I Want My Loom Back!

December 2, 2007 at 11:50 pm (Beading)

Before the fire, I had a small Ojibwa bead loom. It was perfect for bracelets and small wall hangings. After I started bead weaving, I didn’t have much to do with my loom. I started missing it around the time I got tired of doing square stitch, which creates the same effect as looming, just over a longer period of time.  With square stitch and looming, I can recreate practically any cross-stitch pattern, which opens up dimensions of the kind of work I can be creating… faster.

Now, the loom survived the fire and I was fairly certain the damn thing had been sent to be ozoned along with everything else, but, alas, it has not been found. When, and if, I ever get my second check, the big check, the first thing I’m buying is a big-ass Ojibwa loom.  I’ll probably buy a little assed Ojibwa loom as well.  And I’m going to buy all kinds of beads to go with it, and patterns, and I’m going to lay it out in the middle of my bed and roll all over them nekkid.

Well, not roll over the looms… that would hurt, but beads don’t hurt.  Although they might get stuck in the crack of my ass and then the cats would start playing with them and they would roll all over the floor and then I would have to buy more beads, which gets expensive. Okay, scratch the whole nekkid rolling thing. We’ll just pretend.

I also would like to have ink for my fekkin’ printer. Its an astronomical amount of money, more than an Ojibwa bead loom. However, I do need a printer to print out graph paper so I can get all of my designs ready for when I get my Ojibwa bead loom. However, said printer has been yakking about being out of ink for the past three months and it still prints. Conspiracy, I tell ya.

I just realized that I forgot to put my food splotched, feline hair covered jacket in the washer along with the other darks. Shit. Oh well, now I look like a sous chef instead of a server. 

I still want my loom back!


  1. Seamus said,

    Hope your new loom finds its way home soon.

  2. Jammie J said,

    Maybe you can’t roll over the beads nekkid, but you could loom nekkid, couldn’t you? 🙂

  3. Vince said,

    I like the idea of you rolling around nekkid. Your choice as to what you roll around on. I’m flexible that way.

  4. Ashley said,

    LOL I was cracking as you were debating the pros and cons of rolling nekkid over the beads :-p

  5. Pand0raWilde said,

    Sure you won’t get beads in painful places if you do that?

  6. Beth said,

    Sorry I missed your birthday (blame it on Tinyhands). But I’ll go ahead and wish you a happy un-birthday anyway! And for your un-birthday, I wish you all the Ojibwa looms your heart desires!

  7. Inanna said,

    Seamus, I hope so too.

    Jammie, I could, indeed, loom nekkid!

    Vince, don’t get me started.

    Ashley, I’m glad I made you laugh.

    Pandora, possible…

    Beth, not a prob, glad you had a great trip!

  8. Jethro said,

    Uuuuummmmm. I want pictures. 😉

  9. Kent said,

    Hey girl! I haven’t talked to you for a while, but I had to post a comment after that roll around in the beads nekkid idea.

    If you want to send Jethro those pics, I’ll loan you my camera. You just have to leave some pics on my memory card! 😉

    Seriously, I’ll have to call you so we can catch up.


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