Just Call Me “High Queen Peach”

August 10, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been doing a lot of research into my fam damily again.  I mean, they’re just so interesting. Recent DNA studies have changed the entire makeup of my family, and made me just a smidgen less inter-related than I was before.

It seems as though sometime in 1761-ish, my seventh great-grandmother decided to have “an event outside of marriage” which produced her 9th child, who was my sixth great-grandfather. Thus, changing the entire lineage of my family, to a degree. I’m so inter-related from so many sources, I am still related to the same family, just a different brother of the “love child.” 

This is good in that I’m not as inter-related as I might have been, and frankly, he wasn’t the last of the “events outside of marriage” which pertain to my family tree. This is bad in that I now have to research an entirely different family tree, one which only includes the name of the common ancestor.

Further good news is that the other brothers of the “love child” are full brothers and that lineage has been traced back to a particular haplogroup and subgroup belonging to the Ui Neill Dynasty of the Island of Hiberia (or Ireland). It seems this particular group of my forefathers (barring any further “events outside of marriage”) ruled Ireland as High Kings for 500-600 years during/around the 5th Century.  Niall Noigiallach – this dude was known as Niall of the Nine Hostages and he started this little dynasty.

Based on Irish history, migration patterns, and DNA, the earliest immigrants of the Island of Hiberia were Basque in origin and arrived right after the last Ice Age during the Neolithic Period, about 9,000 years ago or so. The Basque were from north central Spain and southern France. I’ve always heard this particular ancestral line was from France, but I’m not sure they meant 9 to 10,000 years ago. They meant French Hugenots, not the Basque.

Anyway, Niall Noigiallach was an exceptionally fercund gentleman, being the most fertile man in Ireland, second only to Ghengis Khan worldwide for the number of descendents he has. 20% of men in Ireland can trace their lineage to Niall, and obviously a bunch of us Yanks as well.

So, tip back a pint and toast your High Queen Peach, a descendant of Irish Royalty.


  1. Mahala said,

    My Sevier / Xavier line were Basque, from Navarre 🙂

  2. Vince said,

    Why am I not surprised in the least you have Royal lineage?

    All hail Queen Peach!

  3. PandoraWilde said,

    Wow! The last time I had to trace my lineage was to find out why Crazy Aunt Di was crazy–my neurosurgeon demanded the info in case it had something to do with why I was having back surgery (why major injury would have anything to do with a coocoo auntie I don’t know, but I did the digging).

    It turned out the crazy aunt had had a brain aneurysm back in the 60’s before a lot of the brain surgery they have now was invented. So she isn’t crazy–she’s somewhat brain damaged, and the surgery went on to fuck over my life.

    Would it be mean to have wished she had something that would have cancelled that surgery?

  4. old horsetail snake said,

    I am sure glad that I am not Niall of the Nine Hostages, because he’s dead as a dead ox.

    But I am glad to note your queenship. It couldn’t happen to a nicer queen.

  5. Jennifer said,

    Well whatta ya know eh!

  6. Michael said,

    Cool. I have no royalty in my blood, except King David way back when, and perhaps the Tsar’s cossacks who got their jollies with some shtetl girls.

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