Eerie Memories

March 4, 2008 at 8:23 pm (Crazy Shit, My Travels)

As I was watching Paranormal State last night, I was reminded of my very first trip to Point Pleasant, or, “The Point” as it is called my locals. Although I’ve been there several times in recent years, my first trip was probably around 15 years ago as a college student.

If you watched the show, then you saw the igloos at TNT and you saw how dark the woods are there. Yeah, I was there. I’ve seen the igloos and I’ve seen them in the dark. I told Nate you couldn’t pay me to go back there again. I probably lied when I said that, but it would take a lot. I was almost scared out of my skin. Not a sensation I hope to repeat.

The Point has such an interesting history, the Revolutionary War, Chief Cornstalk, Mothman, the Silver Bridge Disaster, and TNT, or technically, The McClintic Wildlife Management Area.  The rumors are that the government did more out there than store explosives and chemicals out there. Some people report the closer they would get to certain areas of TNT, the more scared they would become, which lead to belief in a “fear force field.” I guess that came in handy.

What the show didn’t touch on, but the book and movie, “The Mothman Prophecies” did, were the Men in Black who showed up around The Point as well. Yeah, its a creepy place, but I love it. One of my very first posts, almost four years ago, was about The Point. I’m sure there will be a few more.



  1. Seamus said,

    I think it would be fascinating to visit there!

  2. blackpunkin said,

    I’d love to give you the Grand Tour, Seamus.

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