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February 19, 2008 at 11:33 pm (Beading, My Travels, Nate)

* I have finalized my travel plans for the Bead & Button Show in the great metropolis of Milwaukee. I’m staying in a suburb, but still close enough to take the bus, which will save me a lot of money.

I plan on using the money I save to take either the bus or the train to Chicago on my day off, which is Wednesday.  Actually, I don’t have to be back to Milwaukee until 4 p.m. on Thursday. (This is when the Bead Marketplace opens for its shopping preview. Only registered attendees can attend this special event before it opens to the general public on Friday.) Maybe I can talk Katey into dinner and beer at the Chicago Brauhaus. Mmmm… Katey, weiner schnitzel, and beer. And beads, don’t forget all of the beads!

*  I still haven’t purchased plane tickets, hotel, or rental car for Arizona.  I’ve put my deadline for at least buying the plane tickets as the 22nd of this month. I know, not far away.

*  Jeff has been on a binge again. He didn’t have Nate for his regular weekend because he said he was sick and had the flu. Nate said, “You know, Dad shouldn’t drink since he’s been sick. Pffft. Drinking probably is what made him sick to start with.” Last night he called rather late, for him, being 10:36 and again at 10:40, after hanging up on me at 10:36. When I answered the phone, he had some religious CD blasting through the phone, then he called on the house phone wanting to know if I was listening. I hung up both phones. He called again later, which I didn’t answer.

Nate made the astute observation that cellphones have a “silent” setting and house phones can be unplugged from the wall. Then said I should do both. Smart kid.

*  I ordered one of those fancy self-cleaning litter boxes that Jammie J. had on her blog. We anxiously await its arrival. All I can say is, it better convert cat shit to gold bricks, or at least be worth it.

*  New position at work is going … its going. I never knew how much people bitched until I became “management.” Which, by the way, I’m NOT EVEN MANAGEMENT. I’M ADMINISTRATIVE! BIG DIFFERENCE!  Well, I’m quasi-management. Sort of management. Its more like being a referee in Romper Room.  If day shift has trouble with the chefs, they come to me. If the chefs have trouble with the servers, they come to me. If the evening servers have trouble with the day servers, they come to me. Vice versa.

What sucks most is having to discuss not so nice things with people I really like. Like having to discuss with Candyman why the bar looked like someone took a Red Grenadine shower from one end to the other and why the mess was left for day shift to clean up. 

I have, in the past four days, tried to impress upon my day shift co-workers, that regardless of what we walk into, we have a job to do.  If you leave 7 teapots clean and come in to find only four are useable, clean the other three freakin’ teapots and let me worry about the issue with evening shift.

I think it helps that I wear the same uniform, I bus their tables, I deliver their food, I vacuum the floors, I clean the parking lot, I make condiments, I refill the coffee, I cut lemons, I clean the freakin’ teapots, I clean the freakin’ toilets, I change the lights, I serve, I stack, I polish, I stock, and by Goddess, I make sure their paycheck is right.

They’ve responded well. Did I tell you Whiny gave her two week notice?  Yeah.  She’s moving to England. Bon voyage, PopTart!

*  One of the guys at my local  convenience store showed me a newspaper article that I WISH I could get a copy of. It was from the Police Blotter section of the Capitol City Gazette (the morning paper)(versus Capitol City Daily, which is referred to as “the evening paper.”)  Anyway, it showed a picture of some dude named “Smith.” No, really, that was his last name. It was your standard – police were called to a residence in nearby town after receiving notification of a domestic argument.

Really, do you need to know more? Standard, right? Well, except in the 2nd paragraph it stated that Some Chick and this Smith guy were having sexual intercourse (okay, now, its getting good), when Some Chick wasn’t satisfied, so she hit this Smith guy in the head. (No, the paper was not specific at to which head she hit.) The Smith guy didn’t like this too well, so he hit her back. She called the cops, told them he hit her (and obviously didn’t leave out what a horrible lover he is), and they find he has an outstanding warrant in FL.

Smith guy goes to jail, Some Chick is out looking for a new piece of nookie.  Ain’t that America, ya’ll? As Mahala would say… you can’t make this shit up. 


  1. Michael said,

    I just saw Jammie’s Death Star Litter Box. Ka-Boom!

  2. Seamus said,

    I’m curious how the Death Star will work – our Litter Maid is about to go south!

    I think Nate has the right idea for sure! 🙂

  3. Mahala said,

    I wish they’d make a litter box that empties itself, carries itself outside and sprays it’self with lysol.

    Thanks for the link!!

    Hit him in the head for being crappy in bed.. lol. I never tried that 🙂

  4. KtP said,

    Um…if you’re planning on being back in Mke by 4pm…then dinner’s a no-go. Sorry, chica.

  5. PandoraWilde said,

    I’d love to use something like that but the current cat head count is five, so we’d have to get several of them to keep the little shits happy.

    As for hitting a guy in the head for not being good enough in bed, I would think that’d make matters worse–or is it just me?

    BTW I have a funny cat story up at my place–it should get you a giggle or two.

  6. Jammie J said,

    I’m glad Whiny is leaving. She bothered me and I didn’t even know her.

    The cool thing is, if you keep the box the litter space ship comes in, and your cats decide they hate the thing, you can return it. Heh. But they also, according to all the boards I read, have a kick ass customer service line. That’s a bonus.

    With five little feline poopers in the house, I need a good pooper box. I’m tired of their shit. If we could only have pooper boxes for the rest of the shit in our lives, eh?

  7. Vince said,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of personnel issues. I’ve been dealing with it forever. I will say you’re going to get a lot more respect from the staff since you know their jobs. It’s easier for someone in authority to tell people what to do if they actually know what they’re talking about.

    Hooray on Whiney leaving! Bet that will make life easier.

    Love the story. As you said, you can’t make up stuff that good.

  8. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Stories like that just demand to be accompanied by photos (so we can be the judge, you know).

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