The Wish Box

April 9, 2008 at 10:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I bought a wish box in Arizona. I gathered a few trinkets while I was there and found myself taken by the turtle. Small wonder, given that it is a water animal and represents feminine power, earth, nature, fertility, and perhap the ability to defy death. Regardless, being the spiritual person I am, I have thought long and hard about what wish to put in the wish box.

You know the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it (all, and then some you don’t want”), at least according to old adages and Daughtry.  Yes, I was quite selfish as I formulated the most precise, concise, and detailed wish imaginable, complete with back doors, chutes, ladders, moving staircases, and revolving bookshelves. It may have involved things about love and being loved and being able to love and letting go of fears and stuff like that.

But, the other day, after talking to Nate’s teacher about his continued lack of enthusiasm for school and his being suspended for “fighting” (and I say that with quotations because a true fight, IMHO, involves blood and bruises, neither of which occurred), I sat on my bed and said, “I just wish I could inspire my son to love school and achieve his highest potential.”

Funny ole world, ain’t it?

You see, I used my design method on that precise, concise, and detailed wish. You start with an idea, and then you build on that. Like writing a song. Start with a guitar riff, write some lyrics, add a bass line, crank out some drums; or a novel, layering your characters, weaving your story through the chapters; or my beading, adding a cabochon to a Swarovski to a particular weave to a particular woven chain.

Yet, even symphonies have solos and from chaos you can gain a lot of clarity.

I can’t say that my shoulders didn’t slump and had someone been there with me, they surely would have seen a lightbulb pop up over my head. The spirits have spoken and my wish will have to wait.

In other happenings in Peachville… we have a new assistant manager. Yeah. We’re off to a rocky start but I have hope. We have a new bartender who replaced Whiny and she’s a gem. I like her. Not that I don’t like the new AM, its just a little rocky right now.

I submitted my grant proposal for monetary assistance to offset the cost of my trip to Milwaukee. I guess you’ll find out when I find out.

That’s about it from Peachville. Good night and good luck.


  1. Seamus said,

    An excellent wish for Nate!

  2. E-Lo said,

    That’s a wonderful wish for Nate… hope it comes true. 🙂

  3. Tina said,

    I would of wished for unlimited money, but now that you mention it Nate and is education is FAR more important. Go Nate!

  4. Lois Lane said,

    I’ll be wishing your wishes for the boy. Let me know about Milwaukee, I’m not THAT far away. 🙂 Also wondering if you really want to sing that stupid Saucy song. If so, here’s a link to the real one…

  5. said,
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