Uhhh, What Was I Gonna Say?

July 15, 2008 at 10:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Nate interrupted all the great thoughts I had for posts. So, you get the hodge-podge… again.

Things with 21 Year Old… he’s going back to school, ya know, college, which is about 2 1/2 hours away from here.  I told him we would miss him and he said, “Yeah, I’m gonna miss you guys too. I hope I can come back and work some during holidays.” That’s a good sign and I’d better work fast!

Aforementionedly (look, I made a word up, or is that a word?), we are going white-water rafting on Sunday. My mother began extolling the dangers of white-water rafting to include: head injury causing unconsciousness leading to drowning, drowning, being held under by the rapids which would result in drowning, head injury not causing unconsciousness but being held under by the rapids which would result in drowning… I get the feeling she drowned in a past life.

The three things she didn’t mention but are far more likely to happen:  Getting wet, minus the whole drowning scenario, sunburn, and mosquito bites. The words “fun” and “adventure” are not in her vocabulary. I would like to include the words “getting laid” and my co-workers are very likely to include the word “intoxication” all of which are included under the “fun” and “adventure” categories which for her, do not exist.

Although I am quite poor at this time, I am planning a trip to… Oklahoma. Ooooook-laaaaaa-hooooooo-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  I know, what the fuck is in Oklahoma, and guess what? Its not Alice in Chains. HA! Fooled ya! Its Black Stone Cherry and Stone Temple Pilots at Kattfest and ya’ll know I’m all about the cats! Can you say… massive road trip? To Oklahoma, in the dead of summer, with gas prices skyrocketing, by myself! Just me, two time zones, and 15 hours of open road.

At this point I’m wondering whether I can make the trip and NOT tell my mother. After all, I might be raped/murdered at a rest area, sucked into a tornado, crushed in a wild crowd rampage, raped and murdered in my sleep at the KOA campground, abducted by aliens, or I might even drown. And who knows what might happen when I wander into northern Texas! The horror!

Yes, my friends, the world is inherently dangerous. I know this. However, and as I have pointed out to my mother, I am more likely to be raped and murdered by someone I KNOW than by a complete stranger. Not saying it doesn’t happen, I am well aware of who Ted Bundy was, however, I also know when my key is turned, nothing or no one can stop it.

The question is, do I want to wait on my front porch for death or shall I make it chase me to the ends of the Earth? I think we all know the answer to that.


  1. Jammie J said,

    What part of OK are you going?

    Two words of advice… bug spray.


  2. Tina said,

    Dude I thought I was crazy when it came to road trips but that kickass!! Your mom needs to chill the fuck out. Dont’ forget you might drown at the concert! LOL!

  3. kama said,

    Our Mothers are DEFINATELY sisters. I have had that exact conversation more than once. I still haven’t told her about the motorbike – after all you never know, I might go in a ditch and drown.

  4. Annette said,

    Oh, I’m jealous. I love a good road trip! The biggest problem right now is the price of gas. So long as your car is in good shape there should be no worries!

  5. kenju said,

    Your mom and mine must have gone to the same school: gloom and doom.

  6. Inanna said,

    Jammie, hopefully Oklahoma City and the on to the No Man’s Land between there and Dallas.

    Beanie, you know I’m nutty as a fruitcake!

    So, Kama, wanna ride your motorbike to Oklahoma with me??? We’ll drown together!

    Annette, well, we’ll see if I can go on the roadtrip or not… then you can be jealous or just come with me!

    Kenju, gloom, doom, and drowning.

  7. Vince said,

    So you should wear a white T-shirt while white water rafting with the 21 year old, right?

    This will result in higher probablilty of enhancing “fun” and “adventure” and probably result in you getting laid.

    BTW, you could slip in the bathtub and drown. So, what, now you should never wash? I, too, and all for looking death in the face and punching him in the nose. Really hard.

  8. Zelda said,

    Not to sound like your mom, but do be careful with the whitewater rafting. My sister’s friend just died on a trip about a month ago, and then the thing with my other sister…

    Don’t make three the charm for me.

  9. Inanna said,

    Vince, lots of reaky things happen right in your own backyard, that’s for sure. And, it may be time to unleash the girls a bit 😉

    Awww, Zelda, I will be so careful. I’m rafting with the most experienced guides on the New River. They’ve been rafting since I was a little girl and they raft in our off-season in Costa Rica. I have no intentions on being your third charm.

  10. Doug Smith said,

    Ooooklahooma… woohoo! that place is DESOLATE. I often wonder what people do there (and in Kansas). Do people actually work there? It looks like all there is to do is stare out across the flatlands. Well, ROCK ON Baby! I know the show will be good.

  11. Zelda said,

    I know you’ll be careful and it will be a blast.

  12. old horsetail snake said,

    Aw, the hell. I wanted YOU to chase ME! Is this not possible?

  13. Inanna said,

    LOL! I’d chase you but the I might catch you, Hoss, and Scamp may not like that!

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