Ye Olde Pub

April 14, 2008 at 11:12 pm (Work)

Well, things have been right interestin’ ’round ye olde pub recently. For the past two Mondays, somehow, I’ve only ended up with myself and a bartender on the floor. New Bartender last week, and Candyman this week. Good for tips, bad for just about everything else.

Add to the mix the new Assistant Manager and I’ve come very close to strangling a few people, well, maybe just her.

We probably got off on the wrong foot by her extolling her own virtues and copious experience. I wasn’t sure if I should curtsy or barf. It was definitely the wrong thing to do, especially since she has yet to back up anything she’s said. I’m all for giving people time to get their feet underneath them. Managing is a tough job. I should know, I do it everyday.

She lacks that go-getter attitude, about everything other than getting on my nerves. Look, honey, get out from behind the hostess stand and go serve some food, take an order, pour a drink, or otherwise, get the fuck out of my way and stop asking ME what you should be doing. In the rank of things, you’re a rung above me on the “Shit Rolls Downhill O-Meter” and frankly, I shake shit off like water, so watch out for the splatter.

This is how things are at ye olde pub. First, when I clock in every morning, I have a laundry list of positions I could choose from… server, bartender, bar back, back waiter, hostess, (and administration).  The fact is, at ye olde pub, I’m all of those things everyday. All of us are all of those things, everyday. If it needs served, you serve it, if it needs poured, you pour it, if it needs bussed, you bus it, if it needs sat, you sit it, and on and on.

This does not mean you go up to the bartender and ask, “How can I help you so you can bus those tables?” Ummmm, bus the fucking table yourself! That’s what she needs help with! I told AM on Friday that regardless of how poor New Bartenders pre-bussing skills are, at this point, cuz I’m workin’ on it with her, it is still the responsibility of the lead server, me, and the AM, her, to insure that all tables are bussed, wiped, and re-sat. If I’m cleaning up my own mess, and AM is standing there yakking with her hands on her hips then… I’m sorry folks, not rocket science!

I guess some folks had mentioned she has an abrasive personality. I have heard her become a bit abrasive. Normally about nothing that I would deem to be overly important in the big scheme of things and I think that is to hide that she’s not entirely comfortable with a well-trained, knowledgeable staff who already have a strong leader down in the trenches with them. Meaning, we don’t need someone to tell us what to do, we need someone willing to wade down in the trenches with us when the going gets tough.

Being a server down today because Addy got sick, I was doing okay, especially knowing Owner Chef and Big Chef, and GM were all downstairs if I needed them, and were aware of the one server down scenario (and not being able to reach anyone else to come in), until we got our second wave and I filled up to 13 tables. One minute I was doing okay and the next minute I’m in the weeds. Candyman was away from the bar and somehow my cappucino got tossed to the side so I went back to make it and AM came back to the bar and said that one of my tables needed a check and it was a friend of mine. Yes, table 6 was a friend of mine, but table 5 had been waiting on their cappucino for 10 minutes (or more) and they WEREN’T friends of mine (Russians, from St. Petersburg, nice couple). I also had a former colleague at table 21 and a cousin at table 18, who jumped into my path and hugged me, profusely and loudly, yet, table 5 still needed their cappucino!

I told AM, quite abrasively, “If table 6 needs a check, then print it out!” She had the nerve to get snippy with me. Had I not had 12 or 13 tables, I would have said, “Woman, stop bothering me with insignificant shit like printing a damn check, which must be the easiest goddamn thing to do in this restaurant.” I almost had to walk her through the process from the bar! And I had just showed her how to run receipts on FRIDAY! And she’s been there for two weeks now! I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend time with Rusty, and I’m sorry I couldn’t present his check, at that point, I was lucky that everyone has a drink on the table and their order in the computer, something ELSE she wasn’t able to do correctly.

GM caught me in the downstairs office and we talked about the day. I told her, above all else, to be of any help to me, the AM has to be able to do the following: Know the menu front and back, take orders, enter orders, print checks, serve food, refill drinks, and bus tables. The first four she does unsatisfactorily, the fifth I’ve never seen her do, the sixth she has to be reminded to do, and the seventh, she doesn’t want to do at all.

So, well, that’s ye olde pub and such for today.


  1. Michael said,

    See, to me, this is the kinda stuff that should be on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and not that wrinkled ol’ bloke cursing everyone out.

  2. Tina said,

    Good God dude. Your day sounds like my typical day, just in different ways. (((hugs)))

  3. Zelda said,

    I had the best AM ever at one of the restaurants I worked at. She mostly bussed tables and would not hesitate to take over if something came up. I once got sick while on shift and she didn’t even bother calling anyone in. Just threw on an apron and took over my tables. Strangely, she was passed over when the GM left.

  4. Inanna said,

    Mikey, I’ve heard we’re boring compared to other restaurants.

    Beanie, and peeps wonder why I’m so brain-dead.

    Zelda, that’s how our old AM was. Not so with this chick. And if she was like me, she may not have wanted the GM job because it would have taken her away from doing what she really liked. That’s why I’m not AM.

  5. E-Lo said,

    Ugh… I can so totally relate. We have an intern at work right now who drives ALL of us nuts. She comes and goes as she pleases, she uses school as an excuse when she has a hangover, she has the attention span of a gnat, and worst of all, she’s the biggest damn know it all beeyotch in the world. Tell her to fold 50 brochures and she’ll fold 3, walk away, and go surf on the internet. UUUUGGGHHH.

    Sorry – I just made that totally about me. But I feel your pain.

  6. Seamus said,

    I tossed the bones against the hearth and they foretold a short stay for said AM. 😉

  7. Inanna said,

    E-Lo, not a prob, take over the comments anytime. Might breath some life into this place! I totally know the kind of peep you’re talking about… ugh!

    Seamus, well, if the bones say so, so must it be!

  8. LisaBinDaCity said,

    It sounds like you should be moving up the food chain to a more powerful position 😉

  9. PandoraWilde said,

    It’s good you got the chance to point up what happens when there’s slack to pick up and the AM’s reaction to it. Be it making bricks, waiting tables or any other job, having someone just above those in the trenches watching 3 people do the work of 5 and just standing there should make a dent in the GM’s perceptions.

    I hope it did.

  10. restless angel said,

    Uggh… got a couple of “those” at work. They’d rather get a free paycheck than put anything into their job. What the ~f~ is the point of having a job you obviously don’t want to do? One of ’em likes to tell me “Oh, —- can do that, I don’t want to” Um, hi, I’m your boss, YOU do what I ask, you DON’T tell me WHO you want to do what I asked you to do….

  11. old horsetail snake said,

    I swear you are going to work yourself into a management job. Too bad for you…..

  12. Ashley said,

    I hate it when people can’t do the easiest things because, I can only assume, they think that they are better than everyone else. One lady at my work brings me mail and asks me to mail it sometimes … because, um… she can’t write on an envelope and stick on a pre-glued sticker?

  13. Vince said,

    Just getting caught up. Team player the AM is not. Sounds like someone with authority (as in to fire her ass) needs to straighten her out. Hopefully that will happen quickly.

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