Nanner Rocks and You Know It!

August 6, 2008 at 10:37 pm (Alice in Chains, Crazy Shit, Music)

So, everything is going well with Nette. Her ex (with police escort) came and picked up his stuff on Monday after posting bond.  When he asked for his laptop back, Nette told the officer, “When I get my $400 iPod back, he can have his laptop back.” Good for her for standing her ground. Just thought ya’ll might wanna know.

Anyway, Addy and I were working at the bar early this morning, before opening, and our beloved XM radio was playing something on Lucy. I knew the song but couldn’t think of the artist until Addy said, “Oh, that’s Eddie Vedder.” I listened a bit more and I said, “Yeahhhh, but he’s singing with Chris Cornell.”  Addy scoffed, “That’s not Chris Cornell.”

I looked over my shoulder, “Dude, that’s Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, pre-Pearl Jam.”

Addy scoffed again, “No, that’s not Chris Cornell, that’s Eddie Vedder.”

“Dude! Its Eddie Vedder singing back-up with CHRIS CORNELL.” 

I finally gave up and went into the wine closet to look at the name of the group, Temple of the Dog.  Lead singer: CHRIS FUCKIN’ CORNELL! PRE-PEARL JAM EDDIE VEDDER ON BACKING VOCALS.

Pull up a chair for some rock education, my children. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Andrew Wood, lead singer of Mother Love Bone, were roommates. Wood died of heroine overdose in 1990. Cornell wrote some songs in tribute to his friend, then formed a band of former Mother Love Bone rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament, Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, and lead guitarist Mike McCready, a friend of Gossard’s with Cornell on vocals and Eddie Vedder, who had flown in to audition for for what would become Pearl Jam, provided backing vocals. He and Cornell dueted for the song, “Hunger Strike,” the song Addy and I were fussing about.

Gossard, Ament, Cameron, McCready, and Vedder went on to form Pearl Jam. 

After a stint in rehab, McCready formed another band called Mad Season, fronted by Alice in Chains lead singer, Layne Staley.

Come on, did you think I was going to talk about grunge and Seattle bands and not mention my favorite Seattle band????

Oddly enough, the reason McCready met and played with the guys from Mother Love Bone (and then went on to form Pearl Jam) was because Andrew Wood had died of a herione overdose (the day after Jerry Cantrell’s birthday). He then went on to play with Layne Staley, who died of an overdose of heroine and cocaine (speedball). They estimated Layne’s date of death as April 5th, the same day that Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is thought to have committed suicide eight years earlier, although no one is really sure when either man died.

And that children, concludes your rock education for today.


  1. PandoraWilde said,

    I love history lessons–this kind. Thanks, Nanner Peaches!

  2. Tina said,

    LMAO!!!! Damn kids! Don’t they know their rock and roll history? That’s sad.

    I LOVED Mother Love Bone and Temple Of The Dog. It took me a while to get into the “Seattle” thing but most of it is still KICKASS.

    Send him to me. I will take him the R&R Hall of Fame in Cleveland and/or Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach. 🙂

  3. cybele said,

    … oh, rock BANDS. (Sight). I was sort of hoping for a geology lesson….

  4. Vince said,

    You realize, I basically KNEW all of that (with the exception of the AIC loop in). I could have told you in a heartbeat who did Hunger Strike and who played on it.

    They don’t call me the Rocker Guy for nothing.

  5. Tina said,

    ^YEAH! Nanner and I are both lifelong Rocker CHICKS! Music is actually what brought us together some 25-ish years ago. LOL! Has it REALLY been that long, chica? Vince, if you are ever in Myrtle Beach visit the Hard Rock Park. You have to like rock and roll to “appreciate” it. I LUSTED it! There is nothing cooler than having music blasting in your face while you are riding the rollercoasters!

  6. Inanna said,

    Hey, you’re welcome Pan.

    Cybele, my Belle, perhaps I won’t disappoint the next time I give a “rock” lesson.

    Beanie, ummmmmm… 24 years… but who’s counting?

    Vince, we so rock.

  7. Tina said,

    Yeah you are right……24 years. I am getting too old to count. LOL! I remember it like it was yesterday, though!

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