Winter Wonderland

December 5, 2007 at 7:12 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Work)

It snowed here at Casa Peach. A beautiful heavy snow that stuck to everything, including the highway. Nate didn’t have school and I waited until the last possible moment to leave for work, you know, to give the idiots time to get to work and leave me alone. No such luck. A few words about driving in WV weather:

1. Having a four wheel drive does not mean you are 10 feet tall and bullet proof. It means if you go too fast and hit a patch of ice, the tow company will be pulling you out of the ditch.

2. If you have a truck or car without 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive, you CANNOT make it up a snow covered WV mountain. You will be waiting out the thaw because the tow company won’t even bother with you.

3. No tailgating. The police will issue you a citation for the wreck you caused because the person in front of you stopped for the four wheel drive spinning into the ditch.

4. Slush is bad.

5. Frozen slush is worse.

6. When approaching an Interstate bridge where traffic is backed up means the bridge is still frozen. Lane hopping and speeding in the fast lane still means the bridge is frozen. The signs on the highway that say, “Bridges and Overpasses Freeze First,” aren’t lying. Hey, dumbass, THE BRIDGE IS FROZEN.

7. Goosing your engine to make your Camaro fishtail does not make you look cool. It makes you look like you can’t drive.

Work went well today. We had groups of 34, 12, 10, and 7, plus just regular Joes off the street. I worked with Mariebee on the large group. My tip off of my part of the group was almost $100 and I knew most of the people since they all come into the restaurant anyway. I was finished with my group by 1 or 1:30 but it took until 3 to get everything cleaned up, glasses polished, and silverware rolled.

Mariebee normally works evening shift. She and her husband, Hank, used to both be managers before they turned in their ties and picked up their apron strings again. I like working with both of them.

I’m going to see if we’re getting more snow. Nothing would make my son happier. And remember, no tailgating!


  1. Tina said,

    No shit, dude! People are NUTS. I had to go out earlier and for some reason people think that snow and freezing rain means “speed up!” or “tailgate!” It pisses me off. I mean I am not worried about myself. I have the SENSE to drive SLOW and CAREFULLY in this weather. Apparently everyone else thinks they are invincible, especially the dickheads with the SUV’s who think they are the shit. Apologies to any of you who own one! 🙂

  2. Zelda said,

    Lucky. I want snow.

  3. Vince said,

    I’m surprised that we didn’t have more of that with our first major snow here. Usually people do just what you said. Some people are so dumb.

  4. Sara said,

    I moved right before the first snow. I’ve had days of sunny 75s and a few windy cloudy days, but nothing like freezing bridges. And why do they freeze first?

  5. Seamus said,

    Snow does seem to bring out the “idiot” in some people!

    Sending force field!

  6. Jammie J said,

    I’m so glad I don’t have to drive in the snow, I would be in such big trouble!

    I”m glad that after your hairy drive in you had a good day at work. 🙂

  7. restless angel said,

    I hate driving in snow, mainly because of the idiots you mentioned. My car is AWD but I drive like my grandmother in snow, because I don’t feel like bouncing off of snowbanks or other vehicles. On the plus side, snowbank was softly fluffy….

  8. Inanna said,

    Beanie, sing it sister!

    Z., come on, girlfriend, WV isn’t that far away!

    Vince, maybe peeps are slowly learning!

    Sara, bridges and overpasses freeze first because they lose heat from all sides and the temp on the bridge will drop almost as fast as the air temperature. Roadways only lose heat through the surface and are insulated by the ground that has a higher temperature and retains that heat longer. 🙂

    Seamus, yeah, hopefully the idiots will bounce right off.

    Jammie, I could teach you!

    RA, yeah, better a snowbank than someone else’s car.

  9. Pand0raWilde said,

    My snowy winter day isn’t “made” til I see some 4WD SUV sitting in a ditch with an SUV-owning dipshit standing next to it screaming obscenities into a cell phone. If you don’t have enough sense to realize that the laws of physics still apply to you, you shouldn’t have that big-assed vehicle.

    I don’t mean all SUV owners, just the ones not smart enough to realize that they’re not gods the second the dealership hands them the keys.

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