, “Nah.”

Further along, Diego had to solve a riddle to be admitted to an underwater kingdom and Diego asked, “Will you help me solve the riddle?”  Nate answered, “No.” The riddle was read and Nate said, “Its a freakin’ sea turtle! The whole show is about freakin’ sea turtles!” I laugh silently.

I’ve taken to laughing silently since I caught Nate lip-synching to AC/DC’s “TNT” with a hairbrush… in front of the mirror. Classic. However, Nate was less than appreciative of my belly-laughing, although he ended up with quite a belly laugh himself. Gawd, I love that kid. He’s a good natured fellow and he probably would have laughed had I laughed at him for answering the riddle although he said he wasn’t going to.

He’s singing along with The Eurythmics now… I just wanna hug him. Think I might do that.


In other news, I still haven’t answered T-Bird’s e-mail. I see no reason in answering it because it couldn’t possibly make things any better and is certain to make things much, much worse. I think this is what they call a stalemate.  I know how I am and I know how she is and like with Jeff, I refuse to explain myself and I refuse to defend myself.  This is where I’m more likely to flip the double bird and say, “Fuck you,” than I am to capitulate even a milimeter.

I’m normally not this way. I’m a peacemaker, despite the fact that I’m a Scorpio, its that little bit of Sag in me that doesn’t like conflict and tries to compromise and discuss things like rational, civilized adults should. Perhaps its because I’ve done that a lot, especially in regards to Jeff, and its never really gotten me anywhere. She always wanted me to stand up for myself… well, I am.

If you’re wondering, mine is not the only child she finds fault with. She routinely talks about what assholes two of her other friend’s kids are. I wonder if she sent them an e-mail. It doesn’t appear as though she has any problems with her new BFF’s child, yet. I really don’t think I’ll be around to find out because I’m back to that “numb, don’t give a shit” feeling I’ve had with AZ for so long.

Speaking of AZ and dealing with all that, my silent, and sometimes not so silent conversations with Jerry continue. Sometimes I chat him up quite a bit, sometimes I don’t. Its okay, he doesn’t mind. Never says a word *snort*. 


Better news! I saw Kenju this weekend along with some local bloggers that I didn’t know existed until yesterday. Well, lets say I knew they existed through a couple of other blogs but never had the opportunity to roll over their way.  Have now! Hi Ladies!!! Hope you’re feeling better Buzzardbilly! Kenju, as always, a pleasure to see you and listen to that Southern accent… I just love it!

Now, go lip-synch to your favorite song with a hairbrush in front of the mirror and have a good night.


  1. kenju said,

    Indeed, it WAS a pleasure and I’m happy to have put you in touch with such smart, funny, pretty women – since you are one!! I just posted about it too. The photo is great!!

  2. Vince said,

    Thanks for the invite, but I’ve just spent 2 hours in front of an actual microphone really singing (and playing the guitar of course). Got a gig tomorrow night!

    Grasshopper still LOVES Spongebob (and is a big Star Wars Lego collector) so Nate sounds just like him. He has outgrown Dora, however.

  3. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    I had a great time meeting you, too! I think Nate and my Buddy would get along fantastically. When I have the TV on for Sissy, it’s always Noggin (the preschool shows) and every now and then, Buddy will sit down and watch one of the shows. They re-run all the tired ol crap from when he was little, he just probably doesn’t remember it. LOL.

  4. Tina said,

    Nate has awesome taste in music. I knew it all along but when we played Rock Band together for the first time I meant it when I said “He’s definitely YOUR kid!” The kid amazes me, probably because he is MUCH smarter than I am! lol! Talk to you soon, hun!

  5. cybele said,

    You could answer with a non-answer, such as, “I think we should probably not discuss child-raising, since we obviously do not agree on the proper way to do it. ”

    I once told someone “I’m sorry you don’t think I am doing a good job raising my children. I can certainly fail to inflict you with their presence in the future, if you prefer.” Whoever it was shut the hell up and backpedaled superfast.

    I do not lip-synch. I sing out loud, to the Beatles, in the car, with the kids. Even better.

  6. Tina said,

    I can certainly understand the Sag thing…..I am always trying to “work things out” with people but it usually doesn’t work with some people. 😉

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