Heath Ledger… Dead????

January 22, 2008 at 9:13 pm (Crazy Shit)

I have to say, that was particularly stunning news. Had it said, say, Keith Richards, no shock to be had. But Heath Ledger?????

Of course, I find most news reports break my heart. Like the lady in WI who tried to drown her two week old twins in the bathtub, apparently distraught over an older child being killed (murdered?). Now, one of her babies is dead. A baby. A defenseless little baby. It’s almost beyond comprehension.

I really dislike reading the news these days.


  1. Mahala said,

    I try to avoid the news as much as possible.

  2. Tina said,

    Yeah that is pretty shocking. 😦 If it would of been someone like Britney I wouldn’t of been AS shocked. Apparently Britney (and others) are more obvious about their addictions.

  3. Zelda said,

    It was sad news. But it’s part of life. Sometimes people die in senseless, tragic, arbitrary, unspectacular ways. I just don’t want to die like Elvis. A friend of mine told me once that the only reason he was going to get married was because if he ever died like Elvis, he would have a deal with his wife that she would pull his pants back up, take him out in the backyard and shoot him full of holes so no one else would know.

  4. cybele said,

    The news is full of garbage and negative energy. You wouldn’t let that in your house; why let it into your brain?

    Just sayin’…

  5. PandoraWilde said,

    The news truly sucks. It’s hard to believe someone who’s only 28 and renowned as one of the best actors on the planet thought life wasn’t worth sticking around for.

    I’m going to have to go look for the article about the WI woman–surprisingly, I hadn’t heard about it. Then again I spent my afternoon writing up the new goody list over at my blog, so I’ll have to hit the news tonight.

  6. kenju said,

    Me too, that’s why I don’t watch it unless it cannot be avoided (ie: mr. kenju has it on)

  7. The Joker said,

    It was an accident, so they say…

    I know for a fact that many other celebs over do cocaine, whisky and a bit too much speed or ex and stil survive…(britney, lohan, madonna) examples theres alot more like (ozzy osborne, 100’s of bands in the 60’s-80’s) think about it.

    Supposedly there was pill bottles all over the ground and pills everywhere, he wasn’t trying to commit suicide, he was getting charged up so he could be ready for a massage.

    Who commites suiced after completing possibly the best performance of his career as “The Joker”? and he has a 2 year old daughter!

    Come on, this is a weird one…think it over, we will see the toxicology reports in a week or so, we will see.

  8. Jamie said,

    I think someone who is depressed about his wife leaving him, and not seeing his kid as much as he wants, can easily OD on pills, accidental or not, we may never know.

    But I had to turn off GMA, it’s all about him, his works, his life, things he said before… Blah, it’s sad, and his family asked for peace, and nobody will give it. And that is even more sad.

  9. The Joker said,

    What do you ex[pect? Its news, and its money for them… They will do anything for money.
    Whatever sells commercials…

    Overdose or not it is still suspicious, doesn’t seem to me like a good way to go out.

    He was a great actor, and one of the best in character actors of our time.

    Such a tragedy.

  10. Jen said,

    I was quite shocked too.

    I didn’t hear about that woman… exactly why I don’t listen to the news… so disturbing.

  11. Ashley said,

    I was also shocked. I know I had never met him and didn’t know him but …. I dunno. Especially when I think about his baby girl.

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