December 27, 2007 at 9:13 am (General)

with an abcessed tooth. Be back soon.


  1. Tina said,

    Ohhhh. OUCH! Oh dude I KNOW that pain. Hope you take care of it soon! Love ya’s!

  2. restless angel said,


  3. Vince said,

    Ouch! Man, sorry to hear that. Hope your back up and running quickly.

  4. Seamus said,

    Arrrgggggggg! Owwwwwwww! Get thee to a dentist!

  5. charmed said,

    I know your pain, been there myself. Get to the dentist fast.

  6. Jamie said,

    Make sure your taking antibiotics! Many dentists won’t even touch your tooth until your done with a good week of them! And rinse with salty water after you eat, it’s not brushing but it’s better than nothing.

    There, your nurse has spoken.

  7. kenju said,

    Oh, Nanner, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! Hope you get better soon.

  8. Serra said,

    Oh my hell! Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Michael said,

    Man, I know the feeling. I hate when my bicuspids have a one-track mind. Or when my molars won’t stop going on and on about the same thing. Also, “wisdom” is a misnomer, when those enamel-ignoramuses stay fixated on something.

    Nothing worse than an obsessed tooth.

  10. brightonandbear said,

    Ouch, and ouch. Sorry about that, I know how painful it is. Get well soon!

  11. sara said,

    What is with people this christmas? You with a tooth problem. Cootera with her broken arm. Jenn with non-Christmas spirit. And me just here. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Nothing horny about that, I suppose.

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