What A Day!

December 10, 2007 at 9:09 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Crazy Shit, Work)

Ugh. Was it warm where you were last night? It was freakin’ hot here! If you count 60* as hot. In December, I definitely do. The humidity was 96%! I didn’t sleep worth a damn and my dreams were discombobulated. I had the window open, then the window closed, I was hot, then I was cold, I tossed and turned all night and felt like I hadn’t slept a wink. Nate was also especially difficult to rouse this morning.

On the way to work, I stopped at the shop to talk to Rich and drop off AZ’s birthday card. I was informed that my brotha from anotha motha, Stacey, tromped off last week and got all married and shit, belatedly asking, “Where da fuck is my sista???” I’m not sure who is crazier, him or his new wife. Big toss-up there.

I also called work to make sure I was going to be there at the right time. I normally go in early on Mondays, even if I’m scheduled late (10:30) because we have so much more to prepare. It was just luck, I guess, that I decided to stop by the shop because around the time I would have been exiting the interstate, a tractor trailer (going the same direction as me) lost control, went airborne, flipped over the interstate retaining wall, and plunged into the Kanawha River.

The exit I take to work is right before a dangerous curve leading onto the interstate bridge. There are caution signs everywhere for the big rigs to slow down due to a tipping risk. It was in that curve, right after my exit, that he bought it. My best guess is that he was in the slow lane, hit the wet, slick curve going too fast, and just took it over the side.

How it missed Rte. 61, I just don’t know. How it missed becoming tangled up in the off- and on-ramps, I just don’t know. I just Google Earthed it to see exactly what it looks like from the air and you just wouldn’t believe what a slim window of opportunity he had to put that beast in the river. The only place he could have done that and not landed on Rte. 61 below him was where the on-ramp meets the interstate. You just have no idea what a narrow area he had to take it off the interstate and literally fly it under the on-ramp, over some trees, and 35 feet further into the river. Amazing.

I’m so glad I didn’t see that. I would have pissed myself had I been on 61, which I sometimes take to work, had a big rig come flying out of the sky, and landed in the river. The men in the rig? Well, one was lucid and screaming his head off when they pulled him out, but the other guy had to be resuscitated and I’m not sure how either one is doing.

And you thought you had a bad day.

Things didn’t get much better when I got to work. Addy and Executive Chef had mucho, lotsa words and Addy was sent home, prematurely, by Assistant Manager, who then felt terrible and then big Owner Chef came in and pow-wows ensued, so they tried to call Addy back, but eventually Executive Chef just walked next door, which is where Addy lives and knocked on the door and apologized and asked Addy to come back and work his shift. I was witness to this entire debacle and as anyone who knows me can attest, I can be downright hateful sometimes. Executive Chef was absolutely in the wrong in his actions and words and I don’t blame Addy one bit for standing up to him. As a matter of fact, somebody should have the last time EC acted like that but Addy was the only one who had the balls to do so. I saw Addy’s early dismissal as arbitrarily unfair as EC should have been the one called to the mat for his aggressive behavior which was totally uncalled for and asinine.

The EC found out what it was like being on the receiving end of “Nanner Not Happy!” I made sure he knew, in my silent-but-deadly fashion (and no, I didn’t fart), what I thought of his actions. See, I know when to keep my mouth shut and speaking with my eyes doesn’t count.

However, I can say that I was surprised, if not somewhat impressed, by the fact EC had the balls to go over to Addy’s, apologize, and actually be a man about it. And Addy, being the incredible human being he is, was man enough to accept said apology, come back to work, and move on with the day as though nothing had ever happened. Testosterone. *Sigh*


  1. kenju said,

    I read about that accident and of course, I know exactly where it happened. I take that exit everytime I am in Chas., and it always sort of freaks me out a little, seeing as how it is so curvy and the lanes are so narrow.

  2. Tina said,

    So THAT is what all the mess was about this morning??? I didn’t see the truck from Rt. 61 (coming from my way) but I saw where that part of the road was closed. I just saw the tail end on it on the news. WOW!!!

    You are right dude, that exit is a fucking death trap and I can see it happening. Just wow. :/ Rt. 119 a fucking death trap from HELL, espeically around this time of year. People are psycho! I have seen a ton of accidents around that area lately.

  3. Seamus said,

    Wow! That must’ve been a terrible accident! Good that you weren’t anywhere close!

  4. Vince said,

    Damn, that’s some serious accident! Glad you missed it. Someone was looking out for you this morning.

  5. Pand0raWilde said,

    Everything happens (and doesn’t happen) for a reason 🙂 I’m glad the reason this time was that you weren’t supposed to be there.

  6. blackpunkin said,

    Kenju, I knew you would know!

    Dude, that is one rough area!

    Seamus, it was indeed, a horrible accident.

    Vince, I like when they look out for me!

    Pandora, amen girlie.

  7. Michael said,

    Glad you’re safe. That you got an apology instead of into an accident.

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